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Doctor Who - Eleven and Twelve

"Doctor Who - Eleven and Twelve".
Acrylic on wooden panel.
40 x 30 cm.
Painting by Steve Caldwell.
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demik13's avatar
Beautiful work! :D
Zira045's avatar
Awesome work here! :D
HikariHellion's avatar
I just saw the Christmas special today, and I think I'm going to like Capaldi as the new Doctor. His first line is the best one ever: 
"Would you happen to know how to drive this thing?"
Zira045's avatar
His first line was 'New kidneys. I dont like the colour' But I loved that as his second line xD
rorsdors's avatar
Really nice work,anyone know when the new doctor is airing here in the uk? Interesting to see the new take on the ol' doc.
DoctorWhoOne's avatar
Peter Capaldi will make his official debut as the 12th Doctor on Christmas Day, and have his first full series [series 8] at some point in 2014.
rorsdors's avatar
Thanks, I was a bit disappointed in the 3 doctors episode, but is had been so built up beforehand my expectations were probably a bit high! Now all I have too do is not drink too much mulled wine on the day!! ;)
fractek's avatar
going to miss Matt Smith!!!!
TerrieVLittle's avatar
I'm so jealous, this is very lovely!
cleopatramax's avatar
noo matt smith left!!!!! :.(
Arcalian's avatar
Not till Xmas
DoctorWhoOne's avatar
Actually, Matt has left, but he is still the Doctor until we witness the regeneration between him and Capaldi.
Arcalian's avatar
Right, we're talking about Matt's Doctor, not Matt's physical self, so what I said is correct.
DoctorWhoOne's avatar
No, I was talking about Matt Smith himself, he has left the series, since his completed filming ages back on the Christmas Special, but he is still the Doctor until the regeneration happens, that's what I ment.
Arcalian's avatar
Matt is still the Doctor until Christmas.  That he has left the series does not change this fact.
DoctorWhoOne's avatar
I know his still the Doctor until Christmas . . . . Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh :(
Arcalian's avatar
cleopatramax's avatar
Yeah but it's still sad he's my fav
EatToast's avatar
Beautiful work!! 
DomGreenDesign's avatar
Wow! Thats absolutely AWESOME!!
Must have taken you a while :)
Show-bet's avatar
Fantastic work, too!
Show-bet's avatar
I am SO excited about the 12th!
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