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Art Trade : Taryn Lacy and Chislett's Snowman Fun by calicokatt Art Trade : Taryn Lacy and Chislett's Snowman Fun by calicokatt
Oh YAY! Another finished art trade! Slowly, but surely, they is getting done. :icondurrhurrplz: I'm slow and awesome. HURRR!

You know what else is awesome? When cats walk all over your keyboards, and then they screw up the settings, and then your keyboard doesn't type properly and it's really frickin' annoying and you can't find out how to fix your keyboard.

(That last bit thar was supposed to be sarcastic. Just so you know.)

Anyhoo. So, I'm just working on getting all my art trades done! I got the chance to, once again, do an art trade with the ERRRRMMMAZZZINGGGGG :iconblushbunnyc3: WHO IS SO FULL OF AWESOMESAUCE THAT I'M SURPRISED SHE HASN'T EXPLODED YET FROM THE AWESOMESAUCE. However, she distributes her awesomesauce all over with her fantastic art, which is also full of awesomesauce. :iconblushbunnyc3:'s awesomesauce is DELICIOUS.

Anyhoo, we've done a number of trades in the past, and I always look forward to doing trades with her because we always have so much fun! This time for our trade, I let her pick characters to draw (as I usually like to do, because I love surprises and :iconblushbunnyc3: ALWAYS knows how to surprise!) and she decided to do.....ALEX AND RAGE!! AHHH MAHHH GAWWWDDDDD YOU MUST GO SEE THE PICTURE NOW OR ELSE.....YOU MUST EXPLODE FROM ITS AWESOMENESS. Go. GO NOW.

*flails about* GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! [link]

Anyhoo. So yes. As for my half, she wanted me to draw her Taryn Lacy and Chislett for her. I LUUURVVEEE drawing couples, so I was super excited to draw them! Especially since they are all lovey-dovey, I was all like YAYY!! :iconkermityayplz: I simply ADORE drawing :iconblushbunnyc3:'s characters! She loves her characters just as much as I love my own, and it's always awesome to do trades! She has so many fun characters to work with! :iconiloveyouplz:

So... I decided to use this chance to draw Taryn Lacy and Chislett as some more background practice! So I decided to do yet another winter scene, because these days they are my favourite to work with. I just think winter is really pretty, and definately underrated. Could be I think this way because I'm Canadian, and I'm forced to put up with it for an extended period of time, but, anyway.

It didn't take me too long to figure out what to draw them doing... so...Here they are...MAKING A SNOWMAN!!! I just thought it would give me the chance to draw a nice wintery scene and have them doing something besides standing around, and I wanted to work on more exciting poses as well. YES, THAT'S RIGHT EVERYONE. 2013 IS THE YEAR WHERE JESS TRIES TO SUCK LESS AT ART! :icongoofygrinplz:

And seriously, I need to stop watching True Crime documentaries on Youtube. It's starting to make me really paranoid about going outside. Even moreso then when I was watching all those alien documentaries. Anyway. /random.

Anyway, seriously tho, I really wanna try to move my fatarse out of my comfort zone artistically and start doing more pictures. So...I put on my Super Jess cape and off I went doodling this one.

My initial idea was that they were supposed to be throwing snow around. When I attempted to draw snow being thrown around, it didn't look right -

(It most likely ended up looking like semen like everything else you try and draw, right, Jess?)

NO BRAIN IT DID NOT. Anyway. Lets just say that it wasn't working out, mostly because a lot of the background was white and me actually drawing the snow looked...I dunno. Kinda...weird. So I ditched that idea, and then I decided they were...throwing around the Snowmans eyeballs.

I'm not too sure why I decided on something slightly more morbid, but at the time it seemed cute. I just didn't really know what else to make them throw around, and Taryn Lacy's pose turned out nicely and I didn't want to change her position. They'll put the eyes on eventually. :icondurrhurrplz: they are! Gosh, they were fun to draw! Taryn Lacy is supposed to be taller then Chislett, I don't really know if I suceeded or not, but I really like how her pose came out. I suppose it's not very cold out because Taryn Lacy is just...wearing a sweater thing. Honestly, I just like drawing fashion more than I do winter jackets, so maybe that's why I never give characters proper winter clothing. Whoops. XD I drew Chislett's tail wrong tho, I think, but I still think he came out cute tho! The snowman is supposed to be farther away, but looking at it now it appears that they have built a mini snowman. I just drew Chislett too close to Snowman Sam (I insist on giving things names all the time. I don't know why. XD I even named some of my boyfriends Warhammer miniatures. Granted, most of them are Ralph, but whatever.), but...I guess it's okay to build a cute little snowman. Snowmen are fun in all shapes and sizes! I know that Taryn Lacy's tail seems kinda silly, how it's kinda wrapping around her...front... instead of the back (if any of you know what I'm trying to say), but you see, I really liked the way I drew her pants here, so I just wanted to them I guess.

