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God save the queen

By cakewasgood
After all, it's how the nature works. We can't blame on changelings.
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Amazing and well detailed great Job
matmax426's avatar
Princess Luna to her troops: "Execute those bugs!"
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Well, it would hold some weight, if they didn't attack first. Really, they attack ponies FIRST, and DON'T expect a retaliation? Keep drawing.
yeah because even the queen from Aliens got angry when Ripley attacked the nest. just because their evil or a dangerous monster, parental instincts are still going to kick in when you mess with their children.
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"My name is Chrysalis, and if this is what it's like to be a hero, I'd rather be the villain again."
UnderFNaFFaNF's avatar
I hope someone will save them.
DracoKX's avatar
Changelings bleed red blood? I never knew that
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
:iconcanterlotguardplz:: Nothing personal, we are just following order 66: "In the event of Changelings acting against the interests of Equestria, and after receiving specific orders verified as coming directly from the Supreme Commander (Princess), the Royal Guards will remove those Changelings by lethal force."
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Very nice and cool... Looks like she is going to get it!
WinterDominus's avatar
Noo... :( I must protect my divine Queen with my life! 
RizBrony's avatar
The  castle is from the comic right ?
k0ritsi's avatar
I don't believe so. Doesn't look much like it.
MagicBIaze's avatar
Considering the fact that theres guards which doesnt look like the queen's that are standing infront of it, chances are that no, it isnt.
Also its smoking, so... no, its definitely not the changeling's castle from the comics.
NorthWolf1488's avatar
Бедная Кризи( 
kniznik's avatar
I agree we can't blame them for their nature. But only the strongest survive in the cruel world of Equestria.
Phenometron's avatar
Chrysalis' blood and her changelings' blood should be a color that isn't red.
NorthWolf1488's avatar
А с какой кстати кровь должна быть не красной? Чейнджлинги такие же пони как и остальные, отличимы лишь внешностью и способностями, это тоже самое, что я скажу что у Flutterbat должна быть синяя кровь. Глупо, правда?   
Svetomech's avatar
У них ихор так то, а не кровь. Даже в оф. комиксе
NorthWolf1488's avatar
Что такое ихор? И где в "оф." комиксе была кровь? 
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no offense, but why is her blood red?
MuffinMachine5585's avatar
Can't blame 'em for wantin' to eat...
CAN blame 'em for makin' life hard on the mane characters of the TV show.
CAN blame 'em for causing mass contradiction between followers of the changeling empire and followers of the new lunar republic or whatever.
CAN blame 'em for not dealing with their problems humanely.
"CAN blame 'em for not dealing with their problems humanely."

And by "humanely", you mean invading another country and reducing its population to slaves ?
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
We can't blame on changelings ? Well, not for protecting each other, that's for sure. But for invading Canterlot, the capital of Equestria and trying to botch up a wedding between an officer of Equestrian Armed Forces' elite unit and a princess ... for that, I'll blame 'em anyday.
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