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I'm Human

EDIT: I realize I misspelled "transgender". Forgive me.
Also, I neglected to mention "heterosexuals/straights". v_v I apologize. It honestly just slipped my mind and well... I didn't expect my deviation to get this big so I didn't correct it. But heteros/straights are humans to. It's just that the LGBT community has a harder time fitting in in society than heteros. :/

And that's all the matters. :) It doesn't matter if I'm gay, straight, lesbian, bi, transsexual, pansexual, or asexual. I'm human. That's all that should matter.
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Howard The Alien EmoticonCan't say the same for mealien
💖 💖 💖 💖 FREEDOM!!! I LOVE this photo!!!! i like it, is it the TRUTH! 👍
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So totally 100% true!! We are all human beings in this world! Why people still don't realize that!! 
This is so beautiful and gorgeous!!! :heart: 
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You're welcome;)
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Your very welcome! :hug: <3
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Well, we're nothing more than atoms in an empty void.
Things like sexuality mean very little. I'm pansexual myself.
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If you wanna look at life so blandly, then go ahead. We're only on this Earth an allotted amount of time so why look at it so bleakly? I think you should add some color to your life.
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Easier said than done, mate. That's why I have therapy.
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It's a good step. Trust me, I've seen the world bleakly myself. Hell, I still do from time to time. But... I really wanna enjoy life so I focus on trying to have a positive mental attitude.
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Like I said. Easier said than done. Imma try tho
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I'm rooting for you! <3
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Straight me would have had a hard time dealing with a more LGBT open world, but after 17 years of living, I slowly started realizing that I am pansexual. I am now a 23 year old, open member of the community. I judge people not on who they are naturally conditioned to love or be in terms of gender, but who they are as a person.
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Which is the only way people should be judged, in my opinion.
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Agreed by 110 %. Kisses from Germany
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I agree, 100%

(Mind if I use this in my Wattpad story? I'll give credit)
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