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Jupiter Structural Layer Cake

Revisiting the concentrically layered spherical cake because I keep getting asked about how to make it to a degree of regularity that is testing my sanity. The first cake, despite the reception, was fairly botched, so I wanted to perfect the technique before sharing it. Most people were pretty okay with that, others were a bit ruder in response and I got tired of dealing with it. So ta da! Here we go for round 2. This one turned out perfect so there will be a tute later in the week.

Went for a whole sphere this time, essentially to show how easily it can be done. I mulled over how to decorated it for ages. I almost went for a pokéball cake, but I couldn't resist doing another planet. It was hard to pick a favourite, but Jupiter has so much charisma with its turbulent atmosphere I couldn't not choose it. I'm in love with the Great Red Spot so it was a given.

The cake begins with a mud cake core, surrounded by almond butter cake in turn surrounded by vanilla Madiera sponge. It's then crumb coated with buttercream and covered in marshmallow fondant. I achieved the detailing by painting the fondant with a dry brush technique using edible ink. Once I achieved the base colours I started removing some of it to create the storms, then added in some of the finer details. The painting took 8 hours all up, the baking of the cake was a process of a couple of days mostly due to the lengthy baking times, cooling times and the fact I was 300 times slower trying to document all the steps for a future tute. :giggle:

More photos and deets:

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burcyna's avatar
haha, I would like to eat this Jupiter all by myself !!!:))
spectacledfruitbat's avatar
Aaaaaaaah this is great
Ann-Shiki's avatar
It's so...:| (Blank Stare)  COOOOOOOOLLa la la la La la la la La la la la 
SpiralArtisan's avatar
This is amazing.  The outside icing that looks like Jupiter's atmosphere is perfect.  Does it taste as good as it looks? :)  Or was it just to amazing to eat?
DarkVikingMistress's avatar
Holy shit :o that must've taken so much time, patience and effort. Id actually feel bad eating it lol
mjpr83916's avatar
At first I couldn't figure out how you did it, and then I realized it's two round halfs. Very cool cake.
EtaniaVII's avatar
I am genuinely impressed with this.
damianesunnombre's avatar
I love the planets and i love the cakes, it's perfect !!!Judge 
SurrealNacre's avatar
This is cake. And you made this. :? You sure you're not just an astronaut and it's not a photo you took in space? That is some serious cake baking skills you've got there! :D
Lyth's avatar
Great idea! :)
cutemussy's avatar
WOW!!! That is insane. GREAT WORK!! I'm definitely following you now :love: !Squee Bounce 
Rhyn-Art's avatar
this looks like it took ages, it looks so good!!
LiChiba's avatar
best cake ever! it looks so yummy and yet so amazing at the same time ^.^
Infamaty's avatar
that'll be my birthday Cake! so creative :D
Devine-Escapes's avatar
this is just awesome!
DarlingDreamer94's avatar
I'm in love with this and your Earth cake!  Absolutely beautiful.
Sawkinator's avatar
Wow, a spherical cake that's actually ALL CAKE. Every time I see one made on TV it's always half rice krispies or -gasp- Styrofoam, and it always disappoints me. It feels like cheating.

Great work! Cake experts should take heed :D
Happy5art's avatar
Wow! This is a turly amazing cake. The layers inside it makes it look like a science demonstration model, a strange combination of science geekyness mixed with cheeky colourfulness. I love it Love 
Kishy-Chan's avatar
holy cow you should be in cake boss O_O 
morexod's avatar
Dream cake! **
Myimy's avatar
Kristof1018's avatar
i bet the core is chocolate
and the clouds are caramell
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