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Plating can be such an underrated art form at times. I've often heard it dismissed as 'boring', 'sterile' and criticised for all looking the same. Maybe we just have a tendency to lust after the rustic, messy desserts. Maybe we like to tear down what is seen as a hoity-toity way of presenting food. Or maybe we just don't see the skill and technique that goes into plating.

Skillful plating up of food requires a good eye, a steady hand and a flair for design. Careful consideration goes into everything from which way the dish is offset, to the type of garnishes on it, to the type of plate it is presented on. It, in turn, necessitates learning a whole host of other skills and techniques to create the garnishes that adorn the dish.

These deviants show off their plating skills with a host of delicious desserts.


Chocolate mousse

by ~kupenska

Chocolate mousse by kupenska

Fresh mango tart

by ~m0im0i

fresh mango tart by m0im0i

Chocolate Panna Cotta

by ~TreeseRB

Chocolate Panna Cotta by TreeseRB

WorldSkills Dessert

by ~chocolinda

WorldSkills Dessert by chocolinda

Amaretto Cheesecake


Amaretto Cheesecake by IMntHRimEVRYWHER

Chocolate Plating

by ~Raenael-feirce

Chocolate Plating by Raenael-feirce


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the only problem with really good plating is that IT LOOKS TO GOOD TO EAT DX
zhusanna's avatar
They all look too pretty to eat!

not saying I wouldn't though... :XD:
MayEbony's avatar
If any of those were put in front of me (I know through experience) I'd say "Oh wow, look at that!!!" and then whip out the camera and photograph it until David had finished eating his. Then I'd savour every morsel for as long as possible :iconteheplz:
Chookums's avatar
Fantastic feature! I'm with you, plating up is an art form :)
OxideTheShadow's avatar
These things look quite amazing *.* Although I have to admit they look a bit difficult to eat in my opinion. Like I mean I don't know where I would start with some of them. All the decorations sort of confuse me XD
maytel's avatar
Oh sweet baby jesus!
cakecrumbs's avatar
Clearly we need to round up the artisans and have a massive cooking fest.
maytel's avatar
yes please!!
Cayca's avatar
I have to say I haven't heard of plating before. These deviations do deserve to be called art.
GoldenMasquerade's avatar
I love good plating but I have to admit, if someone set something that elaborate down in front of me to eat, I'd be a tad intimidated. I'd hate taking it apart to eat it because it's so pretty. Give me a sloppy version of the beautifully plated dessert and I'd gladly tear into it. But that's my own preference. :)
Tiffli's avatar
oh gosh - so - delicious and nice o0.
DestinieKirby's avatar
Argh, these made me so hungry! Beautiful works, though. :D
bubbIies's avatar
nice feature<3

I always thought plating was so cool *3*
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