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OC Template: Harry Potter
Also Known As: [Nicknames]
Titles: [Such as Heir to-]
Astrological Sign: [Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, etc]
Species: [Ex. Pureblood Wizard]
Blood Type: [Ex. O+]
Sex: [Biologically]
Gender: [Ex. Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Demiboy, etc]
Pronouns: [Ex. She/Her/Hers, He/Him/His, They/Theirs]
Orientation: [Ex. Demiromantic Homosexual]
About Him/Her
Cup Size:
Skin Tone:
Eye Color:
Hair Description:
- Color:
- Highlights:
- Length:
- Style:
- Worn:
- Scars:
- Piercings:
- Tattoo
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BolinxReader On this Side (Songfic)
Bolin was walking down the sunny streets of Republic City, Pabu resting on his shoulders, looking at all the people. Korra and Mako were out on a date and made it very clear that they didn’t want Bolin tagging along. So Bolin decided to walk around a bit, maybe get some water tribe noodles.
Pabu saw something he liked and jumped off Bolin’s shoulders, running away.
“Pabu! Where are you going?” Bolin called out after the fire ferret, chasing him through the streets. “Excuse me, pardon me, coming through!” Finally Pabu stopped and Bolin was able to catch up, a little out of breath. “What was that for Pabu?” he asked then looked up. That’s when he saw her.
On day you’ll see her
And you’ll know what I mean.
Take her or leave her
She will still be the same.

“Oh, hello, is this your fire ferret?” she asked. Pabu had snuggled himself up in her arms as she patted him gently. Bolin was struck dumb by her bea
:iconspiritstien111:SpiritStien111 236 15
Love Thy Enemy (Zuko X Bender!Reader) (6 (1/2)/63)

"Those wonderful rings are made of pure genimite, also known as creeping crystal. It's crystal that grows remarkably fast. By nightfall, your friends will be completely covered in it. Terrible, really. But I can stop it, only if I have your full cooperation." After he said that, their rings started to grow.
"Ah! It's already creeping!" Sokka said.
"I'll do what you want." A pleased smile grew on his face.
I have completed two out of the three tests. The final one will be held in the arena.
'A fight probably.' There were three men stand in a row underneath the balcony the King was standing on. With Sokka, Katara, and (Name) in a separate balcony on the side of the wall.
"Your final challenge will be to choose someone to engage in battle. Make your choice."
'This must be another trick, I know who I will choose'
"I choose you!" I said as I pointed at him, King Bumi himself. He threw his head back and laughed.
"Wrong choic
:iconhetailiauniverse-xd:HetailiaUniverse-XD 10 1
Photograph (Tahnoxreader) Songfic
The waves were crashing against the shoreline as let your legs dangle into the waters of Yue Bay. You took a deep breath and reveled in the salty air. It had been a few hours since you had walked out on a raging Tahno, and the moon had taken the sun's place in the sky.
Although you were a bender yourself, it had been a challenge to truly sympathize with Tahno. As a talented firebender, you had unfortunately been cursed with the rare ability to produce blue flames (some people actually dared to say it was a blessing).
Even now as you watched carefully watched the beautiful blue flames dance in your palm, you could still hear the disapproving remarks of your parents.
You came from a family that was and still is deeply rooted in nobility so appearances were a huge thing, plus the last firebender who could produce blue flames had been the not so mentally balanced Princess Azula. Years may have passed since the princess' disappearance, but you still remembered countless times of being shut
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-Dirty Demigods- Alabaster by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- Alabaster :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 10 2 -Dirty Demigods-Dakota by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods-Dakota :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 11 2 -Dirty Demigods- Anthony aka: Annabeth by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- Anthony aka: Annabeth :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 17 1 -Dirty Demigods- Piper _male_ by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- Piper _male_ :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 20 1 -Dirty Demigods- Frank by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- Frank :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 21 5 -Dirty Demigods- Ethan by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- Ethan :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 27 7 -Dirty Demigods- Jason by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- Jason :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 29 4 -Dirty Demigods- Leo by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- Leo :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 36 32 -Dirty Demigods- PERCY by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- PERCY :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 44 11 -Dirty Demigods- Nico by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- Nico :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 51 19 -Dirty Demigods- Luke by drk-sanctuary -Dirty Demigods- Luke :icondrk-sanctuary:drk-sanctuary 34 6
Ninjago Fan Character Oc Profile Template
Okay Here is another profile done! you can remove or ad sections that you want to fit your oc's story
Plus i've also seen more Ninjago Ocs popping out, so i decided to make this to help people out -3-
Full Name:
Other Names:
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Place of Residence/Origin:
Professional and Combat Information
Is She/She a Ninja?:
Elemental Power:
Elemental Weapon:
~All Known Abilities So far~
~Family And Relationships~
(Depending when or where your oc is present during certain events, you can remove sections that you think are not needed for your oc )
Season 1: Rise Of The Serpentine
Season 2: Legacy of The Green Ninja
Season 3: Rebooted
Season 4: The Tournament of Elements
Season 5: Possesion
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