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SHIFT 005: Knowledge is Power
Mission 005: Knowledge is Power
SHIFT Mission Briefing: In recent missions we've encountered powerful magical spells created by a sun shaped gem and a moon shaped gem. We need to know what we're dealing with. For that reason we're sending you to the Alexandrite Library. It's not an exciting mission, but the place is huge and there's a lot of information to sort through. It would simply be too much for one single person to research on their own. This should be an easy mission and a relaxing break for some of you. Simply take your time to find the information and report back to HQ when done.
SHIFT Heroes Deployed on this Mission
    The scaled deer-like creature known as a Kirin that was known as Tex galloped along a forest road. Two felines road upon his back currently. One of them was a green colored cat with red spiky hair who stood just over four feet. He was naked except for a blue jacket, a bow and a quiver of arrows slung over his back. Thi
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PMD The Dream Catchers: Chapter 27
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
The Dream Catchers
Chapter 27
      It's been one month since the defeat of Mewtwo. After a discussion among the entire guild we agreed to bring Mewtwo with us. It wasn't that we didn't believe him when he said he had been possessed by Darkrai... It's just hard to immediately trust someone right after they attempted to kill you. Still... Mewtwo got the worst of it in the fight. Most of us had recovered from the journey after a few days but Mewtwo's injuries were still healing. I suppose I did sort of bury him in rubble. Still... I couldn't help but feel anxious. The immediate problem was dealt with... But if Mewtwo was telling the truth then Darkrai was still out there. The worst part... No one had any idea where he was. Back at the tower I had asked Mewtwo. He didn't know. Darkrai apparently rarely stayed in one place for long. His plans had been stopped once in the past and now he was being exceptionally cautious.
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Childish Antics
    Childish Antics
    By CalexTheNeko
    Deb had chosen to do the worst possible thing anyone could ever do in the neighborhood she had chosen to visit. She was simply minding her own business. The squirrel found herself being somewhat antsy these days and going for long walks often helped her calm down. She had dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a sweater then headed out the door. Each day she always took a different route, trying to see different things. Today she had ended up in a mostly suburban area. The area itself looked normal. The people within the area well... Not as much. Of course it wasn't as if that would be readily noticeable at first.
    She had no idea of the area she had stumbled into. It was a place you only found two types of people: Those engaging in shenanigans, and those falling victim to said shenanigans. Often there was overlap between the two. The point
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Happy and Young
Happy and Young
By CalexTheNeko
    Frinkel blinked several times slowly processing what had just happened. The former raccoon couldn't help but notice that his entire room was suddenly noticeably bigger than it had been a few minutes ago. His once striped tail was longer and completely black colored now. The black stripes were gone from his back as well... But he also had a scarf of black fur around his chest and upper back. His foot paws were completely black and larger now while his hand paws were blue and had small steel guards on the back of his arms. He still had a mask of black fur over his face but his muzzle was longer. He also had two large... not ears but some kind of sensors hanging off the side of his head. They almost looked like dog ears.
    "Wha-what!?" Frinkel gave a shout. His voice was so high pitched. He was slowly processing what had just happened.
    "Congratulations!" A voice boomed from his computer.
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SHIFT TAILS: Sun and Moon
Threat Analysis, Information and Legend Status
Sun and Moon
So to sum up this report. We sent two groups out on two unrelated missions and basically now we know we're all going to die. Okay. Mission report complete. I might as well wrap it up there and go get lunch. Not as if anyone even reads these things. Between me and the other scribes we must file a thousand of these a year and I don't think a single one ever gets pulled back up after they go into the archive. At the very least no one has ever made any comment to me about my tone or personal comments if they have pulled any of my reports.
But I suppose I should try to maintain some form of professionalism... If only because they may not read these but they'll certainly notice if my report doesn't even fill up a single page. It's a pain but guess I'll work. It's a living at least. Well... The pay sucks but at least it includes free rent.
So right... The purpose of this report is to examine any possible relationship betw
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Into The Faerie Woods by calextheneko Into The Faerie Woods :iconcalextheneko:calextheneko 1 1
Blessing or a Curse
Blessing or a Curse
By CalexTheNeko
    Luke stood at the entrance of the zoo. He felt somewhat awkward in his current position. That was to say he was dressed in long pairs, a dress shirt and close toed shoes. It just felt... It baffled the mind why anyone in any universe ever would choose long pants over the much more comfortable shorts. Still... For some reason that escaped him this was considered the more presentable option when it came to making an impression. And that was his goal today.
    He took a deep breath and moved past the ticket office. At the gates he showed a paper he brought with him and they waved him right in. It wasn't long before he found his way to zookeeper's office. He slowly raised his hand to knock on the door... Only for it to open all on its own.
    "Spooky." Luke muttered as he stepped inside. He found himself in a dusty looking office. It wasn't quite what he expected. He had assumed the office w
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SHIFT 004: Those Who Fight Monsters
Mission 004: Those Who Fight Monsters
SHIFT Mission Briefing: Out scouts have uncovered an illegal monster coliseum. Aside from being unnecessarily dangerous some of these monsters are sapient and trafficking of them is highly illegal. Locate the coliseum, shut it down and find out who or what is supplying them with their monsters.
Shift Heroes Deployed On This Mission
“Well it wasn’t hard to find at least.” Tex spoke as he adjusted his goggles over his eyes to get a better look at the building. The hawk was laying down in the grass atop a hill with the other two heroes behind him. From the hill they could see a large outdoor theatre at the bottom of a valley. It was lit up with torch lights as horse drawn carriages pulled into it. “They’re not exactly subtle.”
“I can’t stand such brazen disregard for decency.” Sinopa growled. The lioness crawled up the hill towards Tex to get a look. Her eyes weren’t a
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Adventures in Kittensitting
Adventures in Kittensitting
By CalexTheNeko
    Kickaha sat on the couch with a completely blank look on his face. The foxyote was dressed as usual in only his green cloak. It made him look somewhat underdressed in comparison to the wolf that was standing across from him. The gray wolf was dressed in dress shirt, pants a coat, hat and even... Shoes! Kickaha always knew that there had to be someone out there that was keeping the shoe industry alive. He just hadn't met them yet before now.
    "So then..." The wolf spoke. His name was Odin. It was a weird meeting for both of them. The two had heard quite a bit about each other from a common acquaintance... But they had never actually physically met. "It's not that I question your capability or your experience." Odin gestured towards a stack of papers sitting on the coffee table. "And I have to say... This is a very nicely faked resume! I mean it's got a great letterhead and you even included very real so
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Motherly Nature
Motherly Nature
    Frinkel was just minding his own business when he met her. The blue bipedal raccoon was just on his way back from picking up groceries when he ran into a large round brown and white cat. She was for the most part a normal cat. She walked on four legs and didn't talk, making her a normal animal... Though despite that she was rather large and plump to the point she was almost half Frinkel's size. She was currently laying directly across the sidewalk unmoving completely blocking Frinkel's path.
    "Um... Hello kitty!" Frinkel addressed the cat. "You know that's not a good spot to lay! Someone might step on you there! Wouldn't you rather lay in the soft cool grass instead?"
    The plump cat rolled over at this remark and gave Frinkel a deadpan stare. He could swear that she was judging him. After a few seconds of just staring at him she simply responded with a low pitched "meow."
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Wish Granter
Wish Granter
By: CalexTheNeko
    Kickaha didn't usually go looking for trouble. Well... The coyote-fox wasn't constantly looking to cause trouble. Sometimes at least... The point was there were in fact moments where he was probably sort of maybe innocent... If only because he hadn't quite come up with the right idea yet. The important takeaway here right now was he wasn't up to anything right now! Kickaha was simply trying to scrounge up dinner! But dinner was being annoyingly uncooperative tonight.
    Kickaha crept on all fours with his stomach and chest almost flat against the ground. His green cloak ran along the back of his body making him blend in with the grass as he moved. Gold eyes shined at full alertness as he slowly neared his future meal. The foxyote moved forward at a glacial pace.
    It was a small grey mouse that Kickaha was stalking. Currently it's nose twitched as it dug through the grass looking for food. Th
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SHIFT 003: Lost in the Woods
Mission 003: Lost in the Woods
SHIFT Mission Briefing: Reports have come in of strange lights appearing in the Torsion Forest. Local villages have sent their own investigators... None of which have returned. Find the cause of the lights and disappearances within the forest. If you judge it to be dangerous eliminate it.
SHIFT Heroes Deployed on this Mission
    The light blue shark with black stripes known as Cobalt stood in the middle of a forest clearing examining his map. The two foot tall squirrel dressed in a green cape that was Kickaha looked absolutely miniscule next to him. Then the tiny mouse that was all that remained of Frinkel after his last adventure was barely noticeable next to them.
    "We've been out here for a few hours and nothing out of the ordinary." Cobalt growled. "I'm beginning to think this was a huge waste of time."
    "Now now!" Kickaha responded. "We can't go assuming thi
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By CalexTheNeko
    Dan was used to things not quite working out for him. College had proven more difficult than he expected and after a couple of years he had dropped out. He chose to enter the workforce right away and soon found himself doing call center work. It wasn't the best life... But it paid the bills... Or at least it did. Then management decided on some cutbacks. Dan was given a choice. He could take a large pay cut and stay on, or he could clean out his desk.
    He had perhaps... Been somewhat overconfident on how fast he might find a new job with his experiences. No longer having a steady source of income it wasn't long before he couldn't pay his rent. Now with no job and no home he was left with an option that was previously unthinkable. He had moved back in with his parents.
    Dan was up in the attic of his parent's house now. He was dressed in an old shirt and jeans and had unkempt brown hair. Currentl
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A Taste For Fish
A Taste for Fish
By CalexTheNeko
    Don entered the cafeteria with a look of absolute dread upon his face. He was dressed in his usual black jacket and jeans as he strode into the school's cafeteria. He wrinkled his nose at the stench that permeated the entire room. He knew what was happening... But he refused to believe it until he saw it with his own eyes. As reached the lunch line and peered over the heads of other students to see what was going on. There it was; an evil that should not have been allowed in this world. And yet... There it was.
    "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Don gave a loud shout as he saw what was to be his lunch today. Of all the days to forget his lunch, why did it have to be today? Why did it have to be on Tuna Tuesday? And why did Tuna Tuesday exist? Other schools had Taco Tuesday... But he had to go to the one school in all of existence that had Tuna Tuesday instead! It was a tra
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A Small Mishap
A Small Mishap
By CalexTheNeko
    Odddice carefully examined the device he had spent the last few weeks working on. The white fox was careful to keep the tip of it pointed away from him. What he was handling looked something akin to a gun... But one covered in wired and electrodes with a crooked antenna. It looked more like a prop in an 80's science fiction series than any real weapon. Odddice supposed that wasn't far from what the truth than what it actually was.
    "Think it should be ready to test pretty soon." Odddice commented to himself as he examined it. "Let's see..." He tugged on a glowing piece glass piece sticking out of the back of the device. "Power source in in place." What made his device truly unique... aside from what it did... was how it was powered. The crystal that stuck out of it did not have any power in and of itself... But it could absorb magical energy from its surroundings. This effectively gave h
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PMD The Dream Catchers: Chapter 26
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
The Dream Catchers
Chapter 26
I fed Mewtwo the Reviver Seed and then I stepped back. The powerful psychic pokemon began to stir and then he opened his eyes again. Every part of my body tensed up ready for a fight.
"You  need not worry." Mewtwo spoke out loud. His voice was calm, reserved. It was completely different from the pokemon we had been fighting.  "I have no intention of fighting you further. I have returned to my senses."
"You'll forgive us if we don't take your word for it." Riz spoke up. "I tend to have a hard time trusting people who just tried to murder me."
"Heh." Mewtwo laughed. "Fair enough. I suppose given the circumstances you have no reason to trust anything I say." He slowly stood up. "But much like the Pokemon you have fought up till now I was not in control of my own actions."
"Wait..." This didn't sound right to me. "You expect us to believe you were another berserk pokemon? But! Weren't you the one who was converting everyone el
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[COMM] CalexTheKitten Conbadge by TheCynicalHound [COMM] CalexTheKitten Conbadge :iconthecynicalhound:TheCynicalHound 66 0 untitled by nightsanghaw untitled :iconnightsanghaw:nightsanghaw 33 6 Commission - Treehouse by TarriPup Commission - Treehouse :icontarripup:TarriPup 28 7 Superhero Fight by Trevor-Fox Superhero Fight :icontrevor-fox:Trevor-Fox 12 2 Tarri's Day - Cat Trap #1 by TarriPup Tarri's Day - Cat Trap #1 :icontarripup:TarriPup 23 29 The Great Chocobo Race page 2 by Trevor-Fox The Great Chocobo Race page 2 :icontrevor-fox:Trevor-Fox 10 11 Cub boy by merrypaws Cub boy :iconmerrypaws:merrypaws 26 7 The Great Chocobo Race page 1 by Trevor-Fox The Great Chocobo Race page 1 :icontrevor-fox:Trevor-Fox 17 8 TFF commish: cooking up a fight by Tatta-doodles TFF commish: cooking up a fight :icontatta-doodles:Tatta-doodles 6 4 Arzure and Calex by pandapaco Arzure and Calex :iconpandapaco:pandapaco 123 7 Pirates in the bathtub by Coshi-Dragonite Pirates in the bathtub :iconcoshi-dragonite:Coshi-Dragonite 78 7 Litleo by TheCynicalHound Litleo :iconthecynicalhound:TheCynicalHound 299 18 Sentwaki by konekonoarashi Sentwaki :iconkonekonoarashi:konekonoarashi 58 29 Behemoth by SamusFairchild Behemoth :iconsamusfairchild:SamusFairchild 13 3 Electric Tiny [Prize] by MagicalTF Electric Tiny [Prize] :iconmagicaltf:MagicalTF 10 8 X-Animals: Kurt Wagner by MegBeth X-Animals: Kurt Wagner :iconmegbeth:MegBeth 34 25
Story commissions are open for May! Right now I'm not setting a limit to how many slots I take. Current job is ending so I should have a lot of free time coming in the next few weeks to work on stories, so I'll take on as many as I can. Not going to close unless it just gets too excessive where I need to catch up before I go through.

