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Sheppard in Pencil

By Calcitrix
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I hate coming up with I don't really. It's, you know, just John Sheppard

I've decided that the blender brush is love. It can give a painterly look round the edges, which is nice.

What a great face to draw! I wanted to try a more complicated angle than usual; looked at a screen capture while drawing.
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This almost looks like an actual photo of Joe Flanigan. This is so awesome! I can never decide whether I like Atlantis or SG-1 better. Such an awesome series (minus Universe, can't stand Universe).
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Thanks so much!
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I don't know why, but he looks so young to me in this. Gorgeous.
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Thanks! Mmm, all the blending takes away wrinkles?
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Probably. Hmmm, now I want to go find some fics where they're all teens. XD
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'Very nice! I like the way that you render hair; the strokes are great.
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Thanks! He's delightful to draw.
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this is cool, but it doesn't look anything like pencil anymore so you should change the title...

but yeah that angle looks hard...
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A very nice picture. I totally see him with my first response: "Ooooooooooooh Shiny........" xD
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I'm not normally a huge fan of blended graphite, but you prove me wrong here with the strong light and the soft wispy hair.

A difficult angle but an excellent likeness. Great job!
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Thanks for the comments! Glad you liked the pics.
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it's beautiful and you have done a really good work... but i just dont like the lips... looks like a bitchpose... :P
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He's just being a mouthbreather for a moment.
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Amazing in full view - love the eyes - great work :clap:
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That is ten flavors of awesome. If I could draw on that level of detail, I could die happy.
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Wow, that is totally gorgeous! I adore his eyes... :drool: :+fav:
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Whoa, awesome job on it, I love the expression.
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