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A group of kobolds, little dragon-like monsters from D&D, gather in a corner of their warren to chew the fat. I was commissioned by Kenzer to create the feel that all of the kobolds were from different castes or classes. What do you think? Pencil and Photoshop CS. For Kenzer & Co.
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They look really cute ^^
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Kobold Map-carrier: "I'm telling you guys, if we dig our way into the sewers we'll have direct access to all of the taverns in the South corridor, we can raid all of them at the same time."
Kobold Mage: "This is a great plan... we should seriously do this."

Beautiful job on the kobolds! You did the best job I've seen of showing how they have an amazing level of community
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Thank you so much! The book this illustration was for portrayed them as having this complex little social system - I tried to portray it here. Glad you like it!
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this only kobold picture I can find on deviant art that shows kobolds mining. sad.
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Everyone else on here is a fraud.
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Kobolds are my favorite species, It is nice too see them in a situation that doesn't refer to their use as cannon-fodder.
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kobolds are really easy to kill... one of my party chopped about fourteen, all of them, down by herself at level 4 without losing even half her health.
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Please, won't someone think of the kobolds?
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not when they are trying to kill you.
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Very nice those kobolds really pop!
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Awesome job! Really special! Cheers!
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Koooobloood So, did you see the new girl from block c? Kooboooold
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Sweet! Cool poses and nice shading :)
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This is really neat. Kobolds are really fun little dragon-lizards aren't they? The one holding the map looks like he's afraid of being blasted by some sort of vicious spell...

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totally cool. very expressive little faces
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This is brilliant! I love the way they all seem so apprehensive, like they've been commissioned by some Evil Overlord to build/stock his dungeon, and they just know it's all going to end badly...
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I e-mailed a copy of this pic to the editor-in-chief of Kobold Quarterly magazine. ( [link] ) It's the heir apparent to the D&D Dragon Magazine's legacy. He was very impressed and asked if I would do commision work.

After I told him that I didn't do it I sent him a link to this page. If you DO do commissons be sure to let him know.
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You are far, far too kind. Thanks very much.
Remind me to hire you as my agent.
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I'm sure he'd find plenty of use for your kobold picture, if you're willing.
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as the kobolds discussed the location of the source of all life, magick, and the power of gods, a human fighter camer in and busted all their sulls open with a greatsword. he later spent their works of great culture and sciences on women and more beer.((nice work!))
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Dude, have you seen the loot kobolds carry? More like he spent their "works" on a handie behind the blacksmith and a half-pint of Diet Mead.
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You have that right. Although, if you can get the kobolds to talk to YOU, the interesting ... conversations... that follow make up for the lack of loot.
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