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Sylvan Medium Tank

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While the Behemoth was designed as a front line brawler and the Arion was designed For speed and mobility, the JECF command deemed it necessary to have a middle ground, a medium, maneuverable tank that could pack a punch when needed.

Thus, the Sylvan medium tank was designed. Featuring an oscillating turret to accommodate the 120mm auto-loading cannon, up to 250mm equivalent of sloped and curved armor, torsion bar suspension and a sizable diesel-electric engine.

The Sylvan had a crew of five, although space inside the turret was at a premium, meaning the loader actually sat below, and to the right of the gun, feeding the ammunition into the two cylindrical magazines as they were emptied.

The crews of the sylvan were not entirely impressed with the auto-loading system, as it would on occasion jam, making the tank a sitting duck. More Sylvans and their crew would have been lost in the war if not for the tank's maneuverability.

Artist's Notes:
I think I'm going to stick to not using textures, instead, only using materials, at least for this line of tanks.
Although, If I decide to texture these later, or add better materials, I will post updated images.

I'm also trying to add more details, such as storage boxes, fuel caps and antenna connectors.

Inspirations include:
Lorraine 40t
T-34 (Yes, I know, a Russian tank inspiring a supposed joint European tank? Preposterous!)
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