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Commission Info: Commissions Open (3 Slots)

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 11, 2017, 10:44 AM
Commission Sheet (COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN) by calbhach

Sparkle out of the hat I AM CURRENTLY TAKING COMMISSIONSSparkle out of the hat 


Nathan and Loretta by calbhach  Nishiko by calbhachChallenge Piece - Innocence by calbhach Mizu Goddess by calbhach  Mizu Data Chart by calbhach

Sometimes I even draw freebies for my loyal commissioners!


 Please read through my ENTIRE LIST of rules 

before submitting a commission request!

 Why won't I draw certain things 
when I've at least hinted at them in my past works?

While I may have done a few pieces that were risqué in the past, 
I've decided to clamp down on this and all of the following rules for
two reasons. One of 
them is a personal discomfort that I hold with
the entire idea, and 
the other is that it's something that I would
never want my toddler 
to see. 

Oversized Body Parts:
Bigger isn't always better. And in the case of all of the 
huge-breasted/enormously pregnant/overly obese/any other type 
of exaggerated sizing, I just find it gross and disturbing. This 
doesn't mean that I won't draw a very well-endowed woman or a 
chubby guy/ just means that I won't draw anything 
grossly disproportionate.

Shonen-ai, Shoujo-ai, Yaoi or Yuri:
This goes back to the NSWF/Erotic/Fanservice/Fetish reasoning. 

Again, I wouldn't want my toddler viewing anything gory, and I 
wouldn't want her to find it on my computer, either. This doesn't 
mean that I won't do fight scenes...I'm fine with doing so. A little 
bit of blood? I'm ok with that. But I won't draw anything that's 
grossly gory.

Anything Political:
I think the reasoning here goes without saying, but here we go. 
Life is full of too many politics. I don't want it bleeding over into 
the realm of my commissions. 


 Everything else to know about commissioning me  

1. The prices that are listed under “Portrait”, “Torso/Bust” and “Full Length” are the prices for the base sketch, not for any inking or coloring. Check out the “Additional Styles” listed at the bottom of the sheet for those prices.

2. If you’re commissioning me to do a conceptual piece, then the prices may go up a little bit if you have no visual reference for me to go by. You must as least have a written description for me to go by. 

3. Prices may also go up if the piece becomes very complex. Highly detailed outfits or backgrounds, and difficult poses to draw may give a boost in price.

4. a. To begin the commission, send me a detailed description of 
  what you want, along with pictures of the character you want 
  me to draw, if you have pictures available. Anything else to 
  reference, like poses, would be great, too.
  b. Once I approve the commission, I’ll let you know what the final 
  price is going to be and you’ll pay the full cost upfront. 
  c. Once I’ve begun, I will send you a low-res, watermarked copy 
  of a basic sketch (no matter which additional options you’ve 
  chosen), and from there, I will make 1 revision to the sketch. 
  Further revisions will be $3 per revision.
  d. Then, if you've chosen to have your work inked, I will make 1
  revision to the inkwork. Again, further revisions will be $3 per
  e. Then, if you’ve chosen to have a color painting (cell or soft), I 
  will make 1 revision to the chosen colors. Again, further revisions 
  will be $3 per revision.
  f. Once complete, I’ll send you the full-sized picture, with no 
  watermarks, and a small watermarked version of the picture will
  be placed in my gallery.

5. If the image, upon completion, is not to your satisfaction, you may still purchase further revisions to the piece, for $3, each time you revise. I do not refund. You are still obligated to agree to the terms listed below, even if you don’t like the final product.

6. If you commission me, you are agreeing to the following:
  a. I (calbhach) reserve the right to refuse any commission for any
  reason, even beyond the scope of my own ruleset. 
  b. Payment must be paid in advance, via Paypal. Prices are in USD.
  I will give you my Paypal email address once I have approved the 
  c. I (calbhach) will not refund your money after it has been paid and
  the commission has been started.
  d. "Revisions" are not the same as completely redoing an image. 
  Revisions are mild alterations to an image. To completely restart 
  a sketch, fees will be applied.
  e. I (calbhach) will finish the piece as soon as I am reasonably able,
  but if I am unable to get it finished quickly, I will give you an
  estimated timeframe in which I expect to be able to finish it.
  f. I (calbhach) may post a low-res, watermarked copy of the image 
  in my gallery with a note stating that the character(s) belongs to 
  g. You (purchaser) will not claim the work as your own in any way
  or use it in a commercial product without my knowledge.
  h. Commissioned images are for personal use only. Contact for 
  commercial use.
  i. The rules may change at any time, for any reason. If the rules 
  change during a commission, I will send a notice stating such if the
  new rules clash with the content of the commission.

If you aren’t sure about something, just send me a message and I’ll answer any questions you might have!


Decided that you want to commission me? 

Please fill out the form below and note me!

Username: _________________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________________

#of characters: _____________________________________

Size (Portrait/Bust/Full Length): ________________________

Style (Sketch/Ink/Cell/Soft): __________________________

Simple Background (Y/N): ____________________________

Pet(s)/Animal(s) (Y/N and How Many?): _________________

Description of Piece: _________________________________

Reference URLs: ____________________________________

Other Comments: ___________________________________

 Let's get started! 

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Kokoro-Hane Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017   General Artist
Hey Cal! I am saving up money and you're one of the artists I'd love to commish! In fact, said character is a very familiar girl you've drawn a fanart for looong ago from a certain MS Paint manga I did back in the day xD

But yeah, I just had a quick question to know if this usage is alright! I am commissioning various artists that I admire to draw images that represent my Patreon tiers. These would be displayed on the actual tier page as well as I'll make a strip about it on my deviantART for advertisement, with all credits to the artist of course (I'll even link everyone's dA, as I want to advertise all the great artists). I am just wondering if this usage of the art I commish you is alright?
calbhach Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Of course, that would be just fine! :) Just send me a personal message with all of the details~. :) 
Kokoro-Hane Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017   General Artist
Okay! I'll do so when I am ready, as I do not have the funds quite yet. I am hoping sometime in July when I do my next deposit~
calbhach Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome, thanks! :D I'll be waiting. ^__^
Kokoro-Hane Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017   General Artist
Alrighty, I am going to send a note to get a bit of a price estimate so I know how much to save up for! 
sarahyt Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Cal, do you still use any of the RPG Maker engines?

There is a classifieds section in the RPG Maker Forum (…) that you might get more buyers through. You have to be a member and make at least 30 posts before the section becomes visible for you. I've just ticked over 30 and looked through the classifieds, and think your prices would be very competitive over there.

Just a thought ^_^
calbhach Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Huh, nice. ^^ Ok. I might give that a shot. (If I can figure out what 30 posts to make...XD; I'm terrible on forums. <.< >.>;;;;; ) Thanks! :)
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