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You can cry now 'cuz I'm still breathing.  Sorry. lol

Just hanging around here to explain why my deviant looks a little forgotten.. 
1. i have some new drawings, not so new now, btw. but i still have to scan (i don't know if is "scan" that we say in english -.-'), or take a photo with some good quality.

2. i was very concentred in the vacation trying to get my veteran's conquer on a drawing game called gartic. And, yeaah, i'm a a veteran now ! *-* BTW, you can check some drawings there :…

3. last thing.. i'm in college, in a engineering college.. So time looks like a mith. hahaha
Trainee + College + working holidays = less drawings

That's all folks :B
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Hello everyone!

    I've been writing some ideas and doing some scrawls for my character Aika, her world, friends and enemys. And i've making some fanarts too, trying make one drawing for day, and I'm posting everything just in the weekend 'cuz is when i have time.
    Maybe the posts decrease slightly at the end of the month, because it's when my tests starts.. But I'll try do my best here and in the college! :D 

 Keep watching! ;)

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First journal.. Wow o/ haha

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 7:35 PM

Hey! *-*  
I'm trying make my profile a little better, if it is possible >.<
Well I can't speak english very well, actually i'm terrible speaking or writing in any language e.e   -true story.

I've been trying bring new drawings, but with college I have not much time to draw... and this days I tried learn realistic drawings alone (it's hard... especially to me... hahaha) but  we get there o/

I hope you have not laughed too my bad english... x.x

So, that's all for now.

Thanks for the Favs and Watchs *-*    continue supporting me and watching.

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