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.:Ask Nurse: Beginning:.

:bulletred: Hello, hello! What a start! I've always wanted to draw a more modestly dressed kind of Lust. This is how I perceive Lust and how it'd go down.

:bulletorange: To give a starting point: His name is Nurse, he's a bit taller than most Sans because of the heels, and his outfit is a Papyrus inspired compression suit along with black tights, knee high boots, a long robe with glittery faux fur lining, and fingerless gloves. He wears eyeshadow and paints his fingertips a lot. If you make him blush, you'll see his white colored freckles!!

:bulletyellow: A bit of information on the AU: Some key differences in the story cause the LUST trait to not react fully in Sans's soul. Instead of making him lose his sense of morality (sad sigh to the original creator), he instead thought about his sense of self and feels comfortable displaying more effeminate traits. This change has helped when gaining the love and trust needed to take care of the monster children in his nursery. I don't want to spoil too much of how this came to be because I want you guys to figure it out!

:bulletgreen: More of the story will be unlocked as more questions are asked and answered! While this wasn't meant to be inspired by other Lust AUs (I was just developing this idea on my drives to and from work, cries), I wanted to give a shoutout to ones like Uncle Lust (…) and Daddy Lust (…). I encourage you guys to check them out!! TaynahIbanez , I hope you don't mind if you think this is similar. 

:bulletblue: doesn't like Sans AUs so whatever information comes around will be collected in a journal here! I'll link it and the AU folder soon.

:bulletpurple: One last thing: This is not an NSFW AU, so try not to be inappropriate. While Sans does have a life outside of the nursery, he may not enjoy you prying into things like his intimate life and relationships. Don't try to make weird questions towards the children either. This is not and will never be a place for pedophiles, homophobes, nor incest shippers. Sanscest is fine if you're wondering (feel free to send asks to him from your Sans OC)!

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