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Sometimes, Lorne gets stranded offworld, and his hair grows out a little, and he dresses in the local style, which always includes suspenders, and... *is distracted*

Er, I was in Iowa recently.
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OMG, this is *gorgeous*!!! You're so freaking talented, sweetie!!!!
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I am a huge fan of your work Cal, (and a huge Lorne fan too!) and this one is pretty my favorite! It is now my wallpaper :D
Cool! I've heard of the program. It's one of my fave pics.
What program do use to creat this style of artwork?
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Corel Painter X. I used the "oil pastel" brushes.
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:drool: That looks awesome I got all sorts of pictures and stories in my mind....:D
And it reminds me that I have to try if I can find 'Growing the Big One' somewhere online

This picture still kills me!
I love this drawing of Lorne. It's one of my favourites and I love your work! How do you create drawings like this?
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Thanks so much! This is actually easier for me than drawing cartoony stuff, because I just get going with the brushes and don't have to interpret much. It's the looser style I have a problem with...
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gasp! You caught him perfectly!! :D I'm in love!!!
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Thank you so much! It was fun to do!
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Oooh, I love this. The posture, the hair, the mouth. Fabulous likeness and pose.
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Thank you! I was in the mood to try something a little more realistic.
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I love it! Definitely gorgeous. He looks so lonely, though.
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You have no idea how much I would love to give a critique but I'm too busy drooling. Excuse me. :drool:
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Mission completed.
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