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Brothers From Anudder Mother by calicokatt Brothers From Anudder Mother by calicokatt
So as of lately, I've been having fun drawing group pictures. I actually have been drawing more group pictures, or more-than-one-character pictures than just single character pictures these days. It makes me so excited Imma gonna crap myself!

Okay, so I won't crap myself, but...I theoretically crap myself? However one would theoretically crap themselves? Anyway.

I've been enjoying drawing group pictures of characters because it's fun to see the end result of them. The characters seriously just take on a life of their own when I draw them and end up..interacting with each other in ways I never really meant to have them do.

Did anyone else take that really dirty-like? Or is it just me?

Anyway. What I'm trying to say is that whenever I draw group pictures the characters usually take on a life of their own. I can't particularly decide if that's really awesome, or actually kinda creepy. Sometimes I wonder if, somewhere out there, my characters are real.

......REAL IDIOTS, HURR HURR HURRRRRRR!!! :icondurrhurrplz:

*someone hits me with a potato. I'm not sure where they got a potato, but the potato is flung anyway.* Anyhooooo....

So. I decided one day that I was going to draw Rage, Mac, Ricky and Ajax, THE SUPER BEST FRIENDS, together I guess. I love these goobers to no end. They're just so cute and stupid, and yet so charming at the same time. I like to do this as a challenge too, because they are all fairly different heights so it's good practice. Altho drawing little Ajax next to his towering friends can sometimes end up in disaster, but sometimes my characters agree and turn out how I want them to.

I suppose to idea behind this one is that they are all going to go shoot hoops or something. But Ricky and Mac are probably trying to hit on girls, and Ajax wants to skateboard, and Rage just finds it annoying how he, once again, has to babysit his 20-something year old friends. AREN'T THEY PRECIOUS! :iconiderpitplz: Honestly, this one didn't turn out how I wanted, there are sooooo many mistakes it's not even funny, but I still like how it came out I guess.

So in the upper left hand corner, we have Mac, poppin' his collar. Ricky is beside him and he looks (terrible - but we'll get to that later.) like he's irritated with Mac, and Ajax is once again confused. Rage over there is just waiting for his friends to grow up so they can shoot hoops. I honestly didn't mean to make it look like Mac was hitting on Ricky, because looking at it, it actually kinda looks like he's mackin' on Ricky. OH GAWSH I WONDER IF RICKY LIKES HIM TOO! :iconflirtplz: But given the face that Ricky has I think he just thinks Mac is an idiot. I'm to assume that Mac probably started whatever is stopping them from shooting hoops because they all appear to be looking at him or something. OH MAC YOU TROUBLE MAKER YOU. Always thinking with your other head. :iconimsarcasticplz: Honestly, in the original picture idea, Rage WAS supposed to be posed like that, so I didn't just shove him in there because he couldn't fit. I actually wanted him on the ground like that, but it works too because he is taller than my other boyz and sometimes it's really hard to draw him in groupies.

Now, as per usual, -someone- ALWAYS has to turn out crappy in group pictures, or at least give me grief, and in this case, ONCE AGAIN, it was Ricky. OH MAH GAWD. I honestly think he looks a bit crappy here. This picture was drawn when I was fooling around with my style and working on faces and stuff, so I'm assuming he looks crappy because I didn't know what the hell I was doing; Mac also looks pretty crappy too here (his face isn't long enough, or something, I don't know. He just looks off or something.) So please forgive some of the crap that has happened in this picture. Ricky just looks so awkward like he was just crappily photoshopped in or something! There's no traces of his floofy tail or anything! We're to assume its because Rage is covering most of him but...GARDFAFASFSFD!! DAMMIT RICKY! NO WONDER WHY CLARICE YELLS AT YOU ALL THE TIME! *slaps Ricky several time* :iconimrlynotimpressedplz:

Anyway, Ajax turned out the best I think. Good lil' Ajax, always turning out in pictures. Altho his skateboard must be really long or something because - I dunno, it just doesn't look right, how I drew him holding his skateboard. It was supposed to be leaning against the ground beside him, and I liked how I drew everything but I only realized after I finished the picture that his stupid skateboard looks off. But dammit he's cute. It's really hard to be mad at him, seriously.

As for Rage. OH RAGE. I had to redraw him like, ten million times before I got something that looked half right! I could not get his STUPID legs right to save my life, I was getting really irritated. His pose was just so...@!#$$!!#ADSFASFASDF!!! I guess in the end I kinda like how he came out, but dammit. If it wasn't for that basketball there on the ground, I'm sure there would have been so many feet/leg fails it would have been redonkulous.