Anyway! Story commissions right now are $40! You get a 3000+ word story for that. (3000 is the minimum but 90% of the time I go well over.) I primarily write transformation, regression and shrinking stuff, but I can also write adventure and slice of life without those elements! I tend to work in more comedic tones, but can go more horror or depressing routes when requested. (Seriously, see the Den and Nick saga for some of that)

Anyway, the way I work, is commissions are worked in the order they are received. I will first write a rough draft of your story, and then once the rough draft is finished I send you an invoice for the story. When the invoice is paid I give you a google docs link to the story for you to review if there are any changes you want. After that, I'll go back through the story, proof read and edit it, as well as make any changes you requested and send it back to you for approval. Once you give your final approval, I then go ahead and upload it to FA, as well as you have permission to repost wherever you please so long as you post a link back to me!

Anyway, some of my areas of specialty
-Transformations, both feral and anthro
-Age regression (especially to kidhood)
-Shrinking to rodent sizes, or mega micro or even smaller)
-Slice of Life
-Fun silly times

There are some things I will not write. 

Taboo List
-Inflation, Pool Toys, Latex
-Inanimate, non organic TFs, plants
-Heavy violence or abuse
-Sex or anything exceptionally fetishy
-Snake TFs (Really sorry on this one, they just scare me and cause me to stop thinking >.<)

Anyway, if you're interested in a commission, send me a note and we'll get things set up for you!

Also, Patreon tiers have been updated! Join in on shift and get free monthly commissions! Check it out!


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Commissions are open! Fill out my Commission Request form if you're interested…
Mission 005: Knowledge is Power

SHIFT Mission Briefing: In recent missions we've encountered powerful magical spells created by a sun shaped gem and a moon shaped gem. We need to know what we're dealing with. For that reason we're sending you to the Alexandrite Library. It's not an exciting mission, but the place is huge and there's a lot of information to sort through. It would simply be too much for one single person to research on their own. This should be an easy mission and a relaxing break for some of you. Simply take your time to find the information and report back to HQ when done.

