December AC Monthly Challenge [+winners]

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By cakecrumbs

The Winners of December's challenge are:

Teardrops in Snow by Thy-Darkest-Hour

Snow Dragon! by CelestialCreatures

It's somehow December already. And while I'm freaking out because the year is almost through, it's also exciting because CHRISTMAS. :la: 

This months theme has a bit of Christmassy vibe to it. Or just a Northern Hemisphere winter vibe to it: Snow. Aka something I wish we had a lot of right now!

Here's everything you need to know about the contest:

The theme this month is "Snow". 
You are free to interpret this however you want, we're not exactly strict. Also, a small description of how you interpreted the theme might help us 'get' what you've done. 

Seriously, read those. No more warnings! Your entry will be automatically disqualified if one of these is not respected.
The challenge will run from December 1st and December 31st.

Two winners will receive a 3 month premium membership and 500 Points.

Enter by submitting here.

Prize Allocation
To the winners: you should receive your membership a few days after the announcement. Receiving the points can take a bit more time, you should receive those in the first two weeks of next month. IF you have an issue with not receiving your prize, please contact cakecrumbs or Brookette as we are the organizers of this challenge. 

Previous Challenges:
November (winners Icedeb & cutekick)
October (winners NyaSkory & bgerr)
August (winners: Nymla & Magical525 + bonus FreakieGeekie)
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April  2013 (winners: Costumy & funkichkn)
March 2013 (winners: Brookette & sombra33)

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CelestialCreatures's avatar
Thank you very much! Huggle! 
Nymla's avatar
Congratulations to the winners! PARTY HARD 
CelestialCreatures's avatar
Oh wow! Thank you! ^.^ Huggle! 
LitefootsLilBestiary's avatar
CelestialCreatures's avatar
Vivacia18's avatar
Awesome work, congratulations guy!:glomp:
Magical525's avatar
Congrats to the winners :party:
FairysLiveHere's avatar
LadyMintLeaf's avatar
I have submitted now!Christmas Tree 
metalpug's avatar
OK, I have a question -- I have ONE entry but it's very hard to photograph as a single shot.  I have separated the Snow Princess for one shot but she is inside an upcycled carriage for the second.  Is this an issue?
maytel's avatar
Oh I'll give you snow alright :stare:
cakecrumbs's avatar
gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie 

It was 36°C today. We were all dying because we've had weeks of Spring rain and haven't yet built up our summer tolerance and it's going to get worse and I really need an air conditioned house.

Please send help. 
maytel's avatar
YUCK, keep your 36°C, that's just gross. Are you saying that it's normal Spring weather???? and it will get worse? I told you, I have a huge closet that you can live in. I'll even give you a pillow or two. Except by mid-january it will be -30°C here so if you want to gout out make sure to bring Tobias as an oversize/super heavy scarf for heat. 

Today is really nice it's just -2°C with fluffly light snow falling :la: 
Loïc caught the cough of death though, so we're staying inside anyway. We're seeing the doctor tomorrow, this is getting out of hand fast. 
cakecrumbs's avatar
Yup. It is going to get worse by another 10 degrees or more. By which point do not be surprised to find my in your cupboard. 

Poor Loic. :( He's been sick a bit lately.  How's he doing now?
maytel's avatar

Just came back from the doctor and it seems like it's just a viral thingy, he should be better by the end of the week (I hope!! the timing sucks!!)
He's in good spirits as usual, he laughs and plays all the time.

muffinthehamster11's avatar
Ith no letting me submit to the folder!
cakecrumbs's avatar
The folder isn't open yet. I'll get to it in a moment.

Do note that the craft has to have been created during the month of December. You can't submit an old craft to the contest. 
muffinthehamster11's avatar
Ok, thanks. I actually made the item yesterday so it counts
Alpanu's avatar
I suppose there´s a mistake in the submitting dates... it´s december challenge, right? :-)
cakecrumbs's avatar
Yes! I always forget to edit one thing haha
Alpanu's avatar
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