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Sorta Fairytale-Dramione Blend

Another Dramione Blend, rather like how this one turned out :D


Photos- credited to their respective companies

Textures- [link] [link]

**This is for Personal Use Only!!**

EDIT 1/24/10- Wowzers, 514 Views, 35 Favs and 17 Downloads, all in 3 months! *squees* And the funny thing about all this, is that of the two I submitted, this is the one I threw together roughly, because I wasn't satisfied with the Halfway blend for a Shipping contest I was entering, haha! Amazing how my Muse brings my best out in such odd ways, hehe :D

EDIT 2/11/11- OMG! 2,940 Views, 145 Favs and 64 Downloads!!! *falls over* For an image that would have never came into existence had I not been frustrated with it's Thank you all for the comments and love, I truly appreciate it!! <3

EDIT 2/23/2012- I am constantly amazed by the popularity of this image! 271 Favs, 6,273 Views and 137's crazy! I am so glad people in the HP fanfic world enjoy this image, especially since it's a pairing that isn't always popular with the HP peeps, thank you for the love!! *hugs the whole lot of ya*
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Thank you! I'm so happy it's still being enjoyed after all this time :D :D
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Great Work! Love it!
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Thank you!! ^__^
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This is just beautiful!
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Thank you so much! :D
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I love Hermione and Draco, better then Hermione and Ron actually, and this is an amazing photomanip! Great Job =)
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Thank you so much! :)
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Love this! <3 :)
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I love it but why must "Dramione"?


:iconharrypotterplz: x :iconhermioneplz:

:iconronweasleyplz: x :iconlunalovegoodplz:

Hi, I'm Yuchan and I LOVE Harry Potter. :iconlachoirplz:
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LOL, I'm a fan of the ship so my Inspiration usually centers around it :)
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This is beautiful <333
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Awww thanks so much!! :D
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MMmmm....All I was looking at: Draco :D :squee:
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Draco is mighty sexy in this pic, I must say :D
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That's what I'm sayin', love! :D You did a wonderful job <3 :happybounce:
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Well thank you, I appreciate that! :D
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Like the pictures you chose here very much, their placement, and the look of the whole piece - very nice!
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Thank you so much! :D
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this is so kewl ! :)
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Could I possibly use this for a banner for my fanfiction? I don't know if it's already in use for that... But I'm trying so hard to find a photo manip that'll work that I'm allowed to use, because I don't have that skill, and this is soooo good.
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