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Teucer SPG - Rear

By Calcipher44
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The Tuecer Self propelled gun was put into service to meet the demands of long range bombardment in an ever changing battlefield. Armed with a fearsome 200mm cannon and having nearly no armor to speak of, it has been widely commented that the tank itself is no more than a glorified tractor hauling an artillery piece. Indeed, the five man crews of this vehicle agree, often while bemoaning the lack of even basic armor against shrapnel and small arms.

The crews themselves consisted of a commander, driver, gunner and two loaders to handle the heavy 200mm shells. The shells were often carried by special vehicles, and on the base model, no more than four shells were ever loaded onto the Teucer at any time, leaving many crews having to wait for supply vehicles to show up with more shells, although this was remedied with ammo racks above the tracks on later versions, a stopgap measure until new designs entered service.

Crew comforts were sparse, with reasonable sleeping space and storage compartments for personal effects. The driver was rather lucky though, with factories re purposing seats from the Arion light tank for ease of production. this meant that the driver had a cushioned seat, much to the annoyance of the rest of the crew.

Artist's Notes:
I'm not entirely happy with design. I was when I made it last year, but looking back I see all the details that could have been added to make it that bit better...

Ah well. Here it is anyway.

This is the rear shot, because It's rendered, and why not.

Inspirations Include:
Uh... I'm not sure. I just ran with it.
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