SHIFT Heroes Deployed on this Mission

    The scaled deer-like creature known as a Kirin that was known as Tex galloped along a forest road. Two felines road upon his back currently. One of them was a green colored cat with red spiky hair who stood just over four feet. He was naked except for a blue jacket, a bow and a quiver of arrows slung over his back. This was Alex and it was his first time being dispatched on a mission for SHIFT. The other feline was almost half his size. It was a blue cat with tabby stripes wearing only a pair of boots. That was Frinkel and he was finding it harder and harder to remember what species he started as. In addition to the two felines there was one more tiny figure; a coyote fox hybrid. Kickaha was mostly his normal self... Except for the part where he was two inches tall, eleven years old and had giant butterfly wings coming out of his back. He currently sat perched on Frinkel's shoulder as they rode towards the library.
    "I have to say..." Alex patted Tex on the side. "This is sure a heck of a way to travel. Beats walking all the way here. Where the heck did you find a kirin?"
    "Va savoir pourquoi." Frinkel shrugged at this. "Just came back that way from a mission. Technically he's your senior on this mission."
    "Wait he's one of us?" Alex's ears flattened in embarrassment. He had mistaken Tex for a beast of burden.
    "Don't worry!" Kickaha chattered happily. "These mistakes happen all the time! Stick around long enough and you'll get the chance to have someone make it with you!"
    "I guess that makes me feel a bit better..." Alex muttered. "Wait what?"
    Tex interrupted the conversation with a grunt as he reached the end of the travel road. The road dead ended before an enormous building made of stone with stained glass windows. Multiple towers stuck out of the building reaching up beyond the clouds. Two great stone doors marked the entrance to the building with strange runes carved into them. It was completely silent here. The only noise came from the wind blowing the leaves of the forest trees around the building.
    "The Great Alexandrite Library." Kickaha whistled. "The largest source of arcane knowledge in the world. Granted, they're not known for their convenience. I suppose being located in the middle of nowhere helps ensure less books are checked out."
     "Isn't the entire point of a library that people come and check book out?" Alex asked.
    "Depends on your philosophy." Kickaha flew upward to be eye level with Alex. "Some might say the purpose of a library is to share knowledge... Others might say it's to store and safeguard it."
    "But either way the books are still here for anyone to read right!?" Frinkel shouted up at the faerie above his head.
    "Aheh heh well um..." Kickaha looked sheepish. "Don't worry about it! Let's go inside!"
    The cats dismounted the kirin and slowly approached the stone doors. Frinkel began to push on the door trying to shove it open. However the massively heavy door refused to budge under the small feline's strength.
    "So um... What about... You said his name was Tex?" Alex looked at the kirin. "Are we going to get in trouble if he comes in with us? I mean I know he's a member of the team! Just the library staff won't know that and what if they think he's a wild animal and-"
    Tex responded by huffing, then walking up to the stone doors. He gently lifted Frinkel into the air with one of his horns and slid the small cat away from the doors. Then Tex reeled up on his hind hooves and kicked forward against the door with his front hooves. The door swung open from the mighty kirin's strength as he strolled through quite smugly.
    "He used to be the team strategist." Frinkel explained. "And is the one who always pressed us to try to come up with plans before entering. Bref, I think not being able to talk is getting to him."
    "I can sympathize." Kickaha nodded in an unexpected display of empathy. He too knew the pain all too well of losing one's voice.
    With the way open the four headed inside the library. They entered a tiled room lined with bookshelves on either side. There were numerous decorations around the table, including strange colored crystals, vases full of exotic plants, and a statue of a sphinx that stood directly in the center of the entrance. Wooden tables ran through the center of the room covered in old brown scrolls. The room stretched on for almost as far as could be seen. Just barely visible the outline of spiral staircase could be seen in the distance leading up to higher floors.
    "Je n'en crois pas mes yeux!" Frinkel gave a shout. "This place is massive! It'll take us forever to search through here!"
    "Maybe we can find a card catalog somewhere?" Alex asked. "And try to figure things out from there?" At this suggestion Tex became excited. He quickly began to move past the tables looking for a desk.
    "I'm not sure how much that will help." Kickaha spoke up. "I mean... Do we actually know what we're looking for?" With that Tex came to an abrupt stop and fell over.
    "Well we just have to look up information about those gems right?" Alex responded. "Doesn't seem that complicated."
    "Yes but where exactly are we looking?" Kickaha asked as he fluttered over to check on Tex. "I mean we know a sun shaped gem and a moon gem... But do we know what to actually look under? Should we check things related to the sun and moon themselves? Related to faerie tales? Or maybe to monsters? I'm not trying to be difficult; At least not this time. But we don't exactly know what we're looking for."
    "I wasn't there for either of these..." Alex muttered. "So I'm not really sure.
    "Kickaha and I were there for the sun gem one... And I think Tex investigated the incident with the moon gem... Though I suppose he can't talk to share information on that." Frinkel's ears folded down at the thought.
    "GRRRRR!" Tex let out a growl before galloping to the end of the room. He stopped short of an enormous desk with the largest filing cabinet he had ever seen behind it. Tex leaped behind the desk and approached the cabinet. He then very slowly used his horns to slide open one of the cabinets.
    "Oh deer, he finally snapped." Kickaha smiled. Then his shoulders sagged a few moments later as no one reacted to him.
    "I think he just has an idea?" Alex said.
    Tex grunted then very carefully used his teeth to remove a small card from inside the filing cabinet. He proceeded to toss it to Alex before using his horns to pull open another cabinet.
    "Hmmm?" Alex paused and looked at the card he was given. The top of it was labeled with the word 'Moon.' Tex didn't answer his questioning look. Instead he began to dig through another filing cabinet before throwing a card at Kickaha.
    "GAAAAAH!" The tiny faerie struggled to catch the card that was bigger than him. "A little warning!" His card had the word 'Sun' on the top. Again Tex didn't reply as he began digging again. This time he threw a card to Frinkel.
    "Got it!" Frinkel jumped in the air to catch his card. He then looked at it and saw it was labeled 'Magical Gems.'
    Tex continued to dig around the filing cabinets. He produced two more cards that he dropped onto the desk behind him. One of them was labeled 'Monsters' and the other was labeled 'Faerie Tales.'
    "So I guess we're splitting up?" Alex said. "Each of us takes one card and sees if they can find anything related to what's going on."
    "I guess that's all we really can do." Kickaha sighed. "I was hoping for something a bit more... Still we'll be here all month if we go to every book individually."
    "So everyone meets back here when we're done?" Frinkel asked. Everyone nodded. With that Frinkel, Kickaha and Alex set off for their different sections of the library marked on their cards.
    Tex was left standing alone. He looked between the two cards that were left to investigate. 'Monsters' or 'Faerie Tales.' After a few minutes of consideration he decided to investigate the card that was directly related to his current state. He hesitated before grabbing the teeth. Something had been bugging him since they arrived. Why was the library so empty? There wasn't a librarian or any patrons in sight. He had a bad feeling about that... But couldn't do anything for now. He picked up the 'Monsters' card between his teeth and trotted off hoping for the best.
    Alex was the first person to arrive at his destination. The green cat found the card pointed him to a nearby section. He walked past rows of identical bookshelves before stopping in a corner. Silver lined tomes lay upon shelves while pictures of the moon and stars were carved into the walls.
    "Well guess I'm in the right place." Alex muttered. This section alone still had hundreds of books to check. Alex sat his bow on a table and looked at them "Guess I have a ton of work ahead of me."
    He began to pull random books off the table and check their titles to see if any looked promising. "Phases of the Moon. Practical, but probably not what I'm looking for. Lunar Calendar, no. Werewolves?" He paused at that one. "Magical gemstones don't really seem their usual style... Put that one in the maybe pile." He set the book on a table then pulled another one. "Werekitten Owner's Manual. Who would need something like that?"
    The processed continued for awhile. He placed books back on the shelves that seemed completely useless. Then on one table he made a pile of 'maybe' books that could be related. On another table he made a pile of books that were 'promising.' Soon both tables were completely covered. It was nearly impossible to see over the piles.
    "Uggggh." Alex looked at the two piles. "I hate to judge a book by its cover but... That's the only way I'm getting through all these." He started by going through the pile of books he had put in the promising category. He would open a few pages to see if it appeared relevant, and toss it into the 'maybe' pile if it wasn't. One book 'Rituals of the Moon' sounded like it might be what he wanted... But then it turned out to be a list of spells which sounded important... but was mostly for unimpressive things like aiding a crop growth. Again, a useful idea but not what he was here for.
    Eventually Alex stopped when he came to a book marked 'Denizens of the Moon.' He paused at this one. How likely was it that they were dealing with actual moon dwelling creatures? It seemed pretty farfetched. Then again... The reports from the previous missions described things not before seen on this planet. He supposed it was possible. He opened the book and began to read.
    The letters in this book were strange. They were written in a fancy silver ink and at first seemed to have no meaning. As Alex squinted to read them though realization began to dawn on him. He could understand the letters! He realized that the book itself must have been magical in order to impart its message.
    He began to read. It was a strange story... Yet the more he read of it the more normal it seemed. It told the story of strange creatures that lived on the moon. They looked like rabbits and spent all day making rice cakes. It sounded strange at first, but as he read more Alex couldn't think of any other logical thing you'd do on the moon other than make Rice Cakes.
    He was so engrossed in his reading he didn't notice he was changing. His tail grew shorter while his ears grew longer. His entire body became squatter as his foot paws became much larger. His paw pads slowly vanished. Alex didn't notice the change until he suddenly found he wasn't tall enough to see over the desk and read the book anymore.
    "What the!?" He looked down at himself. His coat was now long enough to be an overcoat on him. He had shrunk to half his size! He had a large pair of buck teeth in addition to long ears. His tail was a tiny little tuft and he was not used to the sensation of his paw touching the ground without a paw pad. His fur was still green and the hair on his head still red... But there were slight changes in his pattern. It was glossier, but in a strange manner. Beneath the shadow of the desk his fur almost seemed to glow like gentle starlight. When he climbed back out into the light it looked normal... Except a bit glossier.
    "And now I'm apparently a moon rabbit." Alex slapped himself on the head. At least he knew this wasn't the book he was looking for. He pulled up a stool taller than him to the side of the desk. With a sigh he climbed up onto it and began to check the rest of the books.
    Elsewhere Kickaha was having his own troubles with his own investigations. Chiefly among them was that it was extremely difficult for a two inch tall faerie foxyote to pull a giant book off a shelf.
    He was in the section of the library dedicated to the sun. It was up on the third floor. Being able to fly he got up there pretty fast. The room itself was well lit with a brightly colored mural of the sun on the ceiling. However he was distracted from the art because he was having the hardest time just getting a book off the shelf. Having tried to pull it off with no success, he instead resorted to squeezing behind the book and pressing his back against it.
    "I've heard of doing heavy reading..." Kickaha grunted as he pushed his back against the book. "But this is ridiculous." He then paused and sighed. "It's just not the same when no one is around to hear it." The small foxyote then resumed trying to push the book off the shelf. He pushed his hind paws against the back of the bookcase trying to get more force.
    "Come on!" Kickaha grunted at himself. "You can do this! You're smart... Use your noodle!" Kickaha paused as he considered that... Then he flew out of the bookshelf and flew as high as high as he could to the ceiling. He paused... Then dove aiming for the edge of the book. With a barely audible thud he collided head first with the edge of the book. It then slowly slid out off the shelf before falling to the floor. Kickaha attempted to fly away at this point... But disoriented from the impact fell from the air and landed directly atop the now open book.
    "Ugggggh why did I do that head first?" Kickaha asked himself as he dizzily stood up stumbling across the pages. His tiny claws tore at the delicate paper of the book's pages making small rips as he moved around. He paused looking down as he realized what he had done. "Maybe it'll be fine."
    And then Kickaha burst into flames.
    "What the gaaaah!" Kickaha gave a shout running around on the page leaving little tiny flames behind him. He then paused and stopped running as he realized he was not in fact in any pain. He looked down at the pages of the book. It said something about creatures of the sun. "Okay... So I apparently have sun powers now. At least that's all that-" And then Kickaha exploded.
    Kickaha blinked a few times as the flames from the explosion cleared. He was surprised to see he was in fact unharmed. He also... appeared to be back to his normal size! Or even a big taller as now as he towered above what remained of the book on the floor. He slowly raised up his arms to look at them, then paused as he noticed they were now wings with golden and red feathers. As he moved his wings flames danced over them. He examined his entire body seeing the red and golden plumage over all of it. His cloak was on fire and slowly burning away.
    "Well... This is a little different." The freshly transformed phoenix spoke. "But now I'm going to need a fireproof cloak!" He was more concerned about that than the sudden change in form... At least the eleven year old was over four feet tall now! That was taller than he had been as an adult! He turned to face the bookshelf now that he could handle the books to look for a new one.
