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Futuristic glass sword

A crystal sword with a glowing core and chain, there is a crystal that the sword has shattered and is resting slightly on.
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This nice design reminds me of a book who one of the main characters had a magical Glass sword that could be "summoned" along with a glass gauntlet. If this sword was real I would buy it.
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if you know of a sketch i could probs model it too, never really modelled anything very complex yet tho.
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I've personally sketched out a fair number of fantasy swords (as in they aren't made in real life but they aren't from a book or anything). I don't know if I could upload any of them though. Sorry for the late reply I apparently didn't see it there
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Yeah if you have sketches upload them and i can take a stab at it ^.^ i would put your username and mine on the design like this:…
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I'll try to take a picture of the some of the drawings and then upload them to here then let you have the picture too so you can try to model it. I don't know how well the pictures will turn out with my camera until I try.