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Fun In The Park by calicokatt Fun In The Park by calicokatt
"Oh, hey, is that Clarice over there?", one of them says.

Then there is a momentary pause, and then it goes like this:

"OH SHIT CLARICE!" :iconimsupersurprisedplz:

 And they both pretend that they weren't touching each other, and come up with some excuse as to why they are even together in the first place in a park together. I assure you any excuse Ricky could give Clarice would make her suspicious because she's one of those jealous types. 0.0 WHOOPS.

 Anyway. OH LOOKS IT'S ANOTHER RICKAMYYYYY! :iconkermityayplz: Oh, I just love them ever so much.

 So I thought I would use them as my next victims for practicing backgrounds! As you all may or may not know, or really haven't cared up until this point, or have had a cat blocking your view the whole time (What? Doesn't that happen to everybody?), I've been wanting to do more pictures with backgrounds and stuff, because for some reason I feel more accomplished when I do. I mean, I'm sure it's safe to say that all of my drawings have a background of some kind, and if it doesn't then theres something in the background that my scanner just kinda randomly shits out and shoves in the background anyway because it's a douchebag, but I really just wanted to start doing backgrounds in it. I find the more I do it, the easier it becomes.

(Wow, Jess. You're a real smart one, aren't you? IT'S CALLED PRACTICE, DUMBASS.)

 Shut up, Brain. :iconhardcoreplz: Anyway. So I thought I'd draw another Rickamy as some practice. For those who don't know what Rickamy is, it's my little cutesy name for Ricky and Amy pictures. Just like Mac-a-Mels. I like to make up cutesy names for my 'ships. I find it kinda funny tho how I have more pictures of Ricky and Amy together than I do of Clarice and Ricky. I like to think that this is because on most occassion, Ricky attempts to hide and avoid Clarice as much as possible, thus not having a chance to really ever be seen in pictures with Clarice.

 ....But I guess that could because instead of being with Clarice, he's with Amy. :iconteheplz: Naughty characters are naughty.

 So, anyway, I decided to just draw Ricky and Amy just spending a day walkin' about in a park or something. It's probably an incredibly stupid idea for Ricky and Amy to just kinda hang out together all lovey dovey in public because you never know when the wrong person or persons can see them, but whatever. I wasn't particularly sure what they were looking at, I just wanted to draw them looking at something. I got inspiration for this picture from a picture of a couple walking and stuff, and in the picture the girl was shielding her eyes from the sun so I thought that would be a cute pose to do as well.

 So here they are! :iconomgsocuteplz: OH GAWSH THEY ARE ADORABLE! I don't particularly know what Ricky is doing, since he's just his hand behind his head for no other reason, other then to like *ARNOLD VOICE!* flex his massive biceps! or like, push hair out of his eyes or...something. I just didn't want to have him put his stupid hand on his stupid pants or pockets or something because I ALWAYS do that when I draw guys and don't know what else to do with their hands. So dammit, I was just being different. XD Whatever, I don't care, I still like how this one came out. I think Ricky's head might be too small, and that kinda annoys me, but it could just be *ARNOLD VOICE!* his giant bulging muscles making everything super tiny!. He likes to think that, but we all know it's because Jess fails and drew his head too small. I really like how Amy came out, I know her body might be contorted a little strangely but at the time when I drew this and inked it it looked right. XD I don't care, I still like them because they're so adorably cute and stuff. They make such a nice couple, but GAWSH TOO BAD THEY ARE DOOMED! :iconlololplz: *laughing at my characters pain and anguish*

 I pretty much left the background open when I drew this, so it just kinda...came together as I was finishing the picture. I liked the idea of making the trees more crooked and stuff to make the scenery look more interesting, instead of just having the trees standing straight, because trees are like, all about different shapes and sizes. And stuff. I always have fun drawing trees! I wasn't going to initially make this a summer picture, I really like to do fall pictures when I do background pictures with scenery, but I drew another picture of Rickamy that had them in a fall setting so I thought I'd do this one as a summery/late spring picture. The reason why I do fall pictures oftentimes is because whenever I do summer pictures I just find there is SO MUCH GREEN so with fall pictures I can kinda have some more colours in thar. So to balance things out I wanted to add a few other things in the background to make it slightly more colourful.

 Okay, so theres really not that much colour in this anyway, but...WHA-evah! I DO WHAT I WANT! :iconericcartmanplz:

 If your wondering why there is an oil spill in the water, its not because there is an oil spill. Its supposed to be like, the reflection of trees in the water. This is just another thing Jess does that fails. :icondurrhurrplz: Actually, I don't really mind how the water came out. I actually like it. XD I'm just clearing things up in case you can't tell whats going on thar. XD

 I like how close their bodies are... OH GAWSH THE ADORABLENESS JUST NEVER ENDS. It ALMOST rivals Mac-a-Mel...ALMOST....

 And kitteh, I cannot type well when you are resting your head on my wrist. :iconimnotimpressedplz:

 Anyway. We all know what happens tho, when I draw a picture that I like and I'm super proud that I'm making progress. Why, MY SCANNER MUST TAKE A GIANT SHIT DUMP ALL OVER IT! Yes, that's right! Because my scanner is a gigantic stinking ASSHOLE of a douchebag and it excites it to ruin my pictures because it's EVIL.

 Seriously, I don't know why my scanner can't scan red in at all. That thing that is on Amy that was once a shirt RED. OMG seriously I don't even... I can't even... I just...JUST NO SCANNER. The green on the trees looks terrible as per usual, and of course, heaven forbid my scanner ever scan Ricky in right. I don't know what compells my scanner to do things like this. I think it was just born this way. Born in one of the deep 7 layers of HELL.... So yes, I must ask you all to ignore once again another one of my scan. I'm pretty sure you guys always ignore them anyway, but just incase you don't, please ignore this scan. It''s pretty gross. You're doing it wrong, scanner. YOU'RE DOING IT VERY WRONG. :iconmadlynotimpressedplz:

 So yes. A shitty scan once again, but...but...Aww. They're precious. I think the background came out nicely here, and I'm actually starting to really enjoy drawing backgrounds! I actually did kinda wanna draw something a little more complex for the background but... There will be another day for that, I suppose.

 The sad thing is, the whole time, I'm sure Amy wishes she were with Rage and not Ricky. Poor, poor, poor Ricky. *holds in a chuckle, because she's evil and diabolical and her characters tears of sadness give a youthful glow to her skin....*


 Anyway. So yes, just another Rickamy. I really like the end result of this one, despite some issues I have with Ricky. And of course, the scan. I HATE the scan, but you all knew that already. Imma gonna @#$!$#@ you up, Scanner........

 Anyway. They're precious.

 Anyhoo, so the adorable Rickamy are © to Jess Ratte :D
StephRatte Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Professional Artist
Aww, this is cute! :D I think I like RickAmy better than RiCkLarice. Yeah.
Bro-Harl Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013
:iconbummiesplz:They're Cute-tastic!!
Ari-Dynamic Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
D'aww. :3 What a cute couple.
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