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Ocarina of Time :: Mad [Deku] Scrub

This is my entry for the third round of Link's Blacklist Project. For those of you not familiar with it, it's a collaborative fan art project that focuses on the baddies of the Zelda franchise.

This time I chose to depict a deku scrub. I chose the mad scrub variant of them because I love the autumn-ish colours of this type. There's well over 100 sugar leaves in the piece. Each was hand cut, thinned, embossed and then painted with powdered food colouring. Inside is almond butter cake, covered in chocolate ganache.

This is my first time incorporating LED lights into a cake. For anyone who has played Majora’s Mask, you’ll remember the opening sequence where Link is turned into a Deku. That scene with all the mad scrubs closing in around link and the final shot of the giant deku chasing him down is the most prominent scene in my mind. Those glowing eyes in the dark is what I think of when I think of Mad Scrubs, so I wanted to make this guy glow. I set LED lights deep into the cake and covered them with sugar glass.

More info and photos at my blog

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How in god’s name!?! This is truly a remarkable cake!! I’m so jealous!! :00
cakecrumbs's avatar
Thank you so much ♥
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I love how their eyes seem to glow with a flare! It's so cool!
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Oh god these things, nice to know you can eat them up without it running around like crazy..
OldNickelodeonLover's avatar


I'm Sorry
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This is a cake?! Omg I need you for my gay geek wedding! Deku scrubs are hands down my favorite game character ever. You made my day.
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The detail is amazing - especially those leaves! I would never be able to eat something such a masterpiece (though, I'm sure it tastes great!). The sugar glass eyes are really cool!
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If u made me a cake like this id never eat it id put it on display until it turned to mould lol. Ur amazing
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I agree! I saw your Moon from deviantkitchen then I saw this in the description, and I was like duudeee that can't be food, and I read the description and you said it was food, and I still can't believe it. AMAZING! I WANT ONE TO CHERISH FOREVER. I couldn't eat that. Ever.
S-A-Diamond's avatar
Extraordinary! Must have required a lot of skill and dedication. Clap 
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Aaawww he's so cute. A cute foe but still deadly if you don't have at least a wooden shield.
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I. Just. Died.
This is the best Zelda themed cake i've ever seen!
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Wow, this is so incredibly cool! You are a cake genius!
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Amazing! I would never have guessed it was a cake. And the eyes? Very creative! :)
BitterAlkaloid's avatar
I love love love your ingenuity and creations. I'm particularly fond of your zelda work. I''d love to see a triforce cake with link pulling out the master sword from a stone in front or something epic. but seeing the things you made are rewarding enough.
Cthulhu-Fhtagn52's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are spectacular and vibrant.
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I'd feel so bad eating that... 
This is amazing!
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