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Tardis Console Room 2D

By calamitySi
This is the original 2D version of my Aquatic-themed Tardis Console Room. This is one I did quite a few years back by simply mirroring a piece of Bioshock concept art (… )  and inserting the tardis pieces. It later inspired my to try making it in a 3D format, shown here
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© 2011 - 2021 calamitySi
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I have only one question: Where are MY keys for this Beauty? Love Woohooooo! 
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It's gorgeous, but I'd be too afraid a shark might swim  by and scare me. That's just me.
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Thanks. I think this is one of the first images I ever posted on here.
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And it's amazing. If I had the TARDIS, I would represent her part as yours. (Oh please sorry for my English)
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Thank you. You're very kind to say that.
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Do you mind if I use this interior for my story? This seems like a perfect representation (Minus the fishes, mind you) of what the inside of the TARDIS will look like. To me, it looks like it's beaten down, worn out, and so lost of energy. It's perfect. I promise to give you credit for this concept.
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Sure no problem. FYI I did build a 3D model of this...minus the fishes. ;-)
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Cool-should go down well-love the fish tank- very James Bond
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is there anyway i could use this on chatlands as a background? and i will give you credit
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Sure, no problem.
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Thanks for reminding me. I've updated the picture info.
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What if... Rapture was transported into the Tardis after bioshock 2 ?
Very nice. Looks great.
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Fascinating concept,It's like you took the 8th Doctor's console room,which from what I heard was heavily influenced by Jules Verne and doubled that. I think Captain Nemo would love this if He was a Time Lord.
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wow thanks so much for the kind words everyone.
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Gorgeous! If Doctor Who was a Bond villain, this would be his TARDIS.
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