I think Mac is floating. Or lost his feet or something. When I first initially drew and finished the picture, I thought the leg (the one that's bended) looked fine, and that Rage's body/leg/whatever was covering Mac's lower leg. But looking at it now, it looks...Awkward. Very, very, Awkward. Perhaps his foot is behind the other leg or his flirtatiously posed for Ricky? I don't know. They're still cute anyway. I really hate when I like a picture, but theres so many things that irritate me about the picture. I guess I'm just happy that I fit them all into one picture, because usually I have to cut someone out because theres not enough room. And I'm actually drawn to look at Ajax for some reason, and because he turned out relatively fine, I guess that's why I still like this picture. XD *pats Ajax* Good boy. You shall get rewarded for your good behaviour. Unlike those other losers. *looks evily at Mac, Ricky, and Rage* I WILL DO THINGS TO THEM THAT WILL SCAR THEM FOREVER. :iconraegplz: Anyway.

So the background was done with watercolours - I know it kinda might look a bit like a Photoshopped background because of the way the background went around the shadow, but you must remember that I cannot use Photoshop even if it was a life or death situation. I dunno, it's just because of the wax on my coloured pencils, it just kinda makes it look like I crappily cut-and-pasted them into the background or something. XD But you know, I really like how the background came together regardless. The colours just look nice and purdy.

And you know what? The really strange and almost SCARY thing about this one is that the scan isn't even that disgusting. It is kinda gross on Rage's tail, and of course, as per usual, on Ricky, because my scanner hates Ricky, but it doesn't look that terrible. Perhaps 2013, my scanner is making a New Years Resolution to stop being a raging douchebag?

(Doubtful, but you never know. I haven't scanned any pictures this year, yet. Cross your fingers, folks.)

I don't know what is wrong with my scanner and orange. The orange on that basketball makes my eyes bleed profusely. And if I remember correctly, I actually had to look up what a basketball looked like because I forgot. DUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.........:iconisupercameplz:

ANYWAY, so yeah, not the greatest picture, but I still like this. I think part of the reason I like this is because of the accomplishment of drawing a group picture, and actually having it turn out somewhat decent. It can be tricky drawing these guys together because of the heights (because Ajax always ends up looking like he's 3 feet tall while everyone else looks like they are 10 feet tall.) but I think they look okay here. This picture is actually kinda old, now that I think about it, at least a good three to four months. I'm hoping in 2013 I'll get some more good group pictures drawn!

I totally realized that Mac has like, no ass in this picture. What the hell? This is actually the second time I've drawn him without an ass. (I haven't posted the other picture yet.) GAWSH, I GUESS MELANIE THOUGHT IT WAS SO NUMMY SHE HAD TO GOBBLE IT UP!

Melanie: :iconwtfisthatplz: IMMA GONNA -

*pats her on the head* S'alright. Ricky doesn't have a tail in this one either, so I'm sure Clarice or Amy stole his tail. OR PERHAPS MELANIE STOLE IT.

Stop stealing the boys' parts, Melanie, GAWD. GAWSH, I WONDER WHAT OTHER PARTS OF MAC MELANIE STOLE. :iconteheplz:

EH HEM anyway. So yes. Mac really does have an ass, I'm seriously. But for whatever reason he has lost it in this one. *stares evily at Melanie* Poor Mac. Maybe its my scanners fault. I like to blame my fails on my scanner, because it makes me feel better. Anyway.

So yes, just a groupie of my booger boyz! I know, they're so precious. Remember, ladies, they're single! (...kinda.)

Rage, Ajax, Mac, and Ricky here are to Jess Ratte :D
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Zebeckras Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
Group of guys! :D Your groups pics are really terrific and I mean it. I always really enjoy the way you place everyone and they all have their individual personalities coming out :D
calicokatt Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww really? I'm so happy to hear that , since I'm really trying to do more group pictures! I love drawing group pics, my characters are creepy sometimes and take on a life of their own in them. XD
Ari-Dynamic Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hehehe, real homies to the end, eh? :D I love this!
calicokatt Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I loveeeee best friends characters! Growing up, I always had very few, but very close friendships, so I guess thats why I tend to have characters that are like, best friends foreverz and stuff. Just reminds me I guess of my childhood maybe :)
Ari-Dynamic Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I barely had many friends growing up, lol! xD I think I made more online than I did in town. I was usually bullied. I think I had a few but they usually moved away; there's one girl I'm still trying to find out what happened to from my childhood, that I have pictures of, but I dunno where she is... ^^;
calicokatt Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww, me too, join the club! I seriously maybe two or three friends as a child, and during my last few years of high school I had a few others but I was pretty "uncool" in high school. Bullies suck; I was picked on too by idiots at my school. I created a lot of characters I think to keep myself entertained I think - they were kinda like the people I wish I knew in real life a lot of times. I liked to spend a lot of time on my own as a kid (and as an adult too), it allowed me to draw and make up stories! :D
Ari-Dynamic Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Same here! :) It's amazing how unique people can be but find a lot of similarities together. I spent so much time with my mother and grandmother, drawing and watching cartoons back then. I used to think that the coolest dad to have would be Eddie Valiant from the Roger Rabbit movie, lmao, or even Peter Venkman. xD Those guys were just too cool. Bonks D. Bobcat would've been another cool pal.

Alas! D: ...we all got older, it seems.
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