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Deadpool shimeji.

By CakeDoom
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Hi everyone!
I've been wanting to make a Shimeji for a while now, and getting into Marvel sure gave way to create what I couldn't find. I am also aware there's a typo in the image.

Be warned it’s a .rar file.

Extract the folder onto your computer, to start the program simply open the folder and press the icon saying shimeji. The program starts automatically and should drop a little Deadpool onto your desktop.

Know this though, there are some issues with colored pixels that show around him at random times, and I couldn’t seem to fix that properly. In any case, enjoy.

A tutorial on how to use it for MAC users, provided by ~Chibitalia-Pasta

Base that I used for these was a England shimeji.

Download link;
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the actions are in chinese...(left click on the shimeji) how to actions in italian?

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Every time i try to spawn him in a message pops up in japanese? when i click ok it sends me to java and i downloaded it and all and it still doesnt work? help? XD

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hi!! i get this popup quite a lot too, but i've found a way around it :D
if you have a working shimeji file already, just make a copy of it and delete the image files there, copy everything in spiderman's image folder, and paste it into your working shimeji's img file!! i get that popup for almost every shime i download, so i use this hack quite a lot ^^
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When I get a computer I am sooousing this!
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Omg thx for this !!! Deadpool - In love 
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Hey, I really love the shimeji, but why is it all in Japanese?
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I was really expecting DeadPool to have the mischievous function as a shimeji but other than that, I absolutely love it Deadpool - OK 
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It's wonderful. I love it!!! Deadpool - Cute 

Thanks for sharing Spideypool - Kiss 
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Nevermind, you can use this on Mac too
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ive seen this rar stuff on so  many of these things all you gotta do is make a folder put all the
shimeji photos in that folder then put that folder in your img folder and poof your doneI am a dummy! 
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i didnt even know i could look at the images from a rar file. well this one's my 25th shimeji. thanks!
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ah your welcome
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*sees that it's a RAR file*
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It's too cute
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f*cking rar's controll everything >:(
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HELP! When I try to run it, appears a advise in japanese and says something about Java. I upgrade it and it still appearing. What can I do ?
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Had a little bit of trouble with the initial opening. However, found a program that eventually worked. After some prodding, there is a little Deadpool on my screen. Thank you so much!
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it wont open for me
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I had to end up using this compression software download. The zip file extractor apps weren't doing it for me. Here is the address to it: b1-free-archiver.en.softonic.c…

Hope this helps. :)
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nesesito ayuda yo cree uno que es este…

la berdad es que soi nuebo y nose como publicar lo mio jejejeje,si algien me explica bien como acerlo se lo agradeceria XD

no aparesco como shimeji personalisado
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when I clicked the shimeji thing it said "java 6" and a bunch of Japanese words, what do i do :(
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It's a sign .o.
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