April's AC Monthly Challenge [+winners]

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By cakecrumbs

April is upon us. :la: 

It's my favourite month of the year. I am biased, because my birthday falls in it. But there is so much to love! The excuse to eat loads of chocolate because Easter. The whole my-country-not-being-as-much-on-fire-any-more thing. Also did I mention chocolate?

Infinite chocolateeeeee :la:

This month's theme isn't chocolate. This month we're crafting Dreams. But maybe if I dream of chocolate I can make chocolate things and eat it all in the name of being in the spirit of the contest. Right? Right?


The theme for April is "Dreams". 

The challenge will run from April 1st and April 30th..

Two winners will receive a 3 month premium membership and 500 Points.

Enter by submitting to the correct folder here.

Prize Allocation
To the winners: you should receive your membership a few days after the announcement. Receiving the points can take a bit more time, you should receive those in the first two weeks of next month. IF you have an issue with not receiving your prize, please contact cakecrumbs or Brookette as we are the organizers of this challenge.

Previous Challenges:

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OrigamiPieces's avatar
Wow, thank you so much! :D
maytel's avatar
A smart person would do something with chocolate lol
cakecrumbs's avatar
I may or may not be accepting chocolate bribes. 

Actually I had an insane chocolate filled weekend so I'm pretty good now. 
aphid777's avatar
SO excited for this :dummy:
CrochetQueen's avatar
my birthday is in April to XD April the 26th that is :)
cakecrumbs's avatar
Whoo April babies!
Killslay-steelclaw's avatar
that chocolate gif, i could watch that all day XD

and i was wondering, as taxidermy is included in the Artisan Crafts section on DA, can i submit a piece of taxidermy for this challenge?
cakecrumbs's avatar
Any part of the artisan crafts gallery is most welcome to be entered, the more diverse the better. It just has to adhere to the theme. That and not be art theft, that's basically the only rules.
Killslay-steelclaw's avatar
Brilliant :-) I have a couple of ideas already :-D I will try to be done by the end of april :-)
Vivacia18's avatar
I can practically smell that chocolate through the screen Panda Emoji-05 (Drooling) [V1] And considering I'm about to head to bed, I definitely think chocolate is going to be featured in my dreams tonight :D
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
Chocolate and birthdays, woooohooo :la:
cakecrumbs's avatar
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
OF course!! No April without cake!

Btw... i totally blame you that i am thinking of doing a ginkgo shaped cake now :shakefist:
cakecrumbs's avatar
Bahaha. Totally not my fault.
MadeWithLove8's avatar
So that chocolate gif blew my mind the first time I ever saw it.  I watched it so many times in a row, I was convinced they tricked us somehow, but I can't figure it out :P

cakecrumbs's avatar
Bahaha. The short explanation is you are still losing an area of chocolate the same size as the removed block. But because of the way it is cut and shifted around that area is being distributed horizontally across the block. This becomes more obvious when the gif loops and you see the block of chocolate become slightly taller. The grid on the chocolate gives the illusion of it being the same size. 
MadeWithLove8's avatar
It's still trippy that the grid is the same.  I see what you're saying though ;)
JenstoneCreations's avatar
Ohh dreams! I look forward to producing something lovely for this challenge! Best of luck to all the other competitors/crafters!
Pickleweasel360's avatar
"Sweet dreams are made of.....chocolate."
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