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Star Trek: Lower Decks U. S. S. Cerritos

And here she is! My take on the U.S.S Cerritos from the upcoming Star Trek animated series, 'Lower Decks'. We haven't seen the official design yet. I wonder if it'll look anything like this?
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Eaglemoss should do this as a special edition for the Starships collection!

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What do you think of the official design?

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i love it it fits the description of what the ship job is and how it is viewed by the rest of starfleet

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Honestly this looks way too cool to be the Cerritos. Cerritos is supposed to be "one of Starfleet's least important ships."

(but it DOES look awesome)

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I hope The one they come up with looks as good as yours! Great design!

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Is production even continuing on ST:LD? I haven't heard anything about it in the last year or so!

Your exterior image looks more interesting than the Galaxy-class.

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Looks like the "Wounded Knee" / "Emet Till" class.

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That is cool and i am looking forward to the show .

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I really like this design! Clear nods to the Galaxy class. Looks like a natural progression.

Great work!

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i agree with hawkins!

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