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[PK] Lumineon - Seren Thalasseon by Cakestellation [PK] Lumineon - Seren Thalasseon by Cakestellation
Application for :iconpokekingdoms:

Pn457 by Cakestellation #457 LUMINEON - SEREN THALASSEON  Pn457 by Cakestellation

POKÉMON        Lumineon
TYPE                Water
NATURE           Sassy
ABILITY           Swift Swim
                        >Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in rain.

AQUA RING       The user envelops itself in a veil made of water. It regains some HP every turn.
SAFEGUARD      The user creates a protective field that prevents status conditions for five turns.
WATER PULSE    The user attacks the target with a pulsing blast of water. This may also confuse the target.
CAPTIVATE        If any opposing Pokémon is the opposite gender of the user, it is charmed, which harshly lowers its Sp. Atk stat.

MOON               They traverse the deep waters as if crawling over the seafloor. The fantastic lights of its fins shine like stars in the night sky.
ULTRA SUN        Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, prey is scarce. Lumineon get into fierce disputes with Lanturn over food.
ULTRA MOON     This deep-sea Pokémon lives at the bottom of the sea. Its fins haul it over the seabed in search of its favorite food—Starmie.

Gem by Cakestellation   Ring by Cakestellation   Sea by Cakestellation

NAME                     Seren Thalasseon
GENDER                 Female
BIRTHDAY             July 8th
AGE                        27
HEIGHT                  5'9 | 175cm

                 Taken (Kekala)
ORIENTATION      Grey-romantic Lesbian

             Kingdom of Diamonds
OCCUPATION        Enchantress/Shopkeeper
CARD RANK           5

arrogant | flirty | somewhat manipulative | sociable | stubborn | confident | elegant | narcissistic | proud | loyal

Seren is an independent woman who runs a shop selling jewellery she enchanted to have specific effects on those who wear them. One may find necklaces that increase their beauty to the eyes of others, earrings that will enhance concentration, bracelets to lessen nervosity; Seren's shop has much to offer in terms of both magical purpose and fashion preferences. She has lots of confidence in herself as well as her work and shows this openly. Customers might leave the store with something they weren't actually planning to buy when they entered - Seren has a talent in telling what a customer wants or needs and how to make her products seem like the perfect solution to their problems.

Generally, Seren can get along with pretty much anyone she wants to. She's very loyal to those she's closest to and helps them out with no hesitation if the need arises. Other people she does not care that much about but still always tries to present herself in a positive manner. She does tend to believe her own opinions to be better than those of others. especially of those she doesn't like. Nevertheless she doesn't rub this into other's faces on her own accord unless it's provoked by the other party. She has a bit of a competitive streak in her, a trait she got from her parents. Seren is someone who knows what she wants and how to get it - sometimes she can get manipulative in that regard. She also enjoys flirting with attractive people just for the fun of it, even when she's actually not seriously interested in them.

Seren's father is a Lumineon who was a jeweller, her mother a Lanturn who's an enchantress. They had their businesses on opposite sides of the street and had sort of a semi-friendly rivalry going between them. They would compete over who would make more income, who got more customers, who had the better looking shop, etc. Over time they ended up growing closer and closer and eventually fell in love. They kept their individual workplaces separated but after Seren was born, her mother decided to stop making money with her magic since the family got well enough income from her husbands work. She closed her business and helped her husband with his when it was needed.
Mostly her focus was on Seren though - she got her familiar with magic from a young age on so that Seren could become an enchantress as well. At the same time Seren's father made sure his daughter learned to take care of a shop, how to attract customers and the like. He wanted her to one day take over his business.
With the training Seren got from her parents she decided to combine both aspects. On her 24th birthday, the day she would inherit the jewellery shop had come. Seren's parents watched over her at the beginning to make sure the decision had been timed correctly. With the newly added aspect of magic the shop started attracting even more customers than before; the business was flourishing. Thus, Seren's parents moved away to a different part of the kingdom but still visiting their daughter every once in a while.

- Seren really likes seafood.
- She's a trans woman. She has felt this way from a young age and her parents have supported her always.
- When in public, Seren always wears an enchanted collar necklace underneath her clothing that makes her voice sound a little bit more high pitched and feminine.
- She always wears clothing with a collar around her neck as well as a cape or cloak.
- She laughs like those 90s anime villains. (the OHOHOHOHOHOH thing)
- The name "Seren" means "star". "Thalassa" is Greek for "sea" which I combined with the "-eon" from Lumineon's name to make "Thalasseon". Therefore her full name is basically "star(ry) sea" or "sea of stars" as a nod to the Pokédex describing Lumineon's light in the sea to look like stars in the sky.
- She lives in the same building that her shop is located in, the name of which is "Afródis" (which is Greek for "sparkling")
- Here is her Pinterest Board
- Here's a reference of her with base colors and details.

RP       Discord
RP is a delicate thing for me, I can usually only really do it if I spontaneously have the motivation to.. and as it's a very tiring thing for me I can't do it over a long time either, usually just really short sessions. I might also be incredibly slow with my replies sooo-- if you want to RP with me, attempt so "at your own risk" haha
I like making up headcanons though so I'm generally up for that!

Lumineon, Pokémon © Game Freak
Character Design, Character Art © Cakestellation
KonfuziusMcPoop Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
hello friend, have i ever told you i am in love w/ her???
die haare sehen so weich aus
Cakestellation Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
i think u have told me
thank u tho
auf die haare bin ich sehr stolz tbh
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