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Star Trek: Lower Decks U. S. S. Cerritos

And here she is! My take on the U.S.S Cerritos from the upcoming Star Trek animated series, 'Lower Decks'. We haven't seen the official design yet. I wonder if it'll look anything like this?
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Have you seen the uss pegasus

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Amusingly, you were pretty close in terms of overall layout. The only real differences is how the warp nacelles and engineering section connect with the rest of the ship. It's close enough to the official design that when I initially found this pic, I had thought this was you "tweaking" the official design to taste, not making a stab at what it might look like before any official designs were released. :)

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I greatly would have preferred this design over the Cerritos we got...But I've got to say, the Big Wheels-esque show design HAS grown on me just a little bit. But this is a superior ship design and doesn't look as fragile as the canon design does.

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Of course, part of the point of the Cerritos is that's it's not supposed to be a looker of a ship, as it's a low-level workhorse for Starfleet--the nameless redshirt of starships. :P And I personally kind of like it for that reason--it wasn't built for looks, it was built so to do a job, function over form. :)

But that said, I wouldn't have objected to this design either. It's honestly not that different anyway, the warp nacelles are just attached in a more traditional layout and bears a clear neck, but otherwise it's basically the same, externally.

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they finally released what the uss cerritos looks like

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How do you think it compares to my fanart version?

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yours is a awesome fan design

but does not not fit the job description the cerritos has nore how it is viewed by starfleet your design looks like a new ship that would be one of the first ships starfleet would send for a major taskforce

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Looks wonderful! If the ship looks half as good as this it will be one to really remember.

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It looks pretty good I'm not a comedy fan though but I heard fans may approve Lower Decks

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A very sold design!! I probably tweak the shuttle bay door a bit, but still very nice!!!!

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