    ... And saw that the shelves were on fire as were the books.
    "It... It was like that when I got here." Kickaha muttered and slowly crept away from the bookshelves.
    Frinkel was the next to arrive at his destination. The books on magical gems were kept on the second floor. They were in an area decorated with gemstone encrusted lamps and paintings. Even the books had gems laid into them!
    Frinkel paused at this. He remembered that the book they had found in the forest had looked like that. It had been a large tome with a gem in the shape of the sun pressed into it. Did that mean he had found where it came from? Frinkel swallowed hard and looked through the shelves.
    None of the books appeared to be missing from the shelves. They were stocked completely. Granted he had no idea of knowing how these were organized so that didn't confirm it wasn't taken from here. It was going to be a massive pain to check all of these. He only hoped that they weren't all cursed like the one in the forest. He slowly pulled a book from the shelf that contained a large red garnet.
    And immediately the gem began to glow and engulf him in life.
    "Allez!" Frinkel shouted. He couldn't believe his luck! The first one he pulled! The light engulfed him and his body began to change. He didn't get any taller or shorter... But his ears became slightly larger. His boots seemed to vanish as his claws last their ability to retract. His fur shifted and became a uniform blue. And then... The changes seemed to stop.
    Frinkel looked down at the book. The gem was gone as was the glow. He sighed in relief that was all that changed... Only for the glow to immediately resume. This time it was coming from his head. He reached up a paw and felt that the garnet was now sticking out of his forehead! He tried to remove it! But he couldn't! As he pulled on the gem a strange item began to grow around his chest and back. He paused and looked down at himself. It was made of garnet, just like the gem. It fit him like a shell... But almost gave the appearance that he was wearing a breastplate made out of a gemstone.
    "The first book!" Frinkel complained. At least he was able to talk. He looked back at the book to see what it was about. The pictures showed a creature that was almost like a cross between a cat and an armadillo, but with a gem sticking out of its head and its shell made out of the game gemstone. It was called a carbuncle in the book. "Just... I'm not supposed to be a carbuncle! Or a cat! Or... A wait..." He paused listening to the sound of his own voice. "I think I started speaking normally again!" That was an improvement at least.
    Frinkel looked back at the bookshelves. Considering what had happened he was reluctant to grab another one. Still this had to be where the book was from! Right? Except... The magic was different. The whole reason HQ was scared was because of how instantaneously the transformations occurred. There was no flash of light or gradual transformation. In this specific case he got both.
    These weren't the books he was looking for.
    Frinkel sighed. At least he could mark them as not needed. Maybe there was another one that would work different... But he wasn't willing to press his luck while he was still bipedal. If they couldn't find the book anywhere else he could come back. For now the carbuncle set off to meet up with the others.
    Tex was the last one to reach his destination. The spiral staircases simply were not meant for six and a half foot long kirins. Then his section of course turned out to be on the fifth floor. He struggled to squeeze up the stairs and was actively panting by the time he reached the monster section.
    This section of the library was dimly lit. It was filled with realistic looking statues of various monsters such as dragons, chimeras and manticores. At least Tex hoped they were statues. Judging by how realistic they looked they could easily be taxidermist projects. He tried not to think about that... Or think about the fact that he himself was a monster that might be seen as a future project by whoever did this. Instead he forced himself to try to dig through the shelves.
    Pulling books out was slightly difficult. He had plenty of strength to do it. He just couldn't grip things with his hooves, meaning his only way to grab things was with his teeth. It was just hard to get a grip on the books without having a high risk of destroying them. Even if it weren't for wanting to respect the library he'd never want to damage as something as precious as these books!
    So slowly he began to go through the books on monsters. There were plenty of encyclopedias explaining different monster types. He even found one on the kirin form he currently occupied. Apparently he was supposed to have magical powers now. It would be nice if the book had explained how to use any of it. Still... The way these things went by the time he figured out how to use them he would probably have lost them.
    He moved on. He wasn't interested in books on various types of monsters. He wanted something on how to transform someone into a monster with so little effort. On that matter... This section was deficient.
    Still books related to each other were organized close together. He figured he could save time by checking out individual sections than every single book. He began to find eating habits of monsters, and how to care for them. But again still nothing on how to transform people into them. He slowly moved through the monster section continuing this process as methodically as possible. As he continued through the life-like monsters were slowly replaced with cute dolls instead. Soon the stone floor gave way to a colorful carpet.
    Tex paused examining his surroundings. It looked like he had just stumbled into the children's section. Why was the children's section right next to the monster's? Why did the greatest source of arcane knowledge in the entire world even have a children's section!? It didn't matter. He couldn't physically ask these questions and there was no one around to answer anyway.
    He paused preparing to head back then stopped. It seemed unlikely but could there be anything of value in this section? He pulled a picture book off the shelf. It was a cute playful story about the happiest troglodyte meant for younger kids. No sooner had he opened it up than he felt himself began to change.
    The kirin began to shrink. His legs soon felt wobblier and less steady. His horns shrunk down to small stubs. His entire body frame became smaller and lower to the ground. In a few moments he went from being over six feet in length to only being about two and a half. He was a small kirin cub now!
    Tex dropped the book. Of course that had happened. He had grabbed a book from the children's section. What did he think would happen? He growled and retreated from this section of the library. Searching hear had been a giant waste of time. At least it would be easier for his smaller frame to get down the stairs.
    A few hours passed before everyone returned to the first floor of the library. All of them returned in defeat and in new bodies. It took them a moment to recognize each other... But in this line of business one tended to get used to their allies suddenly changing form.
    "I didn't find anything useful." Kickaha spoke up first. "And like, there's nothing in the Sun section. Nothing at all. And there probably never wasn't and no reason to go check there."
    "I found some magical books." Frinkel spoke up. He was still getting used to moving around with his garnet shell on. "But they don't seem to work the same way as the old ones."
    "I didn't have much luck either." Alex spoke. He had his bow back on his back though it was now too big for him. "But I did find a pretty good recipe for rice cakes once we get back."
    The three all turned and looked at Tex at this point. The kirin stomped his foot against the ground and managed to look very sheepish for something covered in scales. It wasn't hard to figure out he hadn't turned up anything useful himself.
    That meant the only clue left they had to check was Faerie Tales. They all looked at the remaining card from the catalog on the desk. If they didn't find anything useful here... It meant they'd have to search the entire library; a process that would take months. They each exchanged glances. Less than hopeful they headed to the final section to search together.
    The section on Faerie Tales was rather strange. It was on the first floor but near the back of the library. The stone floor abruptly gave way to grass that was somehow perfectly trimmed and healthy despite being inside.  Flowers of multiple colors grew out from beyond the grass. Bookshelves sat in this makeshift indoor field, but they were only half the height of the other ones. At the center of the field was a small pedestal. A single closed book sat upon it. Into the cover of the book was carved the image of the sun, and a crescent moon around a snowflake. The two appeared to be drawn as if they were meant to be orbiting each other.
    "Those are the symbols!" Frinkel shouted excitedly. "Those are the exact same design that were on the gems!"
    "Does that mean we found it?" Alex asked.
    Tex slammed his hooves against the ground angrily. It had been right here out in the open the entire time! Everything else had just been a giant waste of time.
    "So I guess someone should go grab it?" Kickaha spoke up. "But... Not me!" He was still getting used to the whole fire erupting from his feathers thing. He wasn't about to go grab the book they actually needed.
    "I'll grab it." Alex hopped up to the book. The rabbit looked around nervously as if expecting something to happen. He then slowly lifted the book off the pedestal and looked around. Again nothing happened. With a sigh he opened it up. There were strange letters written inside of it. At first he worried this meant he was in for a repeat episode of the moon book... But nothing happened. No magic came into play... He didn't suddenly understand the letters... Nothing happened.
    "Well that was anticlimactic." Kickaha complained. Tex shot him a glare.
    "But I can't read it." Alex complained as he held up the book to show the strange lettering to the others. The words were written in some form of symbols. They were absolutely beautiful... But no one could figure out what any of it meant.
    "Maybe if we take the book back to HQ someone can translate it?" Frinkel suggested.
    "Seems like our best bet." Kickaha admitted. "Though shame we seem to have lost our ride back." He shot a glance to Tex who was now far too small for all three to ride on. Then again... Until he got the whole fire thing settled he probably shouldn't sit on any of his teammates.
    Tex was hesitant at the idea of taking the book with them. He would have rather checked the book out from someone than just walk off... But with the place abandoned it didn't seem like there was much of a choice. He sighed and followed the others as they began to walk back towards the entrance.
    It didn't take long before they were at the massive stone doors again. They continued on without stopping... And then the entire library began to shake.
    "WHO DARES!?" A voice boomed throughout the library. Suddenly the stone statue of the sphinx near the entrance began to move. The human faced lion leaped from her position as pieces of stone fell away revealing flesh and stone. Two yellow eyes glared down at the group as she towered over them. The quadruped beast was easily at least fifteen feet tall! She could easily crush any of them beneath one paw. "NONE SHALL REMOVE THE STORED KNOWLEDGE OF THE GREAT ALEXANDRITE LIBRARY!"
    "We just need to borrow it!" Kickaha tried interrupting her. "We promise we're going to bring it back."
    "I don't like the sounds of this." Frinkel muttered.
    "I have a good idea of how to clear this trial." Alex reached for his bow. At least he tried to. He found he couldn't move his arms to grab it. "What the?"
    "WHEN YOU ENTERED THE LIBRARY YOU ENTERED MY DOMAIN AND-" The sphinx began to cough and then spoke in a much softer voice. "Sorry, doing the big shouty voice is murder on my throat. Anyway as I was saying you're in my domain. When you enter my domain you agreed to abide by my rules and thus are within my power. You may take no hostile actions or disobey my orders. It's all written in the terms and conditions on the plaque right outside the doors." Tex slammed his head into the floor at this.
    "Huh can't believe we've fallen for that one twice." Kickaha muttered.
    "Now then the rules are quite clear." The sphinx posted. "If you wish to ever leave this place you must complete the ultimate trial. A TRIVIA CONTEST!"
    "That doesn't seem too bad." Alex spoke.
    "ALEX NO!" Kickaha shouted.
    "TO THE DEATH!" The sphinx finished her sentence. Tex shot Alex a glare.
    "What!?" Alex looked hurt. "She was probably going to say that anyway! Probably."
    "You will be asked three questions!" The sphinx spoke. "For each correct answer you will be given twenty-five points. You must amass at least fifty points if you wish to keep your lives! Now then... The first question for twenty-five! If a courier bird is released from the north guard tower flying southward at a velocity of 5 miles per hour... And a second bird is released from the tower 15 miles south heading northward at 3 miles per hour! How long will it take before the birds pass each other?"
    "Hey no fair!" Kickaha shouted. "You said this was trivia! That's a math question!"
    Tex began to stamp his hooves against the ground. He knew how to solve this one! But he couldn't talk and that was extremely frustrating right now.
    "Um well erm..." Alex tried to think. It was difficult to try to work this all out in his head then.
    "Ummmmmm." Frinkel decided to give it his best shot. " Two hours?"
    "WRONG!" The sphinx boomed. "Death has moved one step closer to you! Second question for twenty-five points! What sound does a dire corgi make before it attacks!"
    "I don't know but I imagine it would be quite adorable." Kickaha muttered.
    "WRONG!" The sphinx shouted. "It is terrifying! That's two questions wrong!"
    "Wait that wasn't an answer!" Kickaha protested.
    "STILL WRONG!" The sphinx shouted.
    "You can't just do that!" Frinkel objected.
    "According to the terms and conditions yes I can!" The sphinx smiled to herself. "And now the final question! Get this one wrong and you'll lose all the points you've gained so far."
    "What points?" Alex asked.
    "But get this one right and you'll get a whopping 100 points! Thus making all previous questions completely pointless!"
    "Why would you design the game this way!?" Frinkel cried.
    "Because it's more dramatic this way! Now final question! What is in my pocket?"
    "That's not trivia question!" Kickaha threw his wings up into the air. "That's not even riddle! Now you're just being a jerk!"
    "Answer the question!" The sphinx shouted. "Or forfeit your lives!"
    Tex slammed his hooves against the ground in frustration. He knew he had heard this riddle before! There had to be some kind of trick to guess the right answer. It couldn't just be blind luck."
    "Let's see... Maybe there are bits of string or some coins?" Alex suggested.
    "No that'd be too obvious." Kickaha muttered. "It's probably something only a sphinx would have. Maybe some kind of nose lotion?"

