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By cakecrumbs
At the end of each year, many of us take the time to reflect on what the year has brought in terms of both highs and lows. We look to the good things for encouragement, whilst paying mind to other things we'd like to improve on in the coming year. Some go as far as setting themselves formal goals and resolutions to achieve, whilst others simply internalise desires to go one better.

This is often the case among artists as we look back on our progress over the year. We celebrate the things we achieved, progressed in and became more skilled at. But we often think of the skills we're yet to develop and resolve to work on that in the new year.

In keeping with this spirit, the theme this month is New Years Resolutions. We're going to challenge you to embrace new crafts and skills you've always wanted to have a go at, but have never gotten around to.

Because I'm slightly late in kicking this off, and I'd like to give you as much time as possible to delve into new crafts, this is going to go over two months and be split into two parts. You can enter one deviation for each part, and with twice the entries there will of course be twice the winners!

Here's everything you need to know:

The theme for January/February is "New Years Resolutions". 

Part 1: Honing a new skill

Think to the craft that you are most skilled at or consider you 'main' craft. What is a new skill or area of this craft that you have been wanting to develop? Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself with something beyond your current skill level!


Espeon and Umbreon Masquerade Masks by Draconic-Angel

Espeon and Umbreon Masquerade Masks by Draconic-Angel


Animal Print Felt and Enamel Cuff by Aryiea

Animal Print Felt and Enamel Cuff by Aryiea

Part 2: Discovering a new craft

You are required to craft something outside the genre of craft(s) you normally stick to. Ideally this should be a craft you've never tried before, but we will accept crafts you've seldom tried and don't have significant skill at prior to the challenge. Do feel free to tap into the enormous wealth of artisan crafts tutorials for the challenge, but if you use one credit the source. Any entries with uncredited resources will be immediately disqualified.


An Adventure In Crochet by 5Happy5


ANGRY EGG by yiea 

ANGRY EGG by yiea

As always, a small description of how you interpreted the theme might help us 'get' what you've done. 

Seriously, read those. No more warnings! Your entry will be automatically disqualified if one of these is not respected.
The challenge will run from January 1st and February 28th.

Four winners will receive a 3 month premium membership and 500 Points; two winners for part 1 and two for part 2. 

Enter by submitting to the correct folder here.

Prize Allocation
To the winners: you should receive your membership a few days after the announcement. Receiving the points can take a bit more time, you should receive those in the first two weeks of next month. IF you have an issue with not receiving your prize, please contact cakecrumbs or Brookette as we are the organizers of this challenge.

© 2014 - 2021 cakecrumbs
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Draconic-Angel's avatar
Oh wow! I am honoured to see my masks in this journal post! Like, their picture is just right there. Oh wow!
Happy5art's avatar
Yay! Thank you for choosing my crochet maddness and congrats to the other winners :squee:
Magical525's avatar
Congrats to the winners :party:
Draconic-Angel's avatar
Magical525's avatar
You are welcome :)
yiea's avatar
Thank you soooo much :hug: It's really nice :)
Aryiea's avatar
Wow, thank you so much! :D
yiea's avatar
Hi, I just wanted to ask, when will the winner be announced? :) I'm so curious!
cakecrumbs's avatar
The moment of my return! Usually it's on the 1st of each month but I've been away so it's only up now.
Draconic-Angel's avatar
So glad this is a two month challenge. I have something really good in mind. :)
StephaniePride's avatar
I'll give it a try, but I'm going to have trouble finding a craft I've never tried before...
Nikkolle's avatar
wow!!this is a great oppotunity to tryout my new sewing machine..3 months since having it..only used it  a few times for adjusting my  son's pants xD
now lets make a supply list :D
judithchen's avatar
now here's my question...if my specialty is sewing plush, and now want to try to make a doll with a sculpted face, does that count? and does the product has to be finished? because apparently I'm done with the sculpting but haven't found the material that fits yet.
cakecrumbs's avatar
The sculpting would have to be finished, yes. I mean, you can submit a WIP, but it's not going to stand up against the fully fleshed out entries so there's not much point really.
judithchen's avatar
alright, let's see if I can finish it before deadline. I have my thesis to catch.
Hannah-Needle's avatar
I just got a sewing machine. Would that be considered honing a new skill since I need to learn how to properly use it? 
cakecrumbs's avatar
That depends - have you used a sewing machine before?
Hannah-Needle's avatar
Only once. And that was a long time ago. 
cakecrumbs's avatar
Then that's completely fine.
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
:wave: Hello, this has been listed in the latest update of deviousNEWS blue heart bullet light pink heart bullet green heart bullet
cakecrumbs's avatar
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
you're welcome (=
FreakieGeekie's avatar
This is going to be good :la: I've started on mine but I'm waiting on some supplies. I hate living in the middle of nowhere :shakefist:
cakecrumbs's avatar
Waiting on supplies is the worst :grump:
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