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Calbhach's Patreon ~ Rewards as Low As $1.00! by calbhach Calbhach's Patreon ~ Rewards as Low As $1.00! by calbhach

As all of you know, I've been working on something in the time that I've been away, and so, now I've finished and I would like to announce...

F2U: Flickering Purple Star Divider 1 (Left)I'm now on PATREON!F2U: Flickering Purple Star Divider 1 (Right) 

...And I have many new things, exclusive to Patreon subscribers! You'll never see most of these pieces in any of my other galleries!
Check it all out! Please subscribe for the great rewards listed below!

For just $1.00, look at what you can get:
     Access to patron-only content, which includes:
          Seizure Bullet Original Art 
          Seizure Bullet Fanart
          Seizure Bullet Tutorials
          Seizure Bullet Step-By-Step 
          Seizure Bullet Progression images

And for a little more, check out what rewards you can get:
          Seizure Bullet Access to polls and voting where you can help me decide what to make next
          Seizure Bullet A quick thank-you doodle
          Seizure Bullet Request specific tutorials
          Seizure Bullet Art for my patrons on their birthday 
          Seizure Bullet Art critique and redlining
          Seizure Bullet Videos of art processes

Who knows what other kinds of rewards I'll add on later! Thanks so much to everyone who takes a look and subscribes!
Kokoro-Hane Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017   General Artist
This looks really neat! I am in love with the tier images and cute names, everything here is so pretty and colourful to look at! I'll probably be jumping aboard as well, as you've been one of the artists I'd admired for a long time. Would you mind if I shared this in a status?
calbhach Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Aww, I wouldn't mind that a single bit! I would appreciate it very much! ^__^ Thank you!
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