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Shun and Ace

From Bakugan episode 9, Freedom Run. Bakugan belongs to Nelvana Entertainment.

*In the background, an Ace or a Shun fangirl screams*

Yeah, this screenshot has my second favorite brawler in it, Shun (Lync is my first)! Shun's very popular with the girls.

[Edit]: 52 views? Wow that's a lot, for me at least!! And I swear that I'll draw a picture of Shun *and get my scanner working*

[Edit2]: Check out my new Shun picture at [link] !

NOTE: Yes, I do know that screenshots are not allowed.
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rainbowdash72's avatar
my fav goodn guy is Ace and fav bad guy is Lync... at least he was bad then he saved everyone and then he died which is incredibly sad
gorillazforever2000's avatar
Yeah, VERY popular with the girls :3
Cflandon15's avatar
my favorite is shun
Nalasugar457's avatar
Ace and Shun are my favs, and I agree with you... Lync is awsome!
Calamospondylus's avatar
Hehe, nice to see someone who has the same views as I do! ^_^
SayuriYamada's avatar
I love Shun, he's the number one in my list of Bakugan Cute/Hot Boys (yeah I do have a list) and Ace is number five... but he's still hot!!
AceSwemco's avatar
Great! Shun and Ace are my favourites heroes!
rikahitachiin's avatar
"Your just like Dan it's hilarious"
"Are you calling me a dimwit?"

(Yes, I memorize random lines from Ace and Shun! Shuddup >.>)
Calamospondylus's avatar
Haha, that part was funny XD
sharuinesasuke's avatar
it was very funny. shun is so hot. i am a huge shun fan girl.
rikahitachiin's avatar
"Okay, Now i'm bored. Wake me when the Vexos attack okay Mira?"
"Sure, act like you don't care"

(XD - My talent of memorizing lines very easily!!)
Calamospondylus's avatar
Which episode was that?
rikahitachiin's avatar
Episode 9 or 10
I'm pretty sure it's 10 though
ppgzforever's avatar
Ace is very very very cute!!!:heart::heart:
SailorHoney53's avatar
Ace is too hot^^
Calamospondylus's avatar
Ha ha, I can see why, even though I'm not a fangirl of him.
Oak-chan's avatar
huh? then who's your first?
amberanime's avatar
so you have a thing for ventus brawlers ne? XD You got my fave 2 out of my 3 right here. My 3rd is the new Anubias. I also like Spectra (keith), Shadow (he is verry weird but very funny), Lync (yes I like him 2), Mira and Fabia. From all the villain groups so far the vestals are my fave hands down. I didnt care much for the ones of season 1 en 3 and those of 4 I still have to meet them all I think.
Calamospondylus's avatar
Yes, Ventus is my favorite! My second favorite attribute is Haos (mainly because of Volt, he was actually a Vexos who has a HEART. Although arguably, Lync had one ... in his final stand).
Oak-chan's avatar
shoulda guessed.
10lou01's avatar
oh my gosh SHUN!!!!!! (yes im one of them dealy fan girls Shun is my fave then Ace XD) and Ace!!!
they both look really hot
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