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I'm an Aussie chick with a love for creating things with my hands. I'm best known for creating cakes and other baked goods, though I've been into fibre arts for most of my life. More recently I've started making fan art out of foam and plastic instead of cakes, namely in the form of cosplay wearables. I'm a jack of all trades and absolutely a master of none. I jump from project to project like I'm allergic to finishing anything, but when I do manage to I'll be sure to post it here.

If there's one thing I've heard several too many times in my years of baking and cake decorating, its the sentence, "I wish I had the talent to do that." And there's nothing that will get me jumping onto my soapbox quicker, eager to explain that there is literally no intrinsic talent involved. Like every creative endeavour or otherwise, it's nothing but years of accumulated skills, knowledge and practice practise practise. So, you want to start baking, maybe it feels like everything you touch is a mess and you don't know where to start. Well, before you can even start trying to do anything fancy you need to prepare your canvas. Or to put it c
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I'm not dead...

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... just floating So. It's been a while, hey. After getting a full time job I just got so wrapped up in the day to day grind I've fallen behind on so much. "I'll get around to posting next week" became next month and suddenly next year so fast. Don't become an adult, kids, its a trap! It feels like not much has changed in my life, yet everything has. I got engaged, bought a house and two weeks ago we got a new puppy. I still decorate cakes yet cosplay is starting to take over my life. What spare time I have has gone a lot into PC gaming with friends. I play Overwatch too much and everything else too little. I'll work on being around more o
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As you may have noticed, my little heart symbol is gone and has been replaced with a senior [citizen] badge. Not gonna lie, I envisioned the process to be something like this: If you're not sure what I'm babbling on about, it means I am no longer a CV. I'd also be lying if I said part of me wasn't sad about it. I've been on this website for 3 years, and for two of them I've been a Community Volunteer. Essentially as soon as I was eligible to be one I have been. I kinda forget what it's like to be a regular artist here and to not be spending 90% of my time here working to promote other people. Part of me is excited about just getting to be on
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I love your Work!!

Hi me Laura Hamster 👋

Happy Birthday! :D
Happy Bitrthday! :iconbdaycakeplz:

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Stay safe!