For the background, well...see. I could have easily done a crap ton of trees and called it a day, but I wanted to do something a little bit more but still keep it nature-y. Of course theres all kinds of Jesstrees for your viewing pleasure, but look! MOUNTAINS!! See, :iconblushbunnyc3: is from the beautiful British Columbia (GO CANUCKS GO! :iconcanucksplz:). Whenever I think of British Columbia, I think of...just...all the beautiful Rocky Mountains and YEEaDFASFWERAESDFASDFAS!!! *has a BCgasm.* I'm sure this is because when we visited BC, for the (unfortunately) short time we did, we were still in Rocky Mountain territory, and I just remember those gorgeous mountains and wishing I could live there. So...I was like I INCORPORATE STUFFZ IN MY DRAWING! so... I did! So those mountains are all BC inspired! I think they came out fine. I did want them to look...I dunno...better, I guess, but I think they came out fine in the end.

And of course, we all know that my scanner takes massive shits all over my pictures. It's not so much that the scan is terrible here, it's just that the scan is really dull, so the colours are just...dull. Oh, yeah, and it completely ANNIHILATED Taryn Lacy's hair ZOMG SERIOUSLY SCANNER WHY CAN'T YOU SCAN ORANGES AND RED COLOURS?? :iconragefaceplz: So, I must apologize :iconblushbunnyc3: for yet ANOTHER fantastic scan from my shitfaced scanner. And by "fantastic" I mean not fantastic because my scanner is an asswipe. I hate you scanner. I really, really, REALLY hate you. There is just no end to your tyranny.

Anyway. I had a lot of fun with this. And those random grey blobs on the ground are supposed to be footprints. I can't tell if I failed or not. :icondizzy-plz: And honestly, that cluster of trees there to the right of the picture was not meant to look as creepy as it does. I don't know why they ended up that way. CAREFUL GUYZ THERES A SASQUATCH IN THAR!!

Fun fact: It's actually illegal in British Columbia to kill a Sasquatch. You know, just incase you might come to BC for some 'Quatching. Anyway.

Now that I'm done babbling, you NEED TO GO TO :iconblushbunnyc3:'S GALLERY. Her art is FLIPPIN' FANTASTIC, her characters rock the house, and her style is unique and epic and awesome and I JUST WANT TO LICK IT ALL DARNIT! So now, please, go and artgasm over the awesomeness that is :iconblushbunnyc3: because if you don't....

:iconsasquatchplz: :iconsaysplz: IMMA EAT YOUUUU!!

So GO DARNIT!! *flails about like a flailsaurus*

So yes! Taryn Lacy and Chislett, building a snowman and throwing around his eyeballs for no apparent reason, for :iconblushbunnyc3:! I hopes you like it! :iconbummiesplz:

Taryn Lacy and Chislett here are to :iconblushbunnyc3: :D
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BlushBunnyC3 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
APOLOGIES FOR MY DELAYED COMMENT ;___; FFFFF, I feel awful - work has been such a pain and I've been all over the place when I'm not working XD; But I was SOOO happy when this showed up in my messages and it's been cheerfully greeting me everyday since :heart:

:D:D:D:D:D I am SO glad I decided on asking for these two at the last minute - not only are your couples scenes absolutely precious and awesomely creative, you have the COOLEST knack for colouring two toned hair! X3 Taryn-Lacy looks so pretty holycrap ;o; *flails with glee* But I'm getting ahead of myself, lol~ LET'S START FROM THE TOP.

