It's Artisan Crafts Week at Project Educate!

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That's right, it's one whole week of crafty goodness at projecteducate. And we gon' learn you some things today! We have loads of awesome articles and events coming up, so stay tuned!

First of all, lets take a look at all the articles we have in store: 

Artisan Crafts Article Schedule  

  • Day 1 [May  19]:
  • Day 2 [May  20]:
  • Day 3 [May  21]:
  • Day 4 [May  22]:
  • Day 5 [May  23]:
  • Day 6 [May  24]:
  • Day 7 [May  25]:

And if that's not exciting enough, look what else we have in store:

Artisan Crafts Chat Event

We'll be hosting a scavenger hunt and a trivia contest. The winner of each will receive a 3 month premium membership! There'll also be points to be won and prizes up for grabs and wonderful chats to have so come along and join us!

Stay tuned for the Artisan Crafts Week contest announcement!

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Bansini's avatar
I'm so excited for this! I love artisan crafts, this week will help loads. :')
Particularly excited to see articles on crafts I haven't tried out yet. :D
Aryiea's avatar
Ahhhhhh when scheduling my second article I accidentally hit submit instead of schedule -flails- I deleted it like, 2 second after and have rescheduled it for the proper time :doh: Sorry!
cakecrumbs's avatar
xD That's so easy to do. No worries!
Aryiea's avatar
Haha xD well aaaaall just pretend that didn't happen >_>
xSammyKayx's avatar
I'm so excited! 

I just started crochetting today actually. Just sitting here doing the same stitch thingy over and over again. 

But there are some other things that I'm interested in. 

Thank you :heart:
cakecrumbs's avatar
That's awesome :la: I love hearing that people have just picked up a new craft.
xSammyKayx's avatar
I want to make a happypotamus :3 So i need to learn how to crochet. 

I'm going alright for someone who has never done anything like it before. 
PhoenixDestruction's avatar
I'm so excited for this, thanks to Brooke and yourself for making it happen, and the wonderful team at projecteducate. :huggle:
cakecrumbs's avatar
It's been so loooooong :eager:
PhoenixDestruction's avatar
Yeah, I think I only just joined the group as a member when it had all happened, but I certainly remember seeing it in PE, and it was awesome! :love:
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