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The whole point...

The Continuum serves one purpose. It is the locus of all thought, where all realities intersect and meet. The caretakers of the Continuum tell each other stories, and these stories weave further reality into the continuum.

Collaborations and friend art abound.

Eventually i'll figure out how to put cool stuff here.


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So, I want to try and explain what Calamitous Continuum is.

I like working with other people. I've never had many opportunities to do it, but I used to do a lot of RP storytelling when I was younger. It was some of the most fun I've ever had.

However, now that I'm older, it's impractical for me to try to return to my old ways. So I'm trying something a little different. I want to find a group of people with the desire to develop cohesive worlds with provocative characters, whether for the sake of writing or artistic expression and self discovery.

It's sort of a vague thing, but I'll be looking for people who either need help developing their world, or those willing to share with others what they did to get their world to where it is.

I like the idea of visiting other worlds. It's the entire reason Demento can do the things he can. It excites me to think of the worlds outside mine, and what I would do if I lived there. It was always the nature of my escape from reality as a child. Now it has become the key to moving forward.

All the same rules apply. You own what you own. We are here to play together, not steal from one another. If someone doesn't want you to do something, you don't. Ask first.

But of course the whole point of this endeavor is to work together. Collaboration is encouraged. Drawing each other's characters is encouraged, just make sure you include the appropriate intellectual property information (who owns what).

I'm really hoping to get a few people in on this, but I don't ever expect it to become anything big.

"The games we play, it's hard to say where in the multiverse we'll land." -Demento
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