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Granite White Dragon

Granite-white Cayo Dragon with tasty blueberry. The dragoness body is made of granite clay - white clay with tiny golden bits in it, making it look almost like granite stone.

This little critter is available through Etsy: HERE
Also there You can see bigger pictures and other angles.
Hand-made from polymer clay, glazed,eyes painted with acrylics.
Size: 7cm high (above 2,5inches)
pattern: "Cayo Dragon" by CalicoGriffin

You can find me at:
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Arco the rainbow cookie griffin by CalicoGriffin Otis the Forget-me-not griffin by CalicoGriffin Violi - custom order by CalicoGriffin Zlato the golden griffin by CalicoGriffin 
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Uaah, it's so cute! *-*

I like the expression it has, like : "here, take this berry!" Aww~! :3
CalicoGriffin's avatar
I think he would indeed share with pleasure :D 
Xx-Iceshadow27-xX's avatar
So much detail~ and so cute X3

Do you sculpt the individual pieces then glue them together with slip and then blend it into the body? Or use small armatures?
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on simple ones like this the foil armature is only in body+head part. No glues used. Clay just sticks very fine to itself :) Got a tiny stop-motion video showing how other one was made if You wish to see :)…
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This is so cute!
And the berry looks so yummy! 
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wow1 this is so detailed! you really are improving!
CalicoGriffin's avatar
Thanks! Having a good time for them lately :)
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Oh, this is a cutie)
CalicoGriffin's avatar
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