First off, as I was saying, this idea is really creative! Since it's still winter (ONLY A FEW MORE WEEKS) and the snow makes for really lovely scenery (too bad it's so damn cold XD), it's very fitting ;) And seeing ones characters interacting in you know, every day little fun activities we all do like this is just really neat :meow: Chislett is essentially a big kid, so yes, he would love playing in the snow ;) And I'm sure Taryn-Lacy wouldn't take too much convincing to spend time in it with him~ (she rather likes snow as well)

Yay for building snowmen! |D (Although it's funny, it never snows enough where I live to have enough to make a really big decent snowman 8| Ocean moderated temperature and all. We've more or less had RAIN all winter, sob.) He looks very snazzy with his striped scarf :3 (I NEED A SCARF LIKE THAT ;o; ) And the whole idea of them tossing the eyes around is too funny! :XD: It's not morbid at all - it seems totally legit to me ;) I bet like, Chislett was about to put them on when he decided to be like "LOOKIT ME - I CAN JUGGLE 8D" and started playing with them, and then Taryn-Lacy decided to join in and they start tossing them around like a hackey sack =P SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Either way, they look like they're having a jolly time, so good on 'em! :heart: Love it~

How about a little gushing on each of them ;P (CUZ THAT'S HOW I ROLL) As said before, I LOVE how Taryn-Lacy came out in your style - especially her hair, you are incredible with colouring in the two tone parts, and just the way you do hairstyles/curls/volume/bangs, EVERYTHING, fffff :drool: DAT HAIR~ (despite your scanner's evilness, it still came out gorgeous) I love her playful expression, and you really did her pose (side-back view- DAMN that's a tough one! :O And you pulled it off wonderfully~) And I love how you tweak my character's outfits into appropriate scene wear, but still retain the original design colour tones! :) That makes me super happy (plus looks great on the characters). I totally dig Taryn-Lacy's gloriously green sweater (I'm sure she has layers on underneath, hence she's probably not too chilled XD), and her stripey pink scarf (and matching gloves! :D Spiff!). The way ou did her pants (plus the angle and folds!) is really good, and even the bottom of her shoe! :O And I hear you on putting her tail out of the way - it's not that weird, I've drawn similar before XD Like I said, you did a great job on the legs, so why would you want to cover it? (plus, Chislett is totally okay with getting a better view of her booty ;D *HIT* HE LOVES DAT ASS. :icondatasspls:)

Speaking of the Chislett ;) HE CAME OUT SO CUTES~ I really love how you depicted his hair, it came out so gloriously poofy X3 And you've captured his essential Chis-ness with his ecstatic grin of glee 8D FUN TIEMS MAKE CHIS A HAPPY CHIS. (And don't worry about the goof up on his tail - some of the references I gave you were old, so XD Easy mistake to make - no sweat) I admit the colours you chose for his outfit are a bit different for him, but they actually work pretty well! :clap: I really like his jacket, and his top and pants compliment nicely~ His scarf is an interesting choice - it works surprisingly well and doesn't clash with his hair C: Impressed! And the black gloves are a nice nod to his fingerless ones ;) (that's too exposed for winter though obviously, lol) And it's okay if his height compared to hers isn't quite accurate - I goof on that too sometimes. This is all still really impressive, considering it's full body, interaction fun, PLUS a really detailed and colourful background! :D So what's not to enjoy?

But yes, LET ME APPRECIATE THAT BACKGROUND :w00t: I highly approve of this nod to the Rocky Mountains (YAY BC AND IT'S MOUNTAINS 8D Such lovely view out here of them, especially when they're all snowed over~) and they do offer a splendid view in this piece along with the trees and snow :aww: Beeeeeautiful! Such excellent shading and tone work there in the mountain greys, the barky tones, and especially the sky! Given the sky does have a grey tone to it when it's been snowing~ The blue mingled in is so pretty! And the grey shading and footprints in the snow is great~ (and LOL at the Sasquatch fact xD I mean I wasn't planning on tracking one down and killing it anytime soon, BUT GOOD TO KNOW ALL THE SAME ;P PROTECT THE CRAZY CRITTERS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT EXIST)

And of course, I adore your epic long descriptioning here :love: YOU ARE SO FULL OF EPIC IN YOUR RANTING. Iloveit. AND I LOVE THIS TRADE HALF IF I DIDN'T MAKE IT OBVIOUS ENOUGH :B Thank you thank you so muuuch! :glomp: :heart::heart::heart:
Bro-Harl Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
Peachfuzz Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
It's awesome to see these characters in your style. Taryn-Lacy is one of my favorites of her characters. :D

Anyhow, the poses and the scenery came out really great. You are particularly good at doing the folds of pants, too. :) Keep up the good work.
calicokatt Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Teeee!! Thankies so much! Her characters are always super fun to draw so I was really happy to get to draw more for her again :D

Thanks sooo much for the comment about the scenery! I'm really trying to draw more backgrounds, and the more I do them the easier they are getting so...YAY! :D And thanks also about the folds in pants too.. I just love drawing clothing folds XD
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