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By cakecrumbs
[Suoer belated guys. I am having really horrid internet issues. The kind that requires me to walk to the other side of the house and reboot the router every 5 minutes. And my ISP won't send someone out to fix it until next week. GAH. So I am reaaaaaaaaaaally slow on replying and stuff right now and with basically anything that can't be achieved offline

As such, the wonderful Brookette has posted the challenge for June over here. Check it out!]


My Little Prince's Planet by wibblequibble

My Little Prince's Planet by wibblequibble

and Galaxy Cupcakes by Icedrop21

Galaxy Cupcakes by Icedrop21

It's a new month and along with it a new theme! You guys cast your votes and decided that we will be crafting all things space-related this month! :la:

The theme for May is "Space". 

The challenge will run from May 1st and May 31st.

Two winners will receive a 3 month premium membership and 500 Points.

Enter by submitting to the correct folder here.

Prize Allocation
To the winners: you should receive your membership a few days after the announcement. Receiving the points can take a bit more time, you should receive those in the first two weeks of next month. IF you have an issue with not receiving your prize, please contact cakecrumbs or Brookette as we are the organizers of this challenge.

Previous Challenges:
April: (wiinners: devOrigamiPieces: & sombra33)
March: (winners: Thy-Darkest-Hour & redninjacreations)
 (winners: Draconic-AngelAryiea5Happy5 & yiea)
2013 winners

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Congrats to the winners!
Icedrop21's avatar
I'm really happy being one of the winners, thank you so much! I'm quite impressed with the detail of the other winner's entry, congrats :)
BoekBindBoetiek's avatar
I am pretty dissapointed that my entry was not allowed in the gallery, while I asked twice and submitted on time. I know I'm not the only one with this problem...
cakecrumbs's avatar
Where did you ask sorry? I didn't get a notification of that anywhere that I'm aware of or I would have immediately requested the deviation be entered into the gallery. If you have a problem with submitting in future please send me a note so you can guarantee I see it. We certainly don't want to exclude any entrants. 
BoekBindBoetiek's avatar
Well I submitted it to the gallery (still waiting for approval) and I posted a question on the crartisancrafts front page...
Space Book by Marenne
I will certainly do that in the future...
cakecrumbs's avatar
Ahh I see. I completely missed (as I have a habit of doing with anything not directly in my message centre) the comment on the group. I had thought I'd gone through and approved any Space stuff pending in the group but I must have missed it. As mentioned above my internet is being Satan right now so I am certainly not as on top of dA stuff as I should be. 

I apologise unreservedly for the oversight. I'll endeavour to make sure it doesn't happen again. 
TooManySouls's avatar
yep, me too.
I guess they have a lot work with accepting things to the gallery, but they should have checked all the submissions for contest entries before judging.
cakecrumbs's avatar
Your entry was considered in the judging even though it was belatedly requested into the gallery. :]
wibblequibble's avatar
Omg, thanks for choosing me! All the entries were really well done!
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Hmmm... Who are the winner of this challenge in May?
TooManySouls's avatar
oh god, I finished my entry last minute. I think I've fainted.
NyaSkory's avatar
Excuse me, I just wanted to know: will you add my entry? :thumb456034609:
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:wave: Hello - this has been listed in the latest update of deviousNEWS! Have an awesome weekend blue heart bullet blue heart bullet blue heart bullet
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Hi I am fairly new so I have a couple questions...
1. Can the sculpture  be anything space related?....Planet. person, alien, ship....
2.When submitting you say add " #CRArtisanCrafts's challenge + add a link to this journal." sorry but I am not sure what you mean by adding link to journal  (never attempted to enter a contest beforeI am a dummy! )
Thank you :)
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Doggy in space!!
Talty's avatar
I want to make a Chris Hadfield sculpture :la:
cakecrumbs's avatar
Talty's avatar
I'll do my best!
maracusha's avatar
Cool, I love Chris Hadfield :la:! Waiting to see it :love:!
Talty's avatar
Me too, he's my hero! I hope I'll be able to make something decent, I'm still learning how to sculpt people.
maracusha's avatar
Well, good luck in learning :D!
Talty's avatar
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