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Abath Tank Destroyer

By Calcipher44
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The rise of the light and medium tanks saw increased tank action in areas not considered frontlines, whether as a result of flanking maneuvers or frontline breakthroughs. This in turn, prompted the resurgence of mobile anti tank platforms, more commonly referred to as Tank Destroyers, to rappidly deal with these threats.

The Abath tank destoyer was one such of these. With armor reaching a paltry 30mm thick at the best of times, it was designed more with small arms and shrapnel in mind than tank shells, and the crews quickly found that stealth and ambush tactics were more often than not the order of the day. With the long barreled 150mm at the forefront, there wasn't much the Abath couldn't deal with, and it had the mobility to rapidly draw back from major threats before they got too close, though it's size would leave many doubting this.

The five man crew of the Abath certainly had plenty of room, with the driver and radio operator housed in the relative safety of the hull, the commander, gunner and loader had the whole of the back deck to themselves, sharing with the ammo and large gun of course.

Crew comforts were taken care of with the large flat deck amd the stowage bins lining the sides of the Abath, and crews generally had only good things to say about the Abath, aside from the occasional remarks about the armor thickness.

Artist's notes:
Finished this shortly after the Arion, but have only just gotten around to putting this up.

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