    "Nose lotion?" Alex tilted his head.
    "Sphinxes have very sensitive noses." Kickaha nodded.
    "I doubt that's it. I'm pretty sure it'd be something that actually exists." Alex replied in an annoyed voice. The two continued to whisper back and forth trying to come up with an idea until Frinkel interrupted them.
    "Um... You're not wearing any pants." Frinkel spoke to the sphinx. "You have no pockets."
    "WRO-" The sphinx paused then looked down at herself. "Oh... That is... Correct. That means you get the 100 points. Well... This is embarrassing. I didn't order dinner yet because I was planning to eat all of you. I don't suppose you'd mind just pretending you got the last question wrong so it'd be easier on me?"
    "NO!" Frinkel, Kickaha and Alex yelled at the exact same time.
    "Ugh fine... Mortals are so selfish." The sphinx rolled her eyes. "Fine you passed the challenge. You won't die... But you still get the second worse punishment one can ever receive... Banishment from the library!" The sphinx picked up Tex in one paw. "You're banned." She tossed him out the door. "And you." She tossed Frinkel next. "Oh you're banned." She grabbed Alex and threw him out. Then she paused and looked at Kickaha. The phoenix smiled innocently. "Oh you're totally banned. I know what you did to my books." With one swift motion Kickaha had been tossed out the door as well.
    The stone doors slammed shut leaving the four just sitting outside.
    "Well um..." Kickaha stood up and brushed himself off. "Mission accomplished!"
    "I don't feel very accomplished." Alex complained.
    "You get used to it." Frinkel muttered. Tex nodded in agreement. With that the four set off walking down the long road out of the forest.
    Mission 005: Knowledge is Power
    Mission Complete
SHIFT 005: Knowledge is Power
Mission 005
Knowledge is Power

After recent events SHIFT heroes are dispatched to the Great Alexandrite Library to find more information on just what is going on in the world.

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 frinkel Frinkel the Cat in Boots Druid
AlexTheYoshi as Alex the Cat Ranger
 kickahaota Kickaha Ota the Foxyote Faerie Wizard
 rimme Tex the feral Kirin Alchemist

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Anyway, gonna take a brief moment to talk about a random critter seen in the story today. Just cause I went slightly outside the original myth for it so was going to talk about it. Basically, carbuncles. Carbuncles are love. Most people are familiar Carbuncle from the Final Fantasy series, but they actually originate from myths in South America. Anyway the way I bring it up is carbuncle's appearance varies a bit between what it looks like in most modern adaptations and what it looks like in its original myth... Something I suspect Final Fantasy is largely responsible for. Carbuncles have always been described as rodent-like or cat-like... But interesting enough in their original incarnation they had armadillo shells. Most modern adaptations of carbuncles don't really include those shells anymore and I was a little conflicted. I wanted the creature to be easily recognizable but I wanted to pay more tribute to the original myth than the pop culture. (Mind you I freaking adore Carbuncle as in pop culture) Anyway, as a result I decided to do my own thing with carbuncle and give it shell, but have it look a bit different from the original myth. Instead of an armadillo shell decided to have one made of gemstone (which by the way the traditional carbuncle gemstone in mythology is usually garnet not ruby! But it can be any stone) So in place of the traditional shell, I gave them a shell that looks like a breastplate made out of gemstones... Effectively making it look like the carbuncle is wearing crystal armor. Anyway, just wanted to explain what I did there and why Frinkel's new form was different from the usual modern carbuncle and the old myth.

Anyway till next time, ciao!
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
The Dream Catchers
Chapter 27

