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Orange and Cinnamon Macarons

I'm not addicted to making macarons.

Okay I am.

Trying to perfect the biscuit while experimenting with flavours. I mentioned last time that my silicone-mat baked biscuits always came out worse than the paper-baked ones. I bought a silicone macaron mat to try to defeat my different-sized-biscuits issue. Well, I think I simultaneously solved my foot issue with silicone mat baked biscuits. I lowed the temp and baked for longer and they now resemble the paper ones a lot more. Hooray.

Biscuits are almond sprinkled with cinnamon. Filling is cinnamon and orange tea-infused dark chocolate ganache.

Recipe: [link]



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SuperSolaris's avatar
They look yummy! And they look like little mini burgers Pervy Blossom 
drfarrin's avatar
The Doctor: "Macaroons are nice, but I'll take a dodgy jammer any day!"
Nattyw's avatar
I love the flavors, they look really delicious and light, nice composition as well:-)
cakecrumbs's avatar
Thanks so much. :]
sweetmuffins1988's avatar
Darn you and your good cooking... im on a diet *shakes fist*
cakecrumbs's avatar
:lmao: At least the calories aren't transferred over the net!
Sidera1993's avatar
Macaroons are not hard to make at all guys for those people below who seem to get freaked out by them :P but these sound delicious an awesome assortment of flavors I may have to try out :3
cakecrumbs's avatar
Indeed! As long as you can whip egg whites they're not that challenging.
Kuneria's avatar
AH! these macarons look so perfect that it annoys me!!!
Haha, but seriously
they look amazing!! I bet they were very enjoyable as well
they look super cute <3
cakecrumbs's avatar
Bahaha. If it makes you feel better they're not really perfect. The shell of the top one is uneven, it dips into the feet a little. And then the bottom mac is smudgy cause I dropped ganache on the shell. :lmao:
adorablestejidos's avatar
owww I want to eat something that is not edible :(
well...looks really yummy :F
Cru2o's avatar
Am I the only one who thought of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide? It instantly reminded me of that for some reason.
cakecrumbs's avatar
Can't say I've ever heard of it! :oops:
Valhallia's avatar
I'm drooling!
They look absolutely fab and sound utterly delicious!
Haven't been brave enough to try making macarons myself yet....but the more I see of yours the more tempted I am to try :nod:
cakecrumbs's avatar
Thank you! I hope you do try. They're not as terrifying as everyone insists!
Valhallia's avatar
I will probably try them at some point over the summer whilst my son is home from Uni - he's into cooking too, and always up for learning new things, so we're planning on working through some of your recipes :D
helgrind1110's avatar
It looks so yummy! I shouldn't look at this when I want something sweet to eat and I don't have anything like that at home. Hungry for sweets!
cakecrumbs's avatar
It's always harder on an empty tummy. :giggle:
whuh's avatar
cinnamon and orange tea-infused dark chocolate ganache.
holy fuck, dude. i am ready to buy some plane tickets just to taste your food. seriously.
cakecrumbs's avatar
I'll make sure I whip up a batch for your arrival!
onigiri-s0ushi's avatar
it's hard to do macaron ! i can't do that !!!!
cakecrumbs's avatar
No one can do it until they get it right! It just takes practise.
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