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This illustration is of a darker, more malicious view of the traditional dryad. No airy nature spirit, this; this dryad is a murderous creature, taking on the semblance of a desirable woman lounging by the water's edge, until the poor, lustful victim is within arm's reach. Then, the veil is lifted, the creature's true form is revealed, and the luckless fool's head is taken as a trophy. Graphite, watercolor on bristol, colored in Photoshop. For Green Ronin/Games Workshop.
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A delectably terrifying monster!
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Weed killer for all.
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I just want to say that I used this wonderful picture as inspiration for a description I was fighting with for about a week in a story I'm writing. Purely awesome work.
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Thank you so much! I've been having a rough week - to read your comment is like medicine.
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glad I could help then.
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uuu i love it so much :D amaizing work ^^
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I want that b!t*h in my bed NOW!! grr
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^_^ poor unfortunate souls. love this rendition :D
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Props for being original :D

Your picture is very unique. It's sad that there is only one picture like this and the rest is the same half naked chick with some leaves.
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It looks like an undead dryad! Wow, this is cool!
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Not undead... just really, really mean.
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Awesome piece of work! Love the detail:D
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An Exellent work! :)
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Awsome! I love the idea. I love the way you blend the images of the traditional dryad with something much less benevolent. :)
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One awesome view of dryads I have never ever encountered before. It's lovely to see a more wilder version of them. Like they are taking back the forests and nature we humans so eagerly chop away. Awesome
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Why, thank you! Yeah, who says dryads can't be dangerous in a wild, woodsy sort of way? I'd hate to meet the lumberjack who'd try to take an axe to this lady's tree...
Very good job, I've made one myself, but it looks different. Great use of Photoshop, very nice colors, a great job as I said.
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that good works! good management of the color to the figure ^_^
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