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Talking Over Lunch by calicokatt Talking Over Lunch by calicokatt
KITTEH. IT IS HOT OUTSIDE. WHY MUST YOU SIT ON MY LAP? :iconverynotimpressedplz:


Anyway. Cats and being annoying. You know how it is.

Anyhoo, so... I generally don't finish a lot of my older drawings. I have a lot of drawings, actually, that never get finished, because as the months go on they kinda get a bit fugly, or I just find my newer stuff is just simply more appealing. I have a serious case of AAAD. (Which is, basically Art Attention Deficit Disorder.)

But every few weeks I go through my art pile and pick out some older pictures that are still decent. There are a few things that make my decisions on what is crap and what is still decent. With this picture, there were a few things:
1) This was drawn on expensive paper. I didn't want to waste it. I suppose I could have erased the picture and redrew something, but...I'm lazy. Or something. Anyway.
2) The picture had fairly interesting poses.
3) It was a good picture to practice backgrounds on, and right now I'm all excited for backgrounds. LOOK AT ME BE EXCITED. :iconkermityayplz:
4) ...I can't think of a fourth one at this moment, so I have no idea why I even put the number four here at all.

(Because you're an idiot?)

Perhaps, Brain. Perhaps.

Anyway, so I drew this a fair while back because I wanted to practice backgrounds so that my backgrounds wouldn't look so lame anymore but I also wanted to draw something a little more fun and dynamic (or something of the sort, anyway) so... I thought I'd draw a picture of Amy and Alex having lunch, or cocktails or something of the sort just talking. I would say they are talking about Rage's Eternal Hotness, however, Amy is not crying uncontrollably and Alex is not frothing at the mouth, so I guess it's up to you to decide what they are talking about. I had recently bought this Illustration paper (okay, not recently, but it was one of the more recent pad of papers I bought) and I couldn't wait to do something with it, so I drew this picture on it. I initially liked how it came out; It's pretty old but I still like how it came out. Theres a lot of issues with it anatomically tho. I think Alex's feet are like WTF SMALL and that just irritates me a lot for some reason. But all in all tho it came out fine. I think I had to makeshift Alex's tail in it because for some reason, I forgot to draw her tail AGAIN. I always do that even tho it's something I draw all the time... 0.0 So it's just kinda...rammed in there. It just looks kinda dumb.

I guess this paper is initially designed for inks and pens, but I always like to try different types of mediums on paper. So the majority of this is done with coloured pencils, and then I used some of my Crayola watercolours to do some of the background. I wasn't too sure how the paper would react to watercolours (or is it the other way around?) but I thought I'd give it a try. I find illustration, mixed media and cardstock paper are fun for watercolours :D Ironically, these are all my favourite kinds of paper.

*has an obsessive paper flail because SHE LOVES PAPER.* :iconbummiesplz:

Anyway. I don't particularly like how the colouring came out on the pavement; the colouring wasn't blending together properly. The vase thing there to the right, atleast the tree/bush/green monster/whatever the hell that is that's in it looks...What? What...What is that? It just looks really boxy and stupid. I failed on that. I really hope in my more recent pictures my trees and other plant life don't look so cheesy. I thought the background being coloured in watercolours would make it look nicer, and make the background stand out less because I wanted the main focus of the picture to be Alex and Amy, not my (shitty) buildings or the (equally shitty) trees and other random crap I shove into backgrounds.

I admit that I really had no idea what the hell to put in the background. I didn't want anything too terribly detailed, so I just kinda threw in a cityscape. I realize the buildings look...pretty cheesy and pretty corny and WELL PRETTY CRAPPY, but... At the same time I kinda think they look kinda cute. I'm just really trying to find a style or a technique to draw buildings.. I'll figure out something eventually. I'm gonna spend a day or something just drawing city scapes and stuff.

Ironically, the scan of this really doesn't look as terrible as you might expect from my scanner. The only things that really scanned miserably were the characters (OF COURSE.) and the table (so like, everything that I want you to focus on, basically.). Just kinda scanned like crappy, like..really grainy and things. ALWAYS CAN COUNT ON MY SCANNER TO PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR DAILY SERVINGS ON GRAINS. *ba-boom CHING!* :iconisawitplz: And of course, the black on the legs of the table. Ew. Why doesn't black ever scan in right? I certainly can't be the only one here who has a raging douchebag for a scanner!

I am really annoyed at Alex's boots. Yes, they are boots, not socks. I wanted to do a pattern on them, and my go to pattern is typically plaid. But when I did it, because they are white, it just ended up looking like...well socks. And because they are supposed to be flat, and the way I drew her feet provides no visible heel, it...further makes them look like socks. And DAMMIT I can't get over how small they look NYARADFASFDASF!!! I never imagined Alex having small feet, mostly because she's tall. I don't think she has big, giant sasquatch feet like myself, but...I definately think they are bigger than a baby shoe. :iconimseriousplz:

And no, Amy doesn't have an Alien popping out of her leg (the one on your left, not the one that's crossed over the leg). That little bump is supposed to indicate her heel. It looked fine until I inked it. My inking, once again, screws up my pictures. And I just realized now her heel looks like Alien on the other foot too. Dammit. I should stop writing this before I find more things about this picture I hate and completely despise this picture. XD

In reality, if Amy had it her way, she would be at lunch with Rage and he would be swooning her. If Alex had it her way, she would be eating a black forest cake off of Rage's naked body and proceed to have her way with him.

Oh, they are so cute. :iconteheplz:

Anyhoo, so just an older picture of Amy and Alex talkin' over lunch! OMG LYK GIRLTALK! *megahairflip!!*

Alex and Amy here are to Jess Ratte :D
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StephRatte Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Professional Artist
This is really awesome! Great job, Jess!
Ari-Dynamic Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I love the way everything is layered together. :3 The city, the trees, I can almost hear what they're listening too. x3 Very awesome!
calicokatt Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww really? Thanks! Whenever I do my backgrounds I do tend to layer them; I don't know if thats how you are 'supposed' to do backgrounds or what... I read somewhere that you should draw the background first and then draw the characters but I just can't do that 0.0 I need to figure out where I'm going to place the character first and then figure out how the background will work around him/her/them XD Thanks so much darlin :D
Bro-Harl Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
:iconyaaayplz: Only if they aren't talkin' about me....
calicokatt Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't worry, they aren't! :D
Bro-Harl Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
Digoraccoon Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hawt girl talk. :3
Sara-lj Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Love the poses! Great job on the anatomy! :)
calicokatt Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AWWW GAWSH THANX!! :D Anatomy is really difficult with sitting positions sometimes and when your reference that you use has a completely different body shape compared to your character XD It was fun doing this one tho :)
Sara-lj Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Student General Artist
Haha you are welcome :D :D!
Agree, I still need references for every little thing to get the anatomy right ^^;

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