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Skyward Sword :: Beamos Cake

You guys might remember the Furnix cake I made for Link's Backlist over at Game Art HQ. Well it's back for round 2! And I was so excited to be involved in it again. That excitement quickly waned when I got mid way through making this beast. This took so freaking long. Raaaage. I am so glad it's over.

A quick run down for those who aren't familiar with it: Link's Blacklist is an artist collab that features enemies only fan art. It's limited to 60 artists and only artists of a certain standard are allowed in so you can be sure all the art is gorgeous. You should all go have a peek at it: [link]

The beast is a Beamos, and like the Furnix it's from the Zelda game Skyward Sword. The cake stands at over 40cm tall and is composed of one long cylindrical cake, with a rectangle cake on top. I carved a recess out of the rectangle for the eye to slot into, but the depth in the body was created through fondant work alone. This took about 50-60 hours all up. I don't even have a concept of time any more. Every little piece is hand cut or moulded. I thought this would be a 'quick' cake but I neglected to realise how much was involved and everything took a million times longer than planned.

The part I struggled most with was those pipes. They kept falling off and I was practically mashing them on by the end. They're messy and pretty much spoil the look of the whole cake.

The biggest pressure point for me was trying to imitate the electrical look. See, the blue part is all zappy and glowy and pretty looking in the game, which is hard to imitate in fondant. It's also a significant part of the enemy, as it is here you are required to horizontally slash it with your sword to defeat it. I attempted to represent it by using a gradation of colour. I used powdered colouring and lustre dust and dry brushed it to make look brighter in the centre. It doesn't look like electricity but it was about as close as I could get using food.

Aaaaaand deep breath. okay. So if that wasn't enough photos and rambles, there's more of that on the blog: [link]

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Looks so real! I like it, even though I really hated Beamos on Hero Mode in Lanayru Gorge.