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Star Wars Cyclone Class R-Wing

By calamitySi
Artwork by me, text and statistical information by SlingBlade87. Many thanks to him for his detailed and imaginative contribution. The texts shown here have been reduced and edited, due to space constraints. To see the full specs and background info on this ship, please click on the link here:…

Model built in Sketchup and rendered in Kerkythea. 

Model link:…
Now available for sale as a miniature from Shapeways:
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Star Wars and Star Fox, two of my favorite franchises combined into making this starfighter. What's not to like?
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This is awesome and looks like a natural progression from X-wing as well.

Hey, I just wanted to ask if it was okay that I use this in a fanfic I'm writing. It's amazing and I think it'd be a cool thing to add. thanks!

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Yup. No probs mate. Thanks for taking an interest!

Thanks man! I've simply only added 2 new ships to this fic, one's of a new TIE veriant, called the TIE Saber (I've only made very rough drafts of it), and I was trying to find a rebel fighter to be like it's comparison to it in the rebellion. I can across this and I absolutely love it. So yeah

Do you hv a link to the story/fanfic you're writing? Cuz im a massive Star Wars fan!

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The more I look at this, the more I want to do my own model of it.
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I don’t see how it’s an R
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It's a play on 'Arwing'- the fighter from the Starfox game that this design is based on. 
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Well happy u should know I’m putting starfox in a tie in story to my galalunian rebel sequel

How the resistance cell and it’s secret head cell called the remnants lead by an old rebel inventor and grandson of the first rebel, and granddaughter of starkiller

Will get the blue marina, ar wing, and landmaster
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Cool! We'll you're more than welcome to feature this ship in that story. 
Hey you know the 5th engine in the back and in the center of the fighter does that engine swivel left to right or rotate in any way or is it in a fixed position
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No, it's fixed.
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hey if you're still looking for a place to sell you models try this
hey, id still like to buy from you the k-nebula and the r-wing any way possible?

Link for story/fanfic? Cuz id love to read that!

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Challenge for u 

do a landmaster or walker mode on the bad boy
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i kinda wanna see a star wars version oof the wolfen

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This ship rocks!
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Epic! reminds me of the Arwings from Star Fox. You did a great job on this!
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Thanks very much!
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