      It's been one month since the defeat of Mewtwo. After a discussion among the entire guild we agreed to bring Mewtwo with us. It wasn't that we didn't believe him when he said he had been possessed by Darkrai... It's just hard to immediately trust someone right after they attempted to kill you. Still... Mewtwo got the worst of it in the fight. Most of us had recovered from the journey after a few days but Mewtwo's injuries were still healing. I suppose I did sort of bury him in rubble. Still... I couldn't help but feel anxious. The immediate problem was dealt with... But if Mewtwo was telling the truth then Darkrai was still out there. The worst part... No one had any idea where he was. Back at the tower I had asked Mewtwo. He didn't know. Darkrai apparently rarely stayed in one place for long. His plans had been stopped once in the past and now he was being exceptionally cautious.
      Jigglypuff put Abra in charge of gathering information. With her ability to teleport and scan minds she was our best bet at picking up a clue. Still... She was trying to track a ghost, one that didn't want to be found. Jigglypuff and Toucannon reminded us that we needed to be patient. We would eventually find him. In addition to Abra's search the guild would take on any missions that were strange or out of the ordinary. Anything that could lead to a hint.
       For the most part... Guild life has returned to what it normally was. Riz and I have been taking on missions as Team Dream Catchers to work on increasing our rank in the world. Honestly, it's a nice break. I didn't realize how much I needed it. Missions where your life isn't on the line are a lot more fun. We've explored several of the Mystery Dungeons close to the town. Checking them out soon became a routine. We'd wake up, eat breakfast with the guild, check the bulletin board for missions, then head out to a dungeon. We'd find lost items for pokemon, rescue other pokemon who had gotten loss, and sometimes deal with a minor thug or two. I don't want to sound too overconfident... But after throwing down with multiple legendary pokemon in a row... Joey the Rattata who stole a few apples from the local store is not the most intimidating of threats.
      Honestly... I really like this life. After encountering Mewtwo I was hoping most of my human memories would return. But... He didn't know much more than I did. He was the one who called me to this world... But he had no idea who I was before that point. I think this depressed him more than it did me. I have a feeling getting used by Darkrai like that was a humbling experience for him. More than likely he felt he owed me something... And couldn't even help out by telling me who I was.
      But I was starting to feel like that didn't matter. I don't know who I used to be. But I know who I am now. I'm Reeve the Umbreon. I'm a member of Jigglypuff's guild and one half of Team Dream Catchers. It'd be nice to know who I was... But for now this is enough for me.
      Riz has been in really good spirits herself as of late. I think she really enjoys doing normal Exploration Team missions again. Not to mention she's more than a little pleased with herself about winning in a fight against a legendary opponent.
      One evening we returned from an easy mission to find Toucannon waiting for us. He said that Mewtwo wanted to speak with us. In the history of history... I don't think a pleasant conversation has ever followed being told someone wanted to speak with you by a third party. Still, we headed to the room Mewtwo was staying to see what he wanted
      Stepping inside I found myself surprised by how barren the room was. It's true we were keeping an eye on him... But he wasn't a prisoner. Yet... He had brought almost nothing into the room he slept in... Not even a bed. I suppose since he could sleep floating in the air maybe one wasn't needed... But I felt like I'd go mad from sensory deprivation in a place like this.
      "Good you've come." Mewtwo nodded to us as we entered. "I felt I should speak to you."
      "Have you located Darkrai?" Riz asked. I understood her reasoning. Unlike Abra, Mewtwo hadn't left the guild headquarters... But he was still a much more powerful psychic. He could scan people's minds from a much greater distance. He could do his own investigations without ever having to go outside.
      "Not exactly..." Mewtwo replied. "But while I was controlled by him our minds were linked. While I've recovered I've been going through what I've learned in that time... And I'm pretty sure I know what his next course of action will be."
      "Well don't leave us in suspense." I replied. "Let's hear it."
      "He'll most likely devise a scheme that targets one of you two." Mewtwo replied. "Possibly both of you at the same time."
      "What makes you sure of that?" Riz asked.
      "Because Reeve is not from this world," Mewtwo explained. "For that reason alone he's able to resist Darkrai's new powers. This isn't something Darkrai can ignore. In the past he failed because of another human who had been transformed into a pokemon. He knows exactly how dangerous you are to him and will do anything he can to eliminate you."
      "Okay I get that..." I said. "But why would Riz be targeted?"
      "Isn't it obvious?" Mewtwo asked. "The bond you two share is the source of your strengths. When you two fought me... You went beyond your limitations because you were concerned about protecting each other. Reeve, you achieved a new evolution specifically because of your desire to protect your charmander friend."
      At this Riz and I exchanged a glance. We both were blushing slightly and quickly looked away.
      "Darkrai is very much aware of the strength your bond gives you. That's why his next objective would likely be to destroy it. Eliminating one of you, or just destroying your friendship would be enough for him to tip the odds in his favor. He knows how the strength of friendship all too well. After all it was once his own strength."
      "Wait..." I hesitated at this. "What are you talking about?" So far the picture Mewtwo had painted of Darkrai was a creature of pure evil without emotion. He had tried to drive the world into darkness multiple times. It seemed odd to think of him as having anyone he cared about.
      "Darkrai's story is more complicated than you think." Mewtwo responded sadly. "I have told you of how when Darkrai lost to another human his mind was shattered. His memories were completely gone. During this time, the same human who defeated him found the ghost lost in the wilderness. He then proceeded to do something I don't think anyone expected. He recruited the amnesiac Darkrai onto his team."
      "That can't be right!" Riz shouted. "If... If that was the case! That human was a member of Wigglytuff's guild! Our guild! That would mean that Darkrai was-"
      "Is still technically a member of your guild, yes." Mewtwo responded. "He had no memories, or any idea why everyone treated him with such suspicion... But the human and his partner. They greeted him warmly, they added him to their team. They bonded with him. During this time Darkrai contributed to the guild and to Treasure Town. He did everything in his power to help and I believe he was truly happy."
      "But that doesn't make any sense!" I shouted. "If he was happy... Why would he be doing this now!?"
      "A lot of time has passed." Mewtwo explained. "And eventually his memories resurfaced. The old memories of who he used to be and the memories of who he was now. Surely you could understand such a conflict? Until very recently you were concerned about who you were. Because of my machinations while under Darkrai's control you started to worry that you might have been responsible for the current crisis, right?"
      "That's true..." I couldn't refute that. "But I never stopped trying to help!"
      "Right but your memories have also not returned." Mewtwo replied. "In your case, it was a trick. You bear no responsibility for what happened... But imagine if things were different. What would you have done if your memories returned... And you discovered that not only were you responsible, but that you had gleefully and purposely caused all this destruction. Would you still be the same person you are now?"
      "I..." I hesitated at this. "I don't know. It all felt like too much to bear. I don't know if I could have taken the guilt."
      "Now imagine how Darkrai must have felt." It was strange to hear genuine pity for our foe coming from Mewtwo. "For years people treated him with suspicion. And yet he did the best he could to help out. Then one day... It all came back. Who he used to be... Who he was now. He suddenly knew why so many were afraid of him... And he would remember why he had originally taken that path."
      "But why did he try to plunge the world into darkness?" Riz asked.
      "That I don't know." Mewtwo shook his head. "And by this point... The previous human and his partner had already left us. Darkrai is a ghost. He does not age or move on. When these memories returned he was left to face them alone. The friends that had adopted him into their team were no longer with us."
      "He was left all alone." Realization dawned on me. "Wait... Wait a moment... I think I understand. At least why he's doing all this."
      "Because he snapped and went completely crazy when he was faced with his own deeds?" Riz asked.
      "Yes... Partially." I said. "But... I remember what Ninetails said when we fought her... And what Mewtwo said when we fought him. When they were under the control of Darkrai... They both talked about saving the world."
      "Yeah by taking away everyone's free will." Riz retorted. "Not exactly heroic."
      "You're right." I nodded. "But what I mean is... I don't think Darkrai is doing this out of pure malice. I mean... I can't say anything for sure without having met him. But... It almost sounds like he might honestly believe he's making the world a better place."
      "But he's done nothing but hurt people!" Riz protested.
      "Again you're right." I responded very flatly. "He's wrong. It's as simple as that. But at first I thought he was just some kind of creature of pure evil who just acts out of spite. But... Now I'm beginning to think he has his reasons for acting like this. Whatever they are, he's in the wrong and has to be stopped. But that means there's a chance we can reason with him."
      "Reason with him!?" Riz stared at me in shock. "Reeve! I understand you want to help people! But some problems you can't simply talk your way out of. It doesn't matter what points you make. At the end of the day, he's a world destroying nihilist that needs to be dealt with."
      "And when the time comes... I won't run from the fight." I looked at Riz. "But... That doesn't mean we don't try to talk. Maybe we can reach him, maybe we can't. We gain nothing by not trying."
      "And what if he pretends to listen just to get close enough to strike at you?" Riz asked.
      "That's why I won't confront him alone. You'll be with me. You watch my back, I'll watch yours." I flashed her a smile. "And no matter what happens we won't let ourselves be caught off guard."
      "You're crazy to even think of trying to talk to him." Riz folded her claws behind her head. "If that's what you want, I won't stop you from trying. But keep in mind, he even thinks about harming one hair on your head and I won't hesitate to strike first."
      "Heh." At our conversation Mewtwo suddenly began to chuckle. I wasn't entirely sure I liked the sound of it. There was just something...  Wrong about that noise coming from the legendary Mewtwo. "I think... You two just might be able to stop him. For now, you should keep training. Continue to sharpen your skills by going on missions and I'll let you know if I find any trace of him." Mewtwo was a strange fellow. He came off as aloof and emotionless at times... And then next second he was laughing as if we had been friends are entire life. I guess he's been through his own emotional journeys that led to him to be life that.
      Still for now... All we could do was continue to wait.
To Be Continued
PMD The Dream Catchers: Chapter 27
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The Dream Catchers
Chapter 27

