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It is indeed that time again...
the days are becoming shorter, nights are getting colder and my love for the winter is slowly creeping it's way up my spine... and into my mind.

Why this is?... i cannot give any logical explanation for, it's just something that has stuck in my mind since i was a wee-one...

(random outburst of memories)

You cant believe what you dont see...
each grain of sand beneath the sea...
you have no faith in a dream...
fade into the landscape unseen...

breathe in breathe deep
a lifetime is too long too sleep
waiting for winter's first snow
to cover your tracks so no-one will know
that you ever lived or ever lied
you wouldn't give
and never tried...

In a field of weeds killing time
a winding river rushes by...
all the while you seem to be going blind
a cold numb grey in your eye...

counting the days...
counting the days......

mood: drained and exhausted
           living on dreams of nights gone bye...

listening to: Tom Waits, Lamb of God
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canada would be cool in winter. both literally and in other ways:P
omg. in austria......theres this little town, in the valley of some mountains which i am not familiar with....but it's called......muesserslag.....something slightly like that.
and it looks like those storybooks you read when your really little......with the old houses and the snow on the cool.
you take care too.:)
hellogoodbyekissslap Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2005
winter's the best.
but then going into summer is sometimes nice.
it's warm.......and comfortable.......and then becomes distinctly uncomfortable..........which is why winter is the best.
calcross Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2005
it's a comforting feeling that there's someone out there that shares the same feelings aboot winter...

alot of people think i'm nuts...
but growing up in Canada MAKES you appriciate nature's most numbing season....

thank you muchly for the comment(s)....
take care for now
chemical-zen Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2005
:hug: good ol' winter...
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Submitted on
September 27, 2005