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It`s Meko
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Published: May 18, 2013
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Don't you love it when you have those pictures that you completely forget that you have until one day, randomly, for no reason at all, you remember it out of the blue, and then look around for it wondering if you even finished it or scanned it in the first place?

That is what happened with this picture. For some bizarre reason I thought one day "Didn't I draw this picture of Melanie in like, these wierd shorts and Niko or someone was in it?" So I checked my pile of artwork and didn't find my drawing I had thought I had anywhere. For once, I wasn't being all OCD and just left it alone (normally I would just keep looking until I find it and freak out if I didn't. I'm bizarre.), but I'm assuming I left it alone because A) I was busy doing something else at the time, or B) I was busy being a lazy pile. I'm pretty sure it was the latter.

So anyway, one day the thought of this drawing happened to pass me again, and I noticed I had scanned it, I just hadn't added it to my DA queue. MYSTERY SOLVED! :iconsherlockplz:


(Okay, so Sherlock Holmes never helped me with finding my picture, I just like to pretend he did.)

Anyway, so I was happy to find my drawing and that I had actually finished it because I wasn't even sure if I had finished it.

So now that we are done that extremely long predescription of my description, I`ll continue on. :icondurrhurrplz: So anyway, I enjoy drawing Melanie and Niko together, they make for interesting shipping options and, you know, seeing them together and loved up makes Mac cry, and as you all know, I drink the sweet tears of my characters and also rub them all over my body to keep myself youthful and keep my skin gleaming. :icongivemesmilesplz: Anyhoo. So I like to draw Niko and Mel together. I like to call thier ship Meko. HEE HEE. I finally found a name for it. I don`t know why it took me so long to come up with that, actually. Anyway. Of course, it`s also debateable that Mel and Niko are even all mooshy mooshy here (or sex-a-sexing like Mac-a-Mel are in their pictures :icon0u0plz: ) because they look like friends. OH SNAP MELANIE JUST FRIEND-ZONED NIKO! :iconlololplz:

S`alright Niko. I`m sure there`s lots of sane women here who won`t friendzone you.

Anyway. So really, nothing particularly exciting here, just a picture of Meko that I thought turned out relatively decent that I wanted to finish. So theres Niko, holding a jacket (yes, that black thing is a jacket, not that cloak of invisability Frodo wore in LOTR....). That is totally my new guy pose. Since this picture I`ve drawn a couple of other characters being all badass and holding jackets in that fashion. And there we have Melanie, just being adorable. I wanted to have a little more fun with thier outfits, so I have Niko some fingerless gloves for some fun, and played around with Mel`s outfit. I don`t particularly see Melanie wearing a lot of shorts (like myself, because shorts fit me extremely annoying. SERIOUSLY CAN WE STOP MAKING EVERY PAIR OF WOMENS SHORTS BOOTY SHORTS.), but I saw this one model wearing a cute pair of shorts that was similar to the ones that Melanie is wearing here so...yes. I thought I`d give it a try! I know it`s nothing particularly exciting but I don`t think I draw Melanie in shorts, like, ever. I just thought it would be more interesting than jeans. I think in like, 99.999999999% of my pictures, I`m always drawing my characters in jeans. The other .00001% are leggings. DURR.

Anyway, I originally drew more of Niko`s jackets on his right side but it just looked...really dumb. So I erased it and thought it looked better without the jacket. Maybe he just has a tiny jacket. For a tiny cat. :icontinycatplz:

There are always jackets for tiny cats.

Anyway. The background is done one again in watercolours... I often wonder what the hell I coloured my backgrounds with before I had watercolours. Oh, yeah. I remember now. I made shitty looking backgrounds on the computer in Paint Shop Pro. Right. Yes. Yes I remember now.

*her shitty computer generated backgrounded pictures slink off into the abyss, never to be seen again.............*

But seriously tho, I like how the background came out. It honestly reminds me of those backgrounds you have on your school photos. Like how the colours came together. You can never go wrong with blue and purple hues! :iconbummiesplz:

The scan of this isn`t as terrible as you usually expect from me. It`s not very good, but not gut wrenchingly terrible, either. Niko is a little grainy looking, and some parts scanned in blurry because my scanner is a shithole. But honestly, this isn`t that bad, not nearly as bad as my scans as of late. Why does my scanner suck more now, seriously....

Or, right. Because it`s evil. :iconIII-plz:

Anyway. I like how this came out anyway. I know it`s not too fancy, but...They`re cute anyway. Niko and his amazing shiny hair. Women everywhere want to know where to get hair like that.

And the only answer one can think of, is that Niko is not of this world.......:iconancientaliensplz: BEAUTIFUL ALIEN IS BEAUTIFUL.

(Seriously, tho, Niko is not an alien.....)


...Seriously I need to lay off the Ancient Aliens episodes...I think it`s turning me cray-cray.

Anyway. So just Meko! They`re adorable and fairly shippable! :iconteheplz:

Niko and Melanie here © are to Jess Ratte :D
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