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    Childish Antics
    By CalexTheNeko
    Deb had chosen to do the worst possible thing anyone could ever do in the neighborhood she had chosen to visit. She was simply minding her own business. The squirrel found herself being somewhat antsy these days and going for long walks often helped her calm down. She had dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a sweater then headed out the door. Each day she always took a different route, trying to see different things. Today she had ended up in a mostly suburban area. The area itself looked normal. The people within the area well... Not as much. Of course it wasn't as if that would be readily noticeable at first.
    She had no idea of the area she had stumbled into. It was a place you only found two types of people: Those engaging in shenanigans, and those falling victim to said shenanigans. Often there was overlap between the two. The point was that this was not the type of place one should ever be minding their own business.
    Still... As Deb looked around there were clues that something was up. There were a few things that were quaint about the little suburban community. Chiefly, it was a clothing thing. Deb lived in a place where everyone came to work fully dressed. Even though she currently had none, she at least wore shoes when she went to work. Animals just wore clothes, that was how it was. Yet... Looking around here she couldn't help but notice that the rules were slightly different. Some animals were dressed normally like her. Others were in various states of half dressed... There were some that simply wore shirts or pants, others that wore only an open coat or vest, and several people who were running around in their birthday suit. With some of the other strange things Deb had encountered in her life she was able to avoid reacting to this... But that didn't change her from thinking about the fact that suburbanites were weird.
    "Hey you!" Deb was roused from her thoughts by a fox that was approaching her. Or maybe it was a coyote. It kind of looked like halfway between it. Either way he was naked except for a green cloak he wore around his chest. He was also almost half her size. From his size she guessed the fox or coyote or foxyote or whatever was probably just a kid.
    "I'm sorry?" Deb asked. "Were you talking to me?"
    "Sure!" The foxyote smiled. "Don't see anyone else around right? Look I need help with a dragon issue! Come on follow me!"
    "A dragon you say?" She almost laughed. "Kids and their imaginations."
    "Kids?" the foxyote paused at that. He then smiled. "Okay I can work with that! But alright let's go it's this way!" As he spoke the foxyote took on a more hyperactive body language. He began to walk with exaggerated movements and bounced up and down. In truth the foxyote was likely older than Deb... But if she mistook him for a child due to his size he saw no reason not to play it up for a little fun.
    "Wait what do you mean work with that?" Deb asked as she placed her hands on her hips and stared down at the 'young' foxyote.
    "Nothing nothing!" Kickaha's grinned widened. "But you see! I am on a mission... Of the utmost urgency! And I need a hero of the greatest caliber to help stop the dragon menace that has invaded this kingdom! And you our fair knight Lady... Um... What's your name?"
    "Just call me Deb." Deb sighed.
    "Lady Deb!" Kickaha continued. "I am the great wizard Kickaha Ota! The tales of your heroics are legendary! And so I come to you in our hour of need so that the entire kingdom might be saved!"
    "O... kay..." Deb nodded slowly. Clearly the 'child' had a very active imagination. Still she supposed that she had nothing to lose to entertain him just for a little bit. When she spoke again she adopted that tone that many adults use with children. It's the tone of voice they use when they're trying to play along but can't quite lose that condescending edge that implies they think the entire thing is silly. "Lead on mighty wizard!"
    "Very well then!" Kickaha said and turned around. "I believe it was... This way!" He grabbed Deb by the edge of her sweater and began to drag her down the street. After several minutes he paused and dragged her down a separate street. He got halfway down that street before he reversed directions and took her down the opposite street.
    "Do you know where you're coming?" Deb asked him.
    "Give me a moment." Kickaha responded sharply. "I  mean you can't just expect a dragon to stay in one place all day! She should be somewhere around here... Maybe closer to the grocery store?" He changed directions again.
    The two rounded a corner near the store when Kickaha suddenly became fully alert. He pushed Deb around the corner of a building before poking his head from around it. Deb also poked her head out to see what Kickaha was looking at.
    And there was the dragon. It wasn't quite what Deb was expecting. She was covered in blue, almost grayish purple fur. There was a white fluffy mane around her neck. Her fur was smooth over most of her body, but became scruffier on her long tail and big ears. Two horns curbed back over her head while green markings covered parts of her body near her thighs, wrists and shoulders. She had a fur covered beak and black hair with green tips. As Deb studied her, she was certain that she was a unique species of dragon she had never seen before, but she didn't see anything that made her seem like anything less than an ordinary person... She was even dressed somewhat reasonably in a pair of shorts and sleeveless shirt. That was more than Deb could say for her new foxyote friend.
    "Her name is June!" Kickaha hissed. "And she's a very mighty and scary dragon!"
    "Doesn't seem that scary..." Deb responded.
    "Oh trust me, that's just because she's biding her time. Just watch her."
    At this the dragon who was named June slowly removed an apple from the grocery bag she was carrying and began to nibble at it.
    "It looks like she's just eating an apple." Deb was unimpressed.
    "But she's eating it evilly!" Kickaha insisted.
    "Looks pretty normal to me." Deb responded.
    "Well have you dealt with any evil dragon overlords before?" Kickaha asked smugly.
    "Well no..." Deb admitted. About the closest she had was a normal dragon coworker in accounting.
    "Then trust me on this! I'm the mighty wizard! I know what I'm talking about!" Kickaha nodded. "But first... We'll need to get the knight a mighty weapon. Only a weapon created to be wielded by the most innocent of hearts is strong enough to pierce the dragon's veil of evil!"
    "You're laying it on a bit thick..." Deb complained. "Maybe this is a good time to call the game, or whatever this is, quits."
    "Awwww!" Kickaha folded his ears back. "But I went through so much trouble to set this all up! I mean... As a mighty wizard! I traveled long and far to find the warrior who could traverse the deadly lair where the magical sword is! Only once you acquire this magical sword can you defeat the dragon."
    "I feel I'm going to regret playing along with this more but..." Deb rolled her eyes. "Where's this lair with the magic sword?"
    "Oh I know the way!" Kickaha smiled! He grabbed Deb by her sweater sleeve and led her away from June. About ten minutes later they were standing in a backyard before a large oak tree. A small wooden tree house rested in the branches of the tree with a rope ladder hanging down from it.
    "A tree house?" Deb asked. Considering that Kickaha was a 'kid' she supposed that she should have expected this.
    "No." Kickaha shook his head. "It's a tower. The Tower of Ultimate Deadly Doom of Doomed Deadly Doomedness. Only the chosen one can enter the tower! Otherwise um... There will be... Deadly explosions!" He threw his paws into the air to emphasize the deadliness of said explosions. "Of deadly doom!"
    "If you agree to stop using the words 'dead,' 'doom' and any other permutations of them I'll climb up there and get the sword." Deb squinted down at the foxyote.
    "Very well I accept your offer!" Kickaha responded. "Now you go up there and get the sword while I go get a thesaurus!" With that the foxyote ran off leaving Deb standing by herself.
    "And here I am now... Climbing into some random kid's treehouse." Deb muttered. "Suburbs are weird." As she climbed to the top of the treehouse she found it looked pretty normal. There were various kids things scattered throughout it indicating it saw some regular use. She saw a few boxes of cards, comic books and a couple toys.
    Laying at the center of the tree house was the sword. It was a wooden toy meant for younger kids. It was laid in such a way that the sunlight came through an open window landing directly on the wooden blade. As Deb stared at it she couldn't help but feel the fur stand up on the back of her neck. She tried to remind herself that this was just some kid playing a game. Still, she couldn't shake the sense of trepidation that something was about to happen.
    Deb walked across the tree house. She had to duck to avoid hitting her head. She then slowly bent down and reached out a hand for the sword. She paused as if expecting something to happen. When nothing did she grabbed the sword and picked it up. Again nothing happen. She then stood back up to her full height without any problem and turned to leave.
    "I found a thesaurus!" Kickaha shouted as he leaped up the ladder into the tree house with Deb. He opened it up happily and looked through a few pages. "I'm impressed you were able to get into this place! It must have been full of malignant traps of calamity!"
    "Not really, it appears to be just a tree house." Deb spoke matter of factly.
    "Huh is that so?" Kickaha looked around. "I was sure he'd have some kind of security system in here. Well it's probably fine."
    "Wait who?" Deb looked down at the foxyote suspiciously. "This is your tree house right?"
    "No it's not my treehouse. It's a tower." Kickaha insisted. "But it does belong to a friend of mine! It'll be fine! He'll understand we needed the sword for a good purpose... But maybe I'll just leave a quick note." Kickaha dug through some of the boxes in the tree house before finding a crayon and some paper. He then quickly wrote down: 'Emergency dragon adventure. I owe you one magic sword.' Kickaha then left the note in the exact patch of sunlight the sword had been found in. "And with that we're good to go."
    "I find your behavior more and more suspicious by the moment." Deb muttered.
    "Really?" Kickaha questioned. "Most people reach maximum suspicion within the first few seconds! You must be a surprisingly tolerant person!" With that he started climbing back down the tree house ladder.
    "Thank you? I guess?" Deb wasn't sure how to respond to that. She walked back to the tree house exit and began to climb down as long. She had a minor amount of trouble as she did. Her pants leg slid slightly over her paw as she was climbing and she nearly slipped. She muttered at herself for being an idiot. The rungs were just slightly further apart than she thought they were and it had thrown her off.
    "And with that you now have the legendary Sword of the Pure Hearted Warrior!" Kickaha responded. "Which has definitely been the name for this the entire time that I didn't just make up on the spot! Now come on, we need to find a spot to test it!"
    "Don't you just want to go back and see the dragon now?" Deb asked as she tapped the sword against her shoulder.
    "What are you crazy!?" Kickaha responded. "You can't just go running straight to the final boss! You'll get creamed! We need to go level up first!"
    "Wait, this is a video game now?" Deb asked.
    "No! This is real life!" Kickaha responded. "Now let's go wander around in the park until we randomly encounter some monsters to fight!"
    "How did I get involved with this?" Deb rolled her eyes as she followed Kickaha out of the yard. She stopped for just a moment to adjust her pants which had slipped down her waist slightly. She supposed at least she was getting decent exercise. If she kept this up she'd be at least two sizes smaller by the time summer was over.
    This time Kickaha led the squirrel to a local park and playground. There was a trail going around the park that went to the slide, then to the swings, then to a roundabout, a balance beam and finally a statue of a pig made by a local artist.
    "Whoooaaaa!" Kickaha gave a shout as they reached the statue of the pig. "Watch out! It's a random encounter! WHOOOOOSH!"
    "We're really doing this huh?" Deb asked as she looked at the toy sword in her head.
    "Bum! Bum bum bum bum bum! Bum! Bum bum bum bum bum!" Kickaha began to do his best to give the fight a theme song. "Demon Pig emerges. Heroes win initiative! Strike first!"
    "So what? You want me to just hit the statue?" Deb asked.
    "Of course!" Kickaha responded. "You gotta teach that Demon Pig a lesson!"
    "I'm beginning to think the real game here is just seeing how long you can keep stringing me along into this." Deb muttered. She slowly walked up and bopped the statue lightly with the sword.
    "CRUUUUUUUUUSH!" Kickaha gave a shout. "68 damage! Demon Pig is vanquished!" He then switched to his singing voice again. "Yahoo we win! You get E-X-P! Dun dun dun! Dun dun dun! Dun dun dun! Dun dun dun! Dun dun dun! Dun dun dun! The party gained 50 xp. Deb is now level 2."
    "We leveled up." Deb responded doing her best to go along with the silliness. "Does that mean I'm ready to face the dragon now?"
    "Of course not!" Kickaha responded. "You're only level 2! You need more experience! Come on let's wonder around the park I'm sure we'll encounter more monsters!" With that Kickaha took off heading down the trail. The first thing they did was the slide. Kickaha quickly ran up the ladder of the slide.
    "Okay I'll meet you on the other side of that." Deb said as she tried to walk past it.
    "No you have to use the slide!" Kickaha responded. "Otherwise you're going out of area! And you can't do that -- it's not programmed in!"
    "But nothing is programmed in." Deb responded. "This isn't a video game. It's real life."
    "Exactly! So you have to use the slide!" Kickaha insisted.
    Deb groaned as she began to climb up the side of the slide. Much to her surprise it was bigger than she expected. She didn't think she would even fit on it! Yet, as she reached the top she found there was plenty of room. She just had to stop for a moment and adjust her pants. Again they were trying to slip off! And now her sweater was slipping over the tips of her fingers. Had she done something to stretch them out today? Still... After adjusting herself to stay dressed she slid down the slide.
    It was kind of fun. Not that as an adult she would say that out loud.
    "Come on come on!" Kickaha shouted. His voice was a bit higher pitched than Deb thought it was previously. Then again she had thought it sounded a bit weird earlier... Almost like an adult. Now he sounded more like a teenager she supposed. As short as he was she imaged he was younger. He certainly had energy as he ran over to the swings.
    "So what do I have to do here?" Deb asked. "By now she was picking up how this was going. She was sure she wouldn't be able to walk back the swing set.
    "I'm glad you asked!" Kickaha responded. "Well you see!" He pause and looked around for a moment. "There is... Aha! An invisible force field in this area! That's right!" He nodded. "And the only way to get around it... Is to go over it!" He ran and jumped into one of the swings. "So you have to use these magical slingshots to shoot yourself over the barrier!" After a few swings back and forth Kickaha leaped out of the swing and landed a few feet away. "See? Easy!"
    "Uh huh." Deb responded as she sat down on a swing. At least an adult on the swing set didn't look that abnormal. She began to swing back and forth. As she did she felt how loose her clothing really was on her. It was... Somewhat bothersome. She tried not to think about it as she reached higher speeds... And then she launched herself from the swing! She managed to make it a solid six feet across the ground! Her pants and underwear however only managed to make it about two feet.  The slipped right off her as she flew through the air and she landed now dressed in only a sweater.
    "Ohhhhhh." Kickaha muttered witnessing that. "That's no good. They're on the other side of the force field. We'll have to go all the way around to get them!"
    "But why!?" Deb's voice cracked as she spoke. She paused and looked down at herself. Her sweater was so big on her that the sleeves hung off the tips of her hands and kept going. Then the sweater itself currently stretched down to the point that it covered most of her body. The hem of it reached down to her knees. Deb paused briefly becoming less concerned about her lost pants and more about that. "Am... Am I shrinking?"
    "That would be ridiculous!" Kickaha walked up to her. He was still roughly only half her size; The same size he had started as. "If you were I would be bigger right?" Kickaha smiled. It wasn't readily apparent to Deb who had mistaken him as a child due to his size... But he was younger than when he had met her. The only thing hinting at this truth was his green cloak now hanging closer to the ground. Both him and Deb were roughly about twelve years of age now
    "I... Guess..." Deb muttered. "But-"
    "No buts!" Kickaha responded. "Adventure awaits! Come on now don't get left behind you slowpoke!"
    Certain emotions welled up inside of Deb that she couldn't quite explain. She was of course worried about the fact she was now pantsless. More than that though... Was that Kickaha was being... A dumb stupid head trying to leave her behind! What a joke! She'd show him who was a slowpoke as she ran after him to catch up! She reached him right as he reached the roundabout.
    Kickaha leaped onto the roundabout as it began to spin. Deb leaped onto it after him.
    "You tried to ditch me, you jerk!" Deb stuck her tongue out at Kickaha. She grabbed a safety bar near Kickaha to avoid being thrown off the roundabout as they spun.
    "Then you should be faster!" Kickaha stuck his tongue out back at her. The act was starting to become less of an act as time went on. Youth had a certain intoxicating effects at times. For a few moments the two spun around in circles on the roundabout just blowing raspberries at each other before they remembered the game they had been playing.
    "Last one to the statue is a rotten egg!" Kickaha shouted as he jumped off the roundabout.
    "Get back here!" Deb cried as she chased him. She was down to about nine years old now. The sweater was starting to make it difficult to run as it was now stretching down to her shins. As a result she wasn't able to catch up to Kickaha until he was already on the balance beam. She didn't even think about simply going behind the beam. She simply jumped up and crossed the beam after him. As she got closer she tugged on his oversized cloak causing Kickaha to fall off.
    "Hey no fair!" Kickaha cried.
    "Is too!" Deb responded. "Now you gotta go back to the beginning!" Kickaha accepted this logic without question as he ran back to the start of the balance beam. This gave the advantage to Deb now who was able to finish crossing. As soon as she jumped down she tripped though. Her sweater was now dragging along the ground. Deb started to stand up, and squirmed her way out of the sweater. She continued in her fuzzy birthday suit as she ran along the trail ahead of Kickaha.
    Deb reached the pig statue first. Kickaha reached it a few seconds later with his cloak dragging on the ground behind him. Both of them were now no older than six years of age. Kickaha was still of course much shorter than Deb. Despite being the same age he was still half her size.
    "You cheated." Kickaha managed to speak through heavy breathing. "I should have won!"
    "Well you cheated first!" Deb said as she thrashed her tail. Her concern over her modesty had been completely forgotten.
    "Well... You still have to beat the random encounter!" Kickaha said. "Which is... Right now!" He pointed at the pig statue.
    "Isn't that just the same statue I already beat?" Deb asked.
    "Nuh uh! Look how much bigger it is!"
    "Wait..." Deb paused at this and looked down at herself as if noticing her body for the first time. She then looked at Kickaha seeing he still looked the same size. He was so short because he was a kid... But she was clearly a kid now... And...
    "Bum! Bum bum bum bum bum!" Kickaha began to sing interrupting Deb's thoughts. "Giant Demon Pig emerges! Heroes win initiative! Strike first!"
    "Oh right!" Deb remembering the game quickly ran up and energetically struck the pig statue on the head.
    "CRUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH! 78 damage! Giant Demon Pig is slain! Dun dun dun dunnnnn!" Kickaha sang a victory fanfare. "Deb has reached level 3! Now just ninety-six more laps around the park and you'll be ready to fight the dragon!"
    "I've got a better idea." Deb replied. She then began to smack the pig statue over and over again with the sword.
    "Level four! Level five! Level six!" Kickaha counted with each sword strike. It took a few minutes but eventually he reached "Level ninety-nine!"
    "There, now am I ready?" Deb asked sticking her tongue out.
    "Fiiiine." Kickaha crossed his arms. "I wanted a rematch racing around the trail though. I guess we can go fight the dragon." With that Kickaha left the park heading back for the streets. He didn't have to drag Deb with him this time. She followed him eagerly waiting for her match with the dragon.
    It took them a few minutes to find her. The fluffy dragon known as June was still out and about doing her shopping. The two children hid around the corner from her and spied on the dragon as they began to plot.
    "She's so big and menacing." Deb whispered. She had given in to the youthfulness of her body and was completely in on the game now.
    "We have to strike fast and hard!" Kickaha responded. "But not too hard! That sword is made of real wood and we'll probably get grounded if we give her a boo-boo!" He paused briefly wondering who would ground them. He also realized that maybe he had gone in a bit too far now. Even he was starting to think like a kid. Still, he had carried the game on too long to stop now.
    The children waited until they were sure the dragon's guard was down. It didn't take long. She wasn't actually expecting to be attacked. Then they came running from around the corner screaming. Kickaha leaped onto June's leg grabbing it while Deb began attacking her tail with the sword.
    "Um... Uh..." June looked at the two children hesitantly. It was rather obvious neither one was actually hurting her... Or even doing much to actually stop her from moving. She was just more in shock of what had happened. "What's going on?"
    "Dragon adventure." Kickaha spoke as if it explained anything.
    "Oh I guess that makes sense." June nodded.
    "Wait..." Deb was roused from her battle fervor by this sudden acceptance. "Just like that? You're okay with that?"
    "It's not the first time something like this has happened." June shrugged. "And I can kinda guess what's going on from the oversized cloak and birthday suit thing."
    "Ah." Deb was reminded of her nudity at this point. The weird thing was at this point she didn't even feel any shame over it. It was as if it didn't even matter. Instead she focused on the more pressing issue. "So you're really just okay with this? Just like that?"
    "Of course!" June smiled. "I mean I've been in your shoes... Or I guess lack of them a few times! I don't mind. Feels a bit odd being the one outside of it though."
    "I suppose that was a bit rude of us." Kickaha snapped his fingers at this. Immediately June began to shrink. Her horns grew shorter atop her head as her features softened. As her clothing grew baggier on her she tumbled downward landing on her bottom. Her claws became smaller, as her tail looked shorter and her ears looked bigger in comparison to her head. In just a few moments June was reduced to a mere six-year-old like Kickaha and Deb.
    "Wait..." Realization seemed to dawn on Deb. "You've been doing this!"
    "Well um... Uh... You see..." Kickaha managed to look sheepish at that. "The thing about that is... Um... DRAGON!" He said pointing at the de-aged June.
    "Raaaawr!" June gave a shout, getting into the role. She stood up, letting her adult clothing slip off. "Rooooooooooawr!" She held up her paws in the air and playfully clawed at Deb.
    "Eek!" Deb dove to the ground and rolled to the side to avoid the attack.
    "I got her!" Kickaha gave a shout as he tried to tackle June. In terms of size... June was now about halfway between Deb and Kickaha. This meant that Kickaha actually weighed enough to knock her over.
    "RAAAAAAAWR!" June gave out a cry at this. She then whacked Kickaha lightly with her tail to get him off. When this didn't work she resorted to tickling him with the tip of her tail until he fell off of her in a giggle fit. June then leaped to her feet looked between the two.
    "Be careful! I think she's trying to get away!" Kickaha shouted.
    "I am?" June asked.
    "She is?" Deb asked.
    "Yeah!" Kickaha said. "Because... Back at the playground there's more stuff for us to play on and have this epic battle! So she's probably going to lure us there or something!"
    "Yeah that was my plan!" June said. "I mean... ROOOOOOOAWR! Which way is that playground?"
    "Oh well um..." Kickaha thought for a moment. "You take a left at the end of this street, then turn right after two blocks... Then the entrance should be right there on your left."
    "Wait is that my left or your left?" June asked.
    "It should be the same left once you're walking down the street!" Kickaha said. "Wait I mean..." He paused and turned to face down the street. He then looked down at his two arms. Dang it... For some reason being this young made directions harder. He just had to remember. He wrote with his right hand! So he held that one up. That made the other way left! "That's right! It'll be the same left! That way!" He pointed in the correct direction.
    "Right!" June said. "I mean... ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAWR!" With that she took off running down to the end of the street.
    "Kickaha!" Deb shouted. "You can't just let her get away! You're supposed to be a wizard do something."
    "I'm a wizard not a miracle worker!" Kickaha responded. "I can't just stop her from escaping! That would be overpowered and ruin the game!"
    "Then what can you do?" Deb asked.
    "I can..." Kickaha thought for a moment as he watched June run down the street. "I can cast a flight spell so we can catch up with her!"
    "Quickly do it!" Deb shouted.
    "Um let's see! Shooby dooby dew! I asked a bid how he flew! And he said now can do it too!" Kickaha threw up his paws and jumped up in down in a ridiculous manner. "There we can fly now!" With that he threw out his arms to the side and began to run down the street. He never actually left the ground but he was sure he made 'whoosh' noises with his mouth. Everyone knew that running with your arms out and shouting 'whooooosh' was just as good as actual flying!
    Even Deb knew that! Because she didn't question how the spell worked at all. Just like Kickaha she threw out her arms and made the whooshing noises as she chased after June.
    At this point all three of them had forgotten about the facts they were supposed to be adults. They were all caught up in the game as they ran for the park. The whole being the wrong age thing... That was a problem they could figure out in the future. Right now... Kids just wanted to play.

    The End
Childish Antics
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 rimme using his character Deb the squirrel
 shrinkydinks using his character June the dream dragoness

Kickaha was just looking for someone to play a little game with him! It may be a tad childish, but that's okay! That'll be more than fitting by the time he was over! Deb and June just happened to be the lucky people nearby to get wrapped up in his game!

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Happy and Young
By CalexTheNeko

    Frinkel blinked several times slowly processing what had just happened. The former raccoon couldn't help but notice that his entire room was suddenly noticeably bigger than it had been a few minutes ago. His once striped tail was longer and completely black colored now. The black stripes were gone from his back as well... But he also had a scarf of black fur around his chest and upper back. His foot paws were completely black and larger now while his hand paws were blue and had small steel guards on the back of his arms. He still had a mask of black fur over his face but his muzzle was longer. He also had two large... not ears but some kind of sensors hanging off the side of his head. They almost looked like dog ears.
    "Wha-what!?" Frinkel gave a shout. His voice was so high pitched. He was slowly processing what had just happened.
    "Congratulations!" A voice boomed from his computer.  "As requested your wish to be happy and young again has been granted! Enjoy your new six year old Riolu body brought to you by! Thank you for using our service and enjoy your new life!"
    "Wait no!" Frinkel shouted. He had to stand up in his desk chair to be able to see over his desk and use the laptop. "That's not what I meant! Change me back right now!"
    "We're sorry! But is only for adults aged 18 years and older! We are unable to honor this request without a signed permission slip from your parent or guardian!"
    "But I am over eighteen!" The riolu kid cried. "I mean I was!" He flailed his paws.
    "We're sorry! But again is only for adults aged 18 years and older! Further illegal access attempts may result in consequences and permanent banning from our web site!"
    "But just!" Frinkel tried to object further. "I just want this undone!"
    "We're sorry!" The laptop replied in an energetic voice. "But that is three attempts of a minor attempting to access! We are now happy to inform you that you have been banned and your laptop will self destruct to prevent future access attempts!"
    "Wait what?" Frinkel fell out of his chair.
    "Goodbye!" The laptop shouted. Then the laptop exploded. It wasn't a very fiery explosion... But it was impressive to watch laptop pieces fly in fifty different directions leaving behind only a small scorch mark on the desk.
    "But whyyyy!?" Frinkel gave a shout after climbing back to his feet. He climbed up onto the desk chair to survey the remains of his laptop. It wasn't great looking. He fretted unsre of what to do. Then he remembered his cell phone! Frinkel quickly ran out of the office and down the hall to find his bedroom where it should be charging. But once inside he found his cell phone was gone! Well... That wasn't entirely true.
    There was still a cell phone there. It simply wasn't his. At least not how he remembered it. Instead of the usual smart phone the cell phone looked a bit more like a brick. It was also made of a see-through plastic and appeared to be filled with candy. Frinkel stared at it unsure of what to make then looked around the room. It wasn't just the cell phone. Everything was off.
    "Did I always sleep in a race car bed?" Frinkel asked noticing the twin sized bed in the corner of the room. That was his bed? Right? Yet... Something felt off. Like... He was pretty sure there hadn't been a toy box in his room a few minutes ago! And yet... Now there was one shaped like a pirate's treasure chest just sitting there in the center of the room. That wasn't supposed to be there!
    The young riolu slowly crept towards the toy box. He was feeling a little overwhelmed and wasn't sure what to expect right now. He reached it and slowly lifted the lid. Then inside he saw...
    The James Turbo Flame Charizard Action Figure! With real fireball action!
    Frinkel completely forgot his trepidation or his recent transformation as he marveled at it! The charizard action figure was dressed in a pair of jeans, an open vest, and a bandanna because you knew he was one bad fire breather! Then you could load up a little plastic fireball into his mouth, and by pushing down on its head bam! The fireball would fly across the room! And! And that wasn't all! That was far from the only toy in the box! There was... There was...
    Dirk Omni Dark Devimon! James Turbo Flame Charizard's sworn nemesis! In his dark robes and skull shaped hat he looked quite intimidating! Then he was of course complete with real skull launching action!
    And then the box was also full of all the monsters that Dirk Omni Devimon always used to fight James Turbo Flame Charizard! Each of them had real um... Being a monster action!
    For a very brief moment Frinkel questioned why he knew these facts or was excited for them. The moment passed though. Coming in contact with these toys was practically intoxicating. They were so popular they were always out of stock! Frinkel forgot his worries and laid down on his stomach and began to play. He acted out epic battles as the evil Dirk Omni Devimon attempted to defeat the hero!
    James Turbo Flame Charizard was outnumbered! Dirk Omni Devimon's evil monsters had him completely surrounded! James launched his fireballs! But he didn't have enough! The package only came with three and there were still so many more monsters!
    "Ahahaha!" Frinkel let loose his best impression of an evil laugh as he held up the Dirk Omni Devimon toy. "Foolish James Turbo Flame Charizard! You have opposed my plans for the last time! Today we'll put an end to you once and for all! There's no possible way you could ever defeat me now!"
    "That's what you think!" Frinkel changed his voice to be more heroic as he picked up the charizard toy. "I may be out of fire... But the spirit of a warrior's heart still beats within me!"
    "Ha!" Frinkel shifted back to his villain voice. "There's nothing you can do to oppose me! You should just give up and die!"
    "Heroes never die! And besides... I CAN FLY!" With this Frinkel lifted the charizard up into the air! He then began to make airplane noises with his mouth as he ran around the room circling it with the charizard. He leaped up onto the bed, and then onto a bookcase before running back to the rug where the monster toys were. He then crashed James Turbo Flame Charizard into each of the monsters knocking them down.
    "THIS CAN NOT BE!" Frinkel shouted in his evil voice. "But I won't give up here! I will defeat you! Have at you!" With this Frinkel began to clash the charizard and devimon toys together. This largely consisted of bashing the two toys next to each other while shouting "Bam! Voosh! Kaboom!" After several minutes of this he crashed them together again before throwing Dirk Omni Dark Devimon back into the toybox. "NOOOOO!"
    "Ha ha!" Frinkel held the charizard above his head with both hands and spoke in his heroic voice. "Once again! Evil is vanquished and cast back into the abyss! He laughed triumphantly the fight complete.
    And as the fight finished the intoxication and excitement of finding these cool new toys finally left him. Frinkel realized what he had just spent the last few minutes doing and squeaked. He dropped the charizard toy and backed away. What was he doing? He was supposed to be looking for a way to reverse this! Not... Doing what was admittedly really fun and he kind of wanted to continue for a bit longer but it was not a good idea right now! He had to go help!
    Well maybe he could play for just fifteen or so more minutes.
    1 hour later.
    "Oh shoot right! Reversing this!" Frinkel stood up from where he had been laying on the ground. He needed to get help! There must be someone else who had a computer he could access that web site! He just had to find someone who could help him get on the web site and get changed back to normal!
    Frinkel quickly headed for the front door. He then retreated to the kitchen, fetched a few phone books and stacked them on top of each other so he could reach the doorknob. Once the door was open he stumbled out into the front yard. He paused noticing the mailman at the end of the driveway dropping off letters. It was an older dog... One he had seen almost every day for the last ten years. He'd know pretty quickly that something was up. After all there shouldn't be a little riolu kid coming out of Frinkel's house.
    "Oh hey Frinkel!" The mailman waved at Frinkel as he came out. "Where you off to little guy? Gonna play in the park with your friends again?"
    "Wait what?" Frinkel tilted the head. "You recognize me?"
    "Of course!" The dog nodded. "I've been delivering your mail for the last ten years!"
    "But I'm six right now!" Frinkel pointed out. "And I'm not-"
    "That's right!" The mail dog nodded eagerly. "I've been doing this route since before you were born! I've known you since you were just a teeny infant in your mother's arms. Um.... Whoever she is." The mailman paused just briefly as if something bothered him but he then forgot about it. "Well have a good one say hi to your friends!" With that he began to walk off.
    "H-hey!" Frinkel chased after him. "Wait up! Um!" Frinkel didn't even know what he was doing. He was confused at the idea the mailman knew he was a kid. At the same time he remembered he was supposed to be trying to change back to normal. "I um! Need help!"
    "What's wrong?" The mailman paused. The dog looked down at Frinkel with a look of concern on his face.
    "Um well uh!" Frinkel tried to think. He realized explaining that a magic website turned him into a pokemon kid probably wasn't going to go over to well. Considering the guy seemed to remember him always being like this he'd just think he was an overly imaginative kid. But... He was an adult and most people had smart phones these days! Maybe he didn't need to explain the problem if he could just use his phone to access the site. "I just need to borrow your phone! I wouldn't ask but it's an emergency!"
    "Is there someone you need to call?" The mailman asked. "Is it your parents? What's wrong?"
    "No nothing like that!" Frinkel tried to explain. "I just... Need to access the internet for a few minutes."
    "I see what this is." The mailman squinted at Frinkel. "Kids these days spend too much time online. You should be playing outside."
    "Wait what?" Frinkel tilted his head. This was not where he expected this to go.
    "I bet your parents took away access to your computer." The mailman said. "Well you shouldn't be trying to trick adults into giving you their phones. Go play with some other kids outside! If you run off now I won't tell your parents what you just tried."
    "What but I didn't-" Frinkel objected.
    "Go on shoo!" The dog insisted. "You got to the count of three if you don't want to be in trouble!"
    "But I-"
    "But that's not-"
    "I'm going I'm going!" Frinkel shouted as his ears flattened. Why were adults always so unreasonable! He just needed to- Wait. Why was he thinking of adults as some kind of separate entity from him! He was an adult! That's why he knew they were unreasonable! No! Wait... Adults were reasonable it was just.
    Ugggh why were his thoughts so screwy right now!? He was an adult! And also a raccoon but that was less important right now! The point was he shouldn't be thinking like this as if all adults were just stupid face fun ruiners! I mean they were but he shouldn't be thinking that and wait a second he was doing it again!?
    "Hey Frinkel!"
    "GAAAH!?" Frinkel gave a shout as his thoughts were interrupted. Looking in front of him there was a squirrel kid standing before him. "Who are-"
    "Oh yeah guess we haven't talked before." The squirrel chattered happily. "Not sure why since you're only two houses down from me. Guess just cause we're in different classes at school."
    "Wait I go to school?" Frinkel tried to interject.
    "I mean unless you're homeschooled or something." The squirrel continued. "But uh anyway! Me and the others-"
    "Who are you?" Frinkel asked. Come to think of it... He had seen the kid around a few times. His parents lived down the street but he never really paid attention to what their kids were doing. But now he was kind of hoping that they might invite him to play sometime and... WAIT! He meant that they might have a computer he can use to reverse this!
    "You don't know my name?" The squirrel looked sad. "I know we haven't talked much but we've lived on the same street our entire lives." His tail sagged at this. "But I'm Chip. And we need one more person to play ball! Do you wanna come?"
    "Absolutely!" Frinkel responded without thinking. His tail wagged rapidly in excitement at the prospect. He couldn't believe he was being invited out with the other kids! And... And... And... That wasn't important! He still had to find a way to change back! "I mean! I need to use a computer! Or a cell phone!"
    "Ah come on." Chip muttered. "You can play video games later! We've gotten the entire neighborhood together for this."
    "But..." Frinkel thought about it for a moment. It did sound fun... And he had gotten so excited when he was invited. Maybe it wouldn't hurt just to play with them for a little bit. Besides, they'd probably be more likely to let him use their computer if he got to know them a bit first.
    Frinkel followed Chip to his backyard. There was a decent sized groups of other kids assembled there. Some of them were normal animals like Chip, others were pokemon like Frinkel, and he was pretty sure at least one of them was a veemon.  Apparently Chip and the veemon were the team captains. They each took turns calling different kids. Frinkel began to worry he might be picked last. After all he didn't know these kids and what if none of them actually wanted to play with him and maybe he should make an excuse to go home now and-
    "Frinkel!" Chip gave a shout. Frinkel was the third person Chip had called to his team.
    "Me!?" Frinkel was surprised. He was sure he was going to be left out.
    "Yeah! Why not, haven't seen you play. If nothing else ya got like steel for bones or something right? Should be able to hit the ball pretty hard."
    "Uh.. Uh right!" Again Frinkel felt his tail wagging. He couldn't help but be excited that he got picked that early! To think they'd really choose him! Without even having seen him play! He eagerly ran to stand behind Chip with the rest of his team. He tried to play it cool... But tails just seem to be incapable of telling lies. His hadn't stopped wagging since his name was called.
    The game started soon. Frinkel couldn't recall himself having ever been exceptionally good at sports. But... His pokemon body was probably naturally more athletic than his raccoon body would have been. He was probably technically stronger as an adult raccoon... But he felt proportionally stronger for his current body size and age. Still... The first time he stepped up to bat he couldn't help but feel nervous.
    He gripped the metal bat in his hands and stared down at the pitcher. It was an eevee girl. She eyed him down... Hid the ball behind her back for a moment... And then she threw the ball!
    Frinkel swung and he missed!
    "Strike one!" The veemon who was acting as catcher for his team gave a shout. Frinkel huffed and prepared himself for a second attempt.
    Again the eevee girl stared intently at Frinkel. Then she threw the ball. This time the ball was slower. Frinkel swung his bat too soon! The edge of the bat made contact with the ball as it flew in the wrong direction landing in the neighbor's yard.
    "Foul ball!" The veemon gave another shout. "That's two strikes!"
    Frinkel's tail moved between his legs nervously. One chance left. He couldn't miss this. The other kids were relying on him. This was his chance to impress them so they'd want to hang out more! That was the entire reason he was playing with them? Right? He...
    He just wanted to continue hanging out like this.
    Frinkel took a deep breath. He calmed down. If that was what he really wanted here... He was sure even if he struck out they'd still invite him to play sometime. He had to just not freak himself out again. He looked at the eevee. She tossed the ball again. He swung his bat.
    There was a loud 'clack' as his bat made contact. Then the ball was flying away from him. Frinkel stared in awe as he saw the ball go all the way to what would be outfield.
    "What are you waiting for!?" Chip's voice sounded. "Run Frinkel!" Frinkel snapped back into alertness at this. Remembering how the game went he dropped his bat and took off running.
    He rounded first base as the other kids were scrambling after the ball. A canary boy picked it up in the field. He was almost to second base when the ball was thrown. Frinkel dove for the base. The charmander playing second base caught the ball. For a brief moment everyone except for those two stared to see who was faster.
    By the tip of his paws Frinkel managed to touch second base. The charmander reached down to tag him just a half second too late.
    "You got lucky." The charmander huffed before tossing the ball back to the pitcher. Frinkel responded by standing up and sticking his tongue out at him.
    With that the game continued. It went late into the evening. By the time it was over Chip and Frinkel's team had won by just a few runs. Most of the kids were laughing and plotting revenge about how they'd win the next time. Then most of them were heading back home. Soon the only ones left on the field were Frinkel and Chip.
    "Hey everyone else has gone home..." Chip said looking over Frinkel. "Um... Did you still want to use my computer?"
    "Nah it's fine." Frinkel shrugged. He had completely forgotten about that. It seemed like such a long time ago.
    "Well I guess you should be getting home then." Chip responded as he stood up. "My mom and dad probably want me to come in for dinner soon. I'm sure your parents will want you home too."
    Frinkel fell silent at this. It was hard to think about the state he had been in this morning. It was almost like a dream... Yet despite that he was fairly certain there were no parents waiting at home for him.
    "Frinkel?" Chip picked up on his conflict. "Is something wrong." Then after a few moments realization seemed to dawn. "Hey... I've never seen your parents before."
    "It's uh... Complicated." Frinkel managed to say. That was the truth! It was so complicated it was hard for him to think about why it was complicated though.
    "Well um... How about!" Chip smiled. "How about... You stay for dinner! Heck you could spend the night! I'm sure mom and dad won't mind!"
    "R-Really?" Frinkel stared at Chip in awe at the idea.
    "Sure why not!" Chip smiled. "I mean we've lived on the same street our entire lives right? Seems criminal we've never had a sleepover! Usually kids the same age like us practically treat each other like brothers!"
    Brothers. That word kind of had a funny sentimentality to it. Especially with what would come later once Chip's parents learned of Frinkel's living conditions. That however was not on Frinkel's mind tonight. Instead he just smiled and nodded happily as he followed his new friend and future brother into the house.
The End
Happy and Young
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In this TF story Frinkel wanted to get more post TF goodness in and not focus on the basic TF! Something that I was absolutely delighted to work with! Running around in your new body and adapting to your new life is always such fun. So our story starts with Frinkel transformed into a 6 year old riolu kid! And then the story takes off from there!

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