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Everyone is looking forward to the launch of Apple’s next generation iphone: iphone 5 but it is rumoured that the iphone 5 release date continues to be delayed by 30 days. The iphone 5 which was likely to be launched right at the end of August, can be launching in mid September or can watch for October starting.

This time around also Apple will probably provide a good competition along with other mobile phones manufacturers. As Apple has proven itself being a leading mobile phone company and also the launch of iphone 5  it is going to revolutionize the marketplace once again.

iphone 5 features:

Rumours are that iphone 5 features will be better than its previous iphones. Sources claim that iphone 5 may have 8 mega-pixel camera plus it could have separate rear flash and camera lens.

Storage ability to iphone 5 is 64GB, which is still a rumour. As storage capacity is among the main features for almost any phone, it's important that truly how much data it can store. In terms of os, the operating-system is essential at computer plus in cellphone. iphone 5 is originating with Apple’s IOS Operating-system introducing new applications a lot more than 200,  which will even include gesture interface.

Whatever thing you utilize in your life, you would like the thing needs to be lesser in weight and when it comes to cell phones, you wouldn't prefer to carry a phone more looks like a box. iphone 5 is taken good care of this which is coming with slim body as compared to iphone 4. It really is rumoured that it is display is more stretched when compared with iphone 5.

About RAM in iphones, it appears that Apple’s this  model have lower memory capacity when compared with other cell phones such as high end Android, Symbian or Palm OS Phones . iphone 4 has 512MB RAM so we need forward for 768MB RAM in iphone 5.

iphone 5 Picture:

When it comes to pictures or images, resolution matters. The resolution in iphone 4 was  640 x 960 pixels. Since it entirely possible that iphone 5 will improve every one of the drawbacks of iphone 4, we can suppose the resolution of iphone 5 will probably be higher than that of iphone 4.

iphone 5 Price:

According to the sources, the price of apple’s model iphone 5 for basic will start from $305 as well as the models that happen to be in connection with high-end, will be around $495-$825.

So including each one of these additional features and applications iphone is getting ready to have everyone’s hand soon.
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