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Star Wars Space Battle

By calamitySi
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Lot of action in this one !

well done!
Are you there cuz I would like to ask you something
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Yeah mate, I duck in and out of here, so it's best to message me.
I sent you a pm
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This should be a part of a movie.
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This is great work and looks like it would be an exciting movie scene.  I thought your R-wing was lacking in detail compared to a lot of your other work, but it works really well here in this application.
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What fighters are those?

I recognize the Raider and the Nebulon-K and of course the TIEs but the other fighters I've never seen before.
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The rebel fighters are R-Wings. A design I came up with based on the 'Arwings' from the old Nintendo Starfox game. 
Star Wars R-Wing Fighter by calamitySi
Hey there I have the picture and info card of your r wing in my favorites can you help me out a bit though I've been trying to download that info card about the r-wing to my documents or flash drive and stuff like that but do you know doesn't exactly let you download literature like pictures any information on what I can do
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I'd recommend highlighting all the text, and copying it into a word document, or simply to do a 'print screen' grab and paste that into an image editor. 
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Well that's pretty badass honestly.

Would you mind if I created a ship profile for the design?

If you need an example of what that means here are a couple cases of what I am talking about: 

RZ-1DR A-wing Drone

BTL-62BR Bull Rancor Assault Carrier 

Delta-15 Voidsprite-class Heavy Interceptor
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Mate that'd be totally awesome! I'll create a little spec sheet to go with it like I did for my Nebulon-K. Thanks so much! Just so you know, the ship has a swing - wing configuration like the U-Wing to help it maintain a narrower profile during landings. 
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I kinda figured looking at it and considering the Arwing origins.

I'll get to work on that straight away.
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Sweet! Cheers dude!
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And it is done: Sigma-5 Cyclone-class R-wing

I hope you like what I did with it.
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