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I like watching fireworks. ^-^
Ara Fell is on sale on Steam til July 4th.

I've finished playing AF to the end, I enjoyed the final boss and scenes. XD
 but I'll be going back to it later to go after some some secrets and stuff I haven't got yet.

Think I'll pick up a couple more games for my library, probably RPG's. If anyone has any recommendations, that'd be great.
Its been a blast making so many graphics for a game I'm interested in playing for myself too.  
Everyone put in a lot of effort and love into the project. ^-^

I've  had a tough week getting everything done.  Gonna play through more as soon as I catch up on sleep. @_@
So far I love the characters and their amusing dialogue. XD

Anyone wanting to check it out, its available on Steam, Itchio and Humble Bundle.
And please do tell any friends that may like games and rpgs.………
We are excited and working on getting final things wrapped up.
I'm still adding and improving graphics daily to get it the best it can be~
Thanks to all that have taken an interest in the game. ^-^…