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And as reality slowly kicks it's foremost quality into my mind... i cant  help but wonder when it's all just gonna end.
This past week i had expirienced one of the biggest trips of my life.... I went to the Dour Festival in Belgium, and it blew my mind away...
We arrived on Wednesday night with enough light to find a campsite and set up the tents amongst the other 30,000 campsite freaks.... when that was all done, we assumed our drinking positions and prepared for the next day.
The next morning i was rudely awakened by a sound check being done on one of the stages a half click away... but it was all good, cause this is what we came for....
The day began ranting and screaming French and Belgian folk... as i sat in my chair sipping on my hot cup'o'mud i could not imagine what waited for me in the coming of days...
And indeed i had no idea....
Sunday night was to be the last night... and it carried on till eight in the morning, or at least that's when they stopped serving anything to drink... and as you could imagine the Natives were restless. Everything flammable was set ablaze, anything that could be used to hit something (wood, metal ect)
was gathered for a rythmic use... the stage in the 24hour tent became a massive percussion section.. with tripped out hippies not wanting to let go of the trip that they had so dearly been holding on too for the last five days... and they pounded on and on and on... till they had to be removed by security.
We left later that day considering we had a 400 mile drive ahead of us... we needed sleep... or at least something to stimulate the mind...
On the way home i realized that fivedays had just blown by me... and the only recolections i have are graciously stored in the 4 or 500 photos i had made in space of five days...
And i count the days till i return....

Mood: FUBAR'D!!!!
Listening to: Amon Tobin, Isis and Dalek

chemical-zen Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2005
Sounds awsome. Live music for five days? I love shit like that, just the spirit of it, the vibe, so many different things. I'm glad you had fun there.
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Submitted on
July 21, 2005