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My Bio

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This is my Species and ARPG account!

If you want to see my other works, like OCs/WIPs/3D/other art/projects, you'll need to go find em since I don't post personal works unrelated to ARGPs & species here often. (assuming that I remember to post em since I am forgetful)

"Why am I blocked"

Because I am controlling my online experience.

These are the most likely reasons:

You primarily post any of the following when I ran into you;

  • Wyngro or Bagbeans (DA keeps flooding my front page w/this and it makes seeing stuff I'm interested in harder. Also, I do not want to be reminded of wyngro in specific.)

  • AI content. I do not want to see this.

  • Untagged gore. Filters and tags exist for a reason, use them.

  • Fetish content, especially improperly tagged fetish content. Again, tags and filters exist for a reason, use them.

  • Vehicles, especially realistic military vehicles. Why does DA think I want to see this?

  • Screenshots. Just not interested.


I just don't want to interact with you/see your stuff, I use mobile browser a lot and I can't use da filter on there


You are a known scammer or harasser


You are permanently blocked if you are a bigot.

1/15/23 update: I added more stuff I want to cut down on how many characters I have lying around that I have no use for, so I've moved even more to the trade folder! Feel free to offer on multiple (if doing that I rec dming me instead of commenting on profiles, its cleaner that way) Trading off a bunch of characters I'm no longer using, or can't find a use for! Anything in this folder is fair game. (excluding pending of course) >>>Trade Folder>Design Prefs>Art Prefs
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robot creatura, check it out now
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Summary of art will arrive soon! It has some arpg stuff which is why I'm crossposting here Most of it is assorted personal art
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