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Doctor Who Companions + Allies

This was a recent commission for a Doctor Who fan.
I was briefed to include the Doctor with his regular companions plus those from the four Specials of 2009/10.
It was tricky including thirteen portraits within one painting,it could easily become overcrowded and not make sense.But the client was very happy and here it is.

Painting in acrylics on watercolour board by Steve Caldwell.
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that is nice. All the people that were major
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Nice but....what's up with Rose? She's much more beautiful in real!
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I love all your Doctor Who art. You are so talented!
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You are one brilliant artist! This is wonderful composition with amazing details in the portraits. The guy at the top, David Morrissey, is playing the Governor on The Walking Dead TV series. You did this so well, I recognized him in a second! I love how you focus on their faces and don't tire out when it comes to their clothing, which you give just as much personality. Beautiful!
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How long did that take!?!?
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Wowwww, I hate using acrylics, and here you are making me feel like a punk with how well you used them! WOW. Detail is amazing and it is definitely NOT overcrowded.
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Brilliant work! Absolutely amazing! Exquisite job!

one question... where is Jenny and River?
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very nicely done :)
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Perfect, as your drawings always are
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wow! tennant's face is spot on! you made rose look about 20 yrs older than she is tho...and catherine tate is a bit angry looking...
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This is amazing, when I fisrt clicked on this, I thought it was a picture! Anyways, this is unbelieveable keep it up! :heart:
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holy f-ing moly..... I cannot believe this is paint! Instant favorite. Wow. Simpley Wow!
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YAY - Mickey made it! Great job of capturing the personality of each character.
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WOW! I can describe how amazing this painting is. Thank you for sharing this.
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I particularly like Martha's hair and the way that you captured the textures of their jackets. You can tell that they are made of various materials.
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EEP! I love it so much! You are so talented!
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Positively out of the world awesome!
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Donna's grandfather is great, I love this !

(Had a hard time remembering who the two blondes in the back